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  1. Go listen to the intro to the old Mega Man cartoon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvhFfFg1EtI&feature=related They say "super fighting robot.... MegaMan!" Only about 100 times, lol. Between 1:59 and 2:03 is where he put the "melodic quote." You should recognize it as the notes behind the the words.
  2. Ah ok, that makes sense. Still a great tune, I was just curious.
  3. I loved the mix. It brings back memories of when I couldn't stop playing that game. I've got one question though. Is the name of the track misspelled? Here on OCR it's called "Hamadatan." Over on the Ragnarok Online: Hybridism site (http://roh.jmflava.com/) and in the game's music directory it's called "Hamatan." Looks like someone threw in an extra syllable when it made it to OCR?
  4. Well, thanks for that info Nicholas. Going to a wiki article is more in depth than what I thinking, though. I just want to know the name of the character. If someone looks interesting, I could go look them up online somewhere on my own. It looks like you guys have been working on that for two years, though. Keep going! I'll be interested to see how it turns out. What about adding this idea to your project?
  5. I've got to say, I love the little character pictures at the top right of the screen anywhere on the OCR website. Sometimes, I'll sit here and keep refreshing and guessing to see if I can name all the characters. I recognize a lot of them, but I don't know them all. I wish I could have a way to know who they all are. So, I propose a change to the OCR website. Someone should make it so that when we hover our mouse over the little picture of the character it says something about who the character is and what game they're from. Here's an example: If you hover your mouse over this picture A tiny pop-up would say "Mario from Mario Kart 64" and a lesser known character: So, if you didn't know who that second character is (I don't know who it is either), you could hover your mouse and it would tell you who it is an what the main game was that he came from. We've all seen countless websites that have something that gets a tiny label on screen when you hover your mouse. I think this is a simple change that would be a fun and welcome addition to the site. While someone is downloading a song, they can be playing "Guess the character trivia." What does everyone else think? Good idea or bad idea?
  6. I didn't read this whole thread, so I don't know if someone commented on it. I finished Corruption in 5 days so this may be spoilers for some: Is any body else upset over the lack of Kraid in any Prime game?
  7. At around 2:33 it sounds like something from super metroid. I don't remember the name or place of the song, though I'm sure someone here recognizes what I'm hearing.
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