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  1. by the way, there is some legit catching-up I'd like to do: did Arek the Red (I think that was his name) ever pass away? Announcing his death was a common thing, didn't know if he was ill IRL for real or not. and was it mitaro who passed away? there was a teenager who died of meningitis in '04 or '05, I still think of him from time to time. RIP.
  2. man i hope people give me money so i can fuck off to south america one day too
  3. completely unrelated but do you actually look like the dude in your sig
  4. Ever since the new TF2 update my framerate has gone screwy.
  5. Jesus Christ, aural orgasm going on here
  6. Jenga, I need your Deal with it NErd soundbite. Don't Ask why.

    I just need it.

  7. dear zircon could you not ban me in the middle of sudden death k thx
  8. Well, I dunno about you guys but my battery on my Gold/Silver copies have been dead for years now. I might pick it up depending on how it looks.
  9. Fuck Ryu. Dan Hibiki is where it's at. I mean he'd be perfect for this game with his humor and all.
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