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    Ur-Draco is a name I retired a while back. These days, I go by "Bhaelfur" or "Flush". I have very little to no musical skills, but I'd like to learn someday.
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  1. Whenever I click "Save Target As..." it comes up as "controller_xsl.php".
  2. I've always hated Jenova's theme. That said, I love this remix! It takes a song that's meant to be dark, and you made it into a cheery fun song. Kudos, good sir, kudos.
  3. If I'm not mistaken, that Dr. Stewart Mix was a direct rip with some sounds added.
  4. I've always been partial to Not Alone in the World.
  5. I can't think of the title off of the top of my head, but someone did a radio show themed Zelda remix, it ran about ten minutes long and had voices. I think it was One Up Studios... That could work well.
  6. It is either A) a timer, kill all enemies in the level, or C) when you open the last door. I forgot which... Ur-Draco
  7. Is anyone else reminded of parts of Trigun by parts of this song? This is the kind of song that I can get stuck in my head... and like it. Very cathcy, very well made. Ur-Draco
  8. Culex was such a pansy for me. I raped his ass hardcore. Smity usually gets to me, though. Jinx is hard, no matter what. Ur-Draco
  9. Yes. Hmmmm... Stupid Router... I do not think my FTP server is working... Thank you.
  10. Does linking to an FTP for an image work?
  11. I love this piece! The piano's are so sweet! I fell in love with how the piano's have a little bit of reverb! The organ is not lacking, either! The choir is nice and adds a solemn feel to the whole piece. The church organ only adds to that feeling, but the piano warms things up. The percussion, superb! Turn up your sub woofers! And then the brass instrumental pieces, they provide a very nice melody. The piano's do, but they can only go so far. The brass instruments pick up where the piano's leave off. They also add a nice support for the piano's right around 2:30. Then, around 2:50, full blown melody. Again, very nice! At the end, 3:30 or so, back to the piano's and choir, with the brass as backup again. 4:43, back to the brass, and then piano's are added to the brass melody and brass backup. And then, the end. Done like a classic, ends with a cymbal and silence. Overall, one of the best I have heard from here! Keep up the excellent work, Mr. Hudson!
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