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  1. I first heard this one on 8-bit theatre, and I loved the tune. So I actually watched through the credits just to see what the song was, so I could then search the internet for this song. Definitly downloading this one, and I'll play it over and over again!
  2. NO MORE GERUDOS!!! For once there's the Gorons, my faveorite species/race from Zelda. The song describes what the Gorons whould be in the future. Hip-Hopping rock eaters! A fun song to listen to.
  3. Great song. It deas get old after a while. I wonder if it has anything to do with the title, "SoS". And yet I just realized what it means... DUH! Man, am I dense.
  4. This song can easily make you imagine stuff, make you feel like you're actualy there. Very ambient, calming, peaceful. The only downside is that the song just ends. I mean it's just a plain STOP. Not really good thing with this sort of song... But overall, perfect song.
  5. MMMmmmm... Dancing Hawaiian Chiken.... I'm getting hungry now... But really, a chiken that used to dance before it was killed surounded by pineapples. I wonder if it whould taste like this song does...
  6. I never was a jazz fan. But with all these great zelda jazz songs, I think I'm becoming one...
  7. Great song. Weird intro, but it leads to the really upbeat fist half in a cool way. Then it becomes a very relaxing song at the second half. A risky spin indeed as Djpretzel said in his review. Great song afterall, good job Wingless!
  8. Hey, good thing i brought my GPS thing. I think I'm somewhere in the south central part of the Lost Woods. Wait maybe that's why i'm lost! I'm in the Lost Woods! Anyway, you can really lose yourself bobbing your head back and forth along with the rythym.
  9. I imagine Link walking down the street with "homies" wearing dark glasses. I never thought i'd use that word...
  10. It's harder to like the music if you've never heard it in the game before. And i didn't like this song until I played through Four Swords Adventures. So now I'm really enjoying this song. Even though i'm not a huge fan of jazz, it's great. Great work Neskvartetten!
  11. *sniff* This is the best game song i've ever heard. REMIXES ROCK!!! It is also sad they way the song goes... sad in a good way though . It almost made me cry .
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