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  1. just a shot here, but maybe your game is a ntsc version, and the saves are the pal version
  2. I'm a large, but when I got a large OCR shirt, oh, a year and a half ago, it was way way too small. Like, my midriff or back would become embarassingly exposed at several points in the day, SMALL. Wasted $15. So my vote as a large is null unless the sizes are now at a normal standard.
  3. Don't forget that in Reason, you click on what you want to apply the effect to, THEN go to the create menu. So you click on the redrum device, then go to create reverb. Also, if all else fails, you can always press TAB and manually wire things up. Get a keyboard lol. Or Fruityloops? Reason isn't that hard without a keyboard. Well, I have one, but I don't see what would make it more difficult than other programs without a keyboard.
  4. Geez man. Chill out. Hip hop is just another way to present, and I think can give the listener the feel of a 'good beat' just as much as (and often more than) techno. Just cause a song has five more 'layers' doesn't mean it has a better beat. Check your logic, bro.
  5. Though it didn't change much, I liked the first one better--the bass was better before, and so was the first synth that comes in.
  6. Definitely a good base for a song. I think the lead is there, you should just emphasize it more. That dirty synth could sound a little prominent. What it needs more of though, imo, is something that fills the spectrum more. Some mid-to-high legato strings or pads, might fit nicely. The song sounds too barebones right now. The drums sound a little dry to me, at least the hats, but I might have a habit of putting too much reverb on the percussion. And you might throw in a crisper snare, or maybe a rim or clap, in addition to the current one. Could just be personal preference though, so I'll leave that one up to you. Anyways this songs got lots of potential, I'll tell you that, but it hasn't lived up to it yet. Keep at it. Increase the MOOD.
  7. I can't believe this song went over a year and a half without a review. Still one of my favorites.
  8. Fixed. Genius. Or should I say... G e nevermind...
  9. This is sweet. I'm very happy for you, Z!
  10. What I do, if a song is easy enough for me to sight-read it, I just play it over and over again. If it's too hard for that, well, I learn it in chunks first until I have enough memory to be able to play it while reading it, and then I play it over and over again until I don't need the sheet music. Ummm...I learned a cool technique for memorizing lists and poems....it might apply to music.... you memorize the first line first, then play through to the second line, and memorize the second line WITH the first, and then the third WITH the 2nd and 1st, and so on. Typically it means you know the first part of the song/list/poem better than any other part but it works surprisingly fast, and sticks for a while. How dare you tarnish my double-spaced splendor! But yeah, I used to do that technique for memorizing speeches and what not, though I don't think I've ever applied it to music. Worth a shot, I say!
  11. Aye, but muscle memory enters into the equation as well.
  12. Specifically on piano, but I guess it can really apply to anything. Anyways, I find I'm pretty slow at it. My fingers are physically capable of playing a lot of them, it's more the memorization I need to work on. So what kind of approaches do you guys take? Memorizing chorus/verse seperately? In small (two to eight measure) chunks? Do you just run through the whole thing several times until you got it down pat? Any exercises, techniques or something I'm not thinking of? Whatever comes to mind, post it here!
  13. Yeah I know how to play. I'm getting sick of having to put notes in manually with the mouse (especially with piano pieces) and then having to edit the velocities and timing to get that live performance feel. How does it work? Do you have to "record" yourself playing and then the notes get added to the piano roll as you play them? I'm worried that my crap latency is going to cause some problems. If you get an ASIO compatible sound card, latency wouldn't be much of an issue. Or, if you get an actual sound producing keyboard and not just a midi controller, you can hear your timing externally, then just shift what you played over the needed amount in your sequencer. I hope that made sense.
  14. Hey, thanks, man. Yeah, it's not that big a deal. I was just experimenting to see if I could get better quality downsampling before during or after a render, and all of a sudden I heard a ton of chorus on my instrument. A solution is by no means imminent, I was just kinda curious.
  15. Jeremy is my real name. Glad you all like the mix! Silly nick name, no?
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