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  1. Pretty nice stuff. Some of the samples were extremly annoying, notably the very first one. It's also a bit dirty, which is nice, but this kind of goes overboard. But I have to admit, it has style. I'm not a huge fan of it, but I still think it's a great mix
  2. This track is damn nice, how a remix should sound. Piano is great, and I'm liking the bassline Great work.
  3. Who said we're bitching? We're not bitching when we comment on something someone made a topic about. Actually, you're the one who's bitching. So sit down and shut the fuck up.
  4. Wow... these are live vocals? I'm very impressed.. Very nicely sung, I hope I hear her voice in more songs The song finally got some beat to it somewhere in the middle (too lazy to find exact time). Very nice arrangment, what a collab A keeper.
  5. Are we all listening to the same thing? The guitar was bland and annoying, the transitions were out of place, the synths were random and went against the whole grain of the style. It was overall just repetitive and boring. The area around the drum solo was boring... Why is this getting such good reviews? The same tune is played over and over again too... Sheezus.
  6. You can easily tell this guy composes for movies, everything about this song was atmospheric. So, yes, this would be good for a movie (Halo movie?), but not for stand alone listening pleasure, it just got a little....boring. Good remix none the less.
  7. I could jam to this song non-stop, really a nice hyper-pseudo-flipping-out-in-your-face kind of mix. Really like this. Thumbs up.
  8. I liked this song but I felt... as if there was something missing.... I kept at around at the same tempo, and at some parts it felt like the song was building up to do some awesome hyper solo... or something... but then to be dissapointed to be hearing something mellow. Nice remix, but needs some improving.
  9. I don't know what it is, but this song scares the crap out of me. Possibly because of the clips of Hitler in it... one of those dramatic, adventerous songs, make's me look back on the past of what happened. In technical terms, this remix sounds very nice, the electronic sounds go well together with the more (realistic?) sounds in a weird sort of way. Very good work by Mazedude.
  10. Yes! This song is awesome, that's all there is too it.
  11. Would anyone know where I could get an electric guitar soundfont?
  12. Wow, probably one of the most flowing, beautiful sounding, and overall best remix I've ever heard.
  13. Sheesh, the FF7 bonus bosses were insanely hard. And the Sonic 2 last boss was also insanely hard.
  14. Wow. This is an incredible song, beautifully composed, and the instruments come together great throughout the whole song. Absolutely love it, this is staying on my hard drive.
  15. I didn't like it much, considering the word "niggaz" was repeated every 5 seconds, and ironically, it was sang by white amatuer rappers (not to make this song an even longer racist stretch). I'm not for or against rap, but I still didn't like this mix. sorry...
  16. I liked this song, never expected anyone to remix DDR. Although the rapping at the beggining was a slight bit choppy, and sometimes too many channels at once, it still comes out sounding pretty professinal. Really a good piece of work, nice job
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