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  1. This is pretty awesome. The sound of it all reminds me of the intro/credits music that's in a lot of Pixar's short films.
  2. I honestly didn't like the singing. I don't know what to say about the singing beyond that, I just didn't like it at all. Obviously there are plenty who do so take that with a grain of salt. I'm glad the one who posted this mix though, in the WIP forum, provided a version without the vocals. That one I am currently listening to. The guitar part kicks ass.
  3. The chorus is probably my least favorite part of the song. The vocals sound their weakest there. That being said, I totally dug this remix. The rest of the parts of the song were sung awesome IMO, and the guitar kicked ass. I loved it. Today at work, in fact, I was thinking that I'd like to hear more songs use video game themes as their tunes.
  4. I LOVE that the beginning of this song starts out with a lil' bit of sky sanctuary And damn. ...This song is awesome.
  5. I'm in LOVE with this song. I don't know what it is about it, but I've been listening to this song nonstop.
  6. http://www.likeathousandwords.com/macaluso_gallery/ My gallery http://www.likeathousandwords.com/macaluso_gallery/album11/kirbyreviewicon kirby drawing example I'm not sure what you're going for, but I could contribute.
  7. Well, the S3&K project has better source material. Once could argue that, as I think Sonic 2's music was better. Of course, Sonic 2's my favorite, so I'm a little biased
  8. One or two good songs in this whole arrangement. All in all, I think these songs didn't do the GREAT soundtrack of Sonic 2 justice. ESPECIALLY Mystic Cave Zone. That was my favorite track from the game, and it sounded awful ont his. It's a shame these remixes didn't come out better.
  9. I hope this turns out better than the Sonic 2 project because frankly... Only like... one or two songs on that project were... good.
  10. Now we need DKC2. For the simple fact that I want the Rattle Battle song remixed so godamn much.
  11. I hope this will be as good as the awesome kong in concert. I know that current sonic 2 remixing project has so many crapy midi-sounding remixes on them. I LOVE KIRBY, YOU BASTARDS BETTER DO IT JUSTICE. *waves fist*
  12. I swear I'm also hearing just a tiny bit of influence from Ice Cap Zone from Sonic 3. Mabey it's just my imagination. *listens again* I think you may be right, but its only for a few seconds, so I don't think he intended that.
  13. holy shit... In Sonic 2, this was like the only song that I hated. It just didn't sound good at all... Yet, this remix is amazing. I love it. Now I can actually enjoy the song! It's teh awesome. EDIT: O_O woo! I just noticed that its more of a melody! It has the song from the option menu in it too. And I love that one. This remix is SO good. Holy shite.
  14. Ansum, before he becomes his uber huge final form. Ya know, the version you fight the like... third or fourth time when fighting him after end of the world, in the odd Destiny Island location. I would but Sephiroth in there too, the Kingdom Hearts version anyway, but I think that's a given.
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