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  1. just finished playing Prime recently and I would have to say I'm impressed with the arrangement of this remix. I think its the best track in the game but the way you timed your elements were relaxing in a way from the actual track. Overall I think this is a great mix from start to finish.
  2. I really liked this eventhough I usually avoid listening to(not in a bad way) Zelda 3 mixes. Flik managed to establish a solid arrangement which didnt feel repetitive. I loved the intro end ending you created ("Suck My Triforce" haha). Great job overall.
  3. i liked this mix a lot. its rare to hear an ff8 mix with ff7 mixes being the majority to ocr (this is my opinion). im diggin that "flute?" that starts at 0:35. i think the atmosphere is a tad bit overpowering though.
  4. i'm pretty late in this reply thread but i want to say this mix really shocked me. i love the lyrics in this mix that you re-wrote, though i didnt bother to also listen to the vocal that much. its understandable this must have been really time consuming. its also understandable about your "general idea" of how many onliners listen to the fake rap/hip-hop tracks on the net. i liked what you did here with the knuckles themes. very casual and clean. great work. ()
  5. i need that tune in my celly^^. i like the mix of instruments with this one.
  6. Ok I've heard remixes of Street Fighter from time to time. Sakura is my favorite character (next to Ibuki and Makoto)and her theme is even greater than playing her (not great at SF games). Thus having that said, my expectations are high in judging how a remix of her theme would be done. I recently bought a new computer with a subwoofer that is really powerful. Listening to this remix's bassline make me feel really nice and cozy because of that techno/HOUSE feel to it. It has two different instruments for bass I believe (I could be wrong) that sound great throughout the track. Voiceovers...
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