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  1. Excellent. This guy's voice is butta over the track. Smooth on the production tip as well. Great job, you done did it now.
  2. We used this song as our entrance music for Snodaze 2003 at our college, it was that excellent. You can read about it here: http://www.bobgetsresults.com/~shane/ I'm only posting this site once, hoping for it to be re-visited on it's own merits, so anyone who sees this here can be certain they won't see it in another post.
  3. Well, I heard "turntable" so I listened. And I was impressed. It's well-paced, with a hard-hitting synth accompanying it during the first part. And, as djp says, the turntable effect IS well used. When I heard this song play through the first time, I wondered "How would a turntable fit into this?" So kudos to you for doing that nicely. A must-download. EDIT: ziwtra, I think they did it like that for categorization purposes. They didn't screw up, it's just hard to archive a song that mixes from two games. There's no "C & X" section in the site.
  4. It's here, it's there. It's all over the piano smorgasbord. One time it's soft, emotional, sad, provocative, another time it's peppy, campy, delightful, another it's rushy, silent-film-y (at one point, I picture goofy firemen at the bottom of a burning building holding one of those trampoline thingies while a lady screams and flails her arms out of a window with flames licking out around her )
  5. Boy do I like this. Pretzel hit the nail on the head when he said it was prodigy-esque, and me likes it for that. Voice samples well used too, they give it that oomph that you generally feel from a lot of the work that comes from The Prodigy. This song is going on the playlist for the Video Game Remix Afternoon that i'm hosting at my local college campus bar, fo'shur. Yatta!
  6. This is right up there with that other mario mix that got put up on vgmix.com, which is down right now, else i'd have a link for y'all... I believe it's by some guy with a japanese name that escapes me right now, and had samples of Iron Chef in it. It was of the Starman Theme... I loved that, and I love this.
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