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  1. A pleasing, ambient song to listen to. It's a shame the game is fairly unknown and not enough people will even look at this song!
  2. I was dissapointed by this remix. Lacking any creative originality or ambience, the track sounds more like a midi than anctual mp3. It's a good start but it needs some polish.
  3. This remix definitely retains the vigor found in the original! It effectively combines orchestral and chiptune sounds to make a fascinating atmosphere and equally sinister sounding track. Perfect for a Magus' theme remix!
  4. I've listened to almost 700 songs on this site, and this is by far the best of them all. I just can't stop listening to it!
  5. Orkybash managed to make my favorite theme in Super Mario RPG even better. Very good job!
  6. Maybe Zwitra's Zue song spoiled me, but this just seems bland in comparison. There is a definate beat going on, but I can't seem to find my own groove to match it. Definately not a bad song, it just isn't one of Zwitra's best.
  7. Very much like his Terranigma Zue song, this is filled with an earthy melody and powerful beats. It characterizes Zwitra's style nicely. Any Zwitra fan would be insane to pass this one up.
  8. Wow, this is definately different from standard Zwitra. Unlike most of Zwitra's work, the intro is quickly done and pushed aside. Rather, the song focuses on a very peaceful melody that gives the idea of a nice sunny day in suburbia.
  9. Another Terranigma hit by Zwitra. With hip-hop beat and a sassy string-based melody, this song is hard to hate. It takes a while to get going, but this is typical of all Zwitra works. Once it does get going, however, it transforms into a very new age-ish song. A wide variety of effects make this song a definate must.
  10. The intro is blah-blah, but once the song kicks in it's impressive. Another Ziwtra hit! Now to decide which is better, this or Zue...
  11. I like this song for the original melody. The added flavor is nice but is a little too hip-hop for me.
  12. I'm an absolute bell lover, and DarkeSword has perfectly met my tastes. A perfect blend of bells and guitar make this piece have its own flair and spice but at the same time sticking true to the original melody. Added to the mixing pot are short chorus chords. I love this song!
  13. Don't be weak by playing this song on low volumes. The true joys of the beat and melody can only be heard in an intensely loud volumes. A good pair of headphones will do this one justice, so load it onto your MP3 player if you want to hear it's true potential.
  14. Depending on the type of person you are, this song could appeal to you in one or two ways. First, it's relaxing and enjoyable to listen to after a day of work. Secondly, it has some emotional depth that some are bound to like. I mostly like it for it's relaxation-tape esque qualities.
  15. This is very Mazedude sounding, but not very Mazedude feeling. It has the Mazedude beat and synths going, but it's missing the vibe and power that other Mazedude songs are popular for. It needs a more pumped up bass, I think.
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