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  1. This is a good piece to listen to. The taste and feel of the song fit the origonal quite nicely. The beat chosen is all right. The additions to this piece do add to the piece as a whole, and it is origonal. For a lot of the song, the emotion seems flat. It picks up a bit by the end and is able to build. The end is lazy though. Too much space of low key without substence. Overall, though, The pros of this piece far outway the cons. 83.3%. Great!
  2. One word! Wow! It has a great opening. It shows emotion and builds up well to a universal melody. It is a very origonal piece and I can't help but fall in love with it. The beat is not lacking anything. The only complaint is the bass track. It's too loud! It can't overshadow the piece like that. I shouldn't have to turn it down. Overall, though, this is a great piece, and I enjoyed listening to it. What emotion! 93.4%. Excellent!
  3. The increased tempo for this song totally changes the effect it gives. It's not a bad thing, though, in fact it's quite good. The build up is great, until the ending. I think the song ended a bit prematurely. The contrast between the two halves is done well, but splitting this into two shotrter songs would not hurt it. Overall, I enjoyed this song though, a lot. 90.5%. Excellent!
  4. This song was definitely a great one to listen to. The build ups and emotion were well conveyed through the song. The background was so erie, and yet so appealing. The lyrical aspects of the song that appeared seemed a bit unneceassary, though. This is a great song though, and is definitely worth the download time to hear it. 88%. Great Job!
  5. In the beginnning I'm waiting too long for anything to happen. There is a little buildup of beats, but I'm waiting too long for something to happen. There was one point where a tone came in that was too high pitched for the feel of the song. The beginning part of the origional melody came in too soft. Either that or the supportive beats were too loud. Take your pick. It added a nice touch to the song, but the origional seemed to have more of a feeling, then simply being notes and rhythm. 62.1%
  6. This is a very origional remix of this song. The beat is catchy, and it builds on itself well. It does take the listener along with the flow of the song. Near the end, it seems you are building to somewhere, but it seems the song ends before you get there. It didn't take me back to any melody. All things aside though, this is a superb piece. Definitely worth a listen. 91.2% Excellent!
  7. This song was a nice one to listen to. I was a little unsure of what was melody and/or secondary in the beginning. The song was a bit slow, unnessarily. The song does build a bit on itself, only a bit slow. The drums are another story. They are repetitive and loud. Precussion adds to music, it never makes it. 76.3% Good!
  8. This is a nice soft piece to listen to and was welcome to hear. At times the support doesn't support well enough and the echo of a vibe or chime usually adds chaos to a piece. Also, at one point it became repetitive but not for long. The piece didn't sound like it was going anywhere though. There was no emotional climax, and yet, this is the type of piece that doesn't really need one. Thank you for making this piece. 82% Great!
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