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  1. UnMod is dead, Long live UnMod. Well, the spirit of it at least. You silly Lush of an admin...er...mods you guys.
  2. You know, I know a lot of folks here either don't like me(A couple) , just give me shit to have something to do(more people), or are meh about me. I was REALLY thinking about starting a trend in my posts... and I might. It depends on his crappy OffTop and Gendis is.
  3. Man, I want to say something that will get me banned, but I wont. Well, I should say I want to go on a tirade and make fun of some peoples... actions... but I wont. Damnit, I want my UnMod or OffTop... either one. As long as we can do all the same stuff we did in UnMod, except the illeagle stuff, than I'll be sorta happy. Also, making fun of the mods, or anything like that, should NOT be bannable in OffTop. Offtopic is, after all, offtopic(lawls, and UnMod really was UnModerated. --)
  4. I really REALLY hope Dave is just drunk right now(we all know he likes a drink every now and then) and I hope that he figures out how STUPID a decision this is.
  5. Who decided it would be a good idea to get rid of UnMod? I mean, frack, I was gone for a few days to go to college, get everything set up, and UnMod is GONE? WTF man? Who in the blazes decided that would be a good idea
  6. Okay, I will NOT be going. I am actually on the way to Iowa that weekend for college.
  7. XXL Dave. I'm a big guy, and make them long. Damnit.
  8. >.> I do that allready pretty much....
  9. I originally joined this because you posted it... And now I am higher in the ranking than you. <3
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