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  1. Competition for main theme only is a good idea. If you've noticed I'm actually a long-time registrant. I've actually used OCR since wayyyy back then and still remember stuff like Jeremy Soule's composition getting uploaded and Proticity getting kicked out of the judge panel (Where is that guy now? Loved his DKC remixes). I know DJP is the owner, but he hasn't responded to my e-mail or PM.
  2. So much cynicism, OCR hasn't changed much. I created this topic to knock brains with what this community thinks should be the best way I should approach this issue. I just thought it's another cool case where people can create music for a game that they or their friends could play. It's always cool to have your music on for an official project. As for "free", I must say cost isn't that big of a concern. I work in China where a staff typically gets paid 400US dollars a month, and that includes professional composers freely available on the market. I'm focusing on the community factor, not the cost factor.
  3. Ambient/orchestral sounds like the kind we need, keep them comments coming guys so I can get a good feel. Sounds like a competition is a no-no. Not likely to master music because we want them compressed to minimize bandwidth burden.
  4. Alright, I'm going to need more opinions on board so I get a good idea of what you guys as a community think.
  5. Hi guys, I've spoken to Doufee and am waiting for a reply from LionTamer about this but Doufee has told me to post in General and gather a first response. I am from Snail Game, an online game company based in Suzhou of China. I am also the project lead for a browser MMORPG currently called Heroes of Gaia (http://www.heroesofgaia.com || name likely to change in a week) and I am looking for official game music for our browser game. Unlike most MMORPGs, it runs on flash so that means there's no client download and you can play the game anywhere (home, school, starbucks, etc). One issue we have is that the game has no music. There were some technical limitations earlier that didn't allow us to put it in but they have been resolved recently, and we are looking for game music. I then thought that it would be really cool to have OCRemix and other game music websites organize a competition of sorts to get music submissions that we could use for the game, because community music is awesome : ) I'm not sure if we should give money as prizes and how much should be given, but credit will definitely be given. Tell me what you guys think: Would you be interested in composing for such a soundtrack? WHAT IS HEROES OF GAIA? Heroes of Gaia (www.heroesofgaia.com) is a free-to-play fantasy game that has unparallaled graphics in the browser game market. It makes money off selling virtual items in-game, but is completely free-to-play. In China, where it is known as "Castle of Hero", it is now currently being played by more than 3 million players. Heroes of Gaia is currently being prepared for a synchronized open beta release with several partners on October 20. 30 Second TV Trailer (China): www.gametrailers.com/user-movie/heroes-of-gaia-browser-mmo/327043 Screenshots:
  6. Extremely impressive violin work. Gorgeous. More in the future, please.
  7. The guitar was slightly lame in lacking precision. The vocals were perfect. Pretty good mix.
  8. I thought it was well constructed, and rather cute.
  9. Awesome groove in the music Started out nicely enough, but when the beats started flowing it just came together really, really nicely. I really like the drumset for this one as well. The jazzy "solos" were *excellent*; sat on top of the chords just right and very aesthetically pleasing. I've heard quite abit of jazz renditions by other remixers that were just mechanical, and yours was an oodle of goodness. Great work.
  10. Well, 18th century theory principles aren't the be-all end-all of composition either, but they apply to other genres as well and following them keeps music from sounding weird. Besides, Chrono Trigger isn't exactly what I'd call classical Japanese music. Of course, if your two Japanese teachers and Japanese vocal coach say it's all right, then I suppose I can't disagree. Carry on. Why argue? The professionals must have it right. The trained must have it right. There is no value in the opinions of the untrained, or lesser trained. Or so some people claim Still think people can do with a little more modesty, and not take the negative comments as "unable to please everyone" but appropriate feedback that you can choose to consider whether or not to take upon as direction to improve. Or discard, if your musical vision differs. Following this post, I received PMs.. Well, I surrender. No matter, good work on most of the stuff, people.
  11. Ha. Where's the project integrity? Disgraceful. Loving some of the music; particularly Darkesword's and Sephfire's. Not sure about the poor dissonance in Cox's remix.. some of the other music, I have no particular liking for. In my opinion, the Far Away Times remix is quite poor -- to me, the insertion of Japanese is pretentious. I have no idea why that artistic decision was made. Pixietricks might have a magnificent voice, but it's not the voice for the song (or more specifically, this particular arrangement of it). And Blake; if you're 16 you have plenty ahead of you. Your song shows glimpses of brilliance, but the consistency in arrangement and choice in instrumentation needs to be further refined. Congratulations on 3 years of hard work.
  12. I loved it; it's accessible jazz. The beginning is particularly catchy for me, and the mid-section where it slows down and plays the motif in the more considered tempo is also very, very fun, for some reason ; ) I wish it could have been done with better samples, or have a more polished feel to it but as it stands, it's great. Thanks.
  13. ^ This is right. I am sorry to say that your vocals need ALOT of work. But the mix itself is great. Consider getting another vocalist to sing it for you; for the sake of pushing your work to its very limits.
  14. Liked the mix, thought the entry of the electric guitar was magnificent. But not quite sure about the musical choice of the sample at the end.. while it meant something as a tribute, it really changed the context of the song as... well.. a song by itself. Oh well.. Still good.
  15. Country style remixes? This could spawn alot of nice works.. It was great. I love the clean sound, although the tones of the instruments don't exactly match perfectly for me. Regardless, there's no debate; it's a great piece of work -- many, many thanks.
  16. About the song.. I loved its introduction, but I think it got tiring towards the middle. There just wasn't any brightness and creativity in the middle for me.. that's my opinion anyways. This IS his website. His write-ups about songs frequently include details about his own life and experiences during the period that the song was posted, and this time, it coincidentally revolved around the remix project. Why not? Keep in mind that it's by virtue that OCRemix IS DJP's site that he can post his songs straight up on the site without passing it through the judges panel.
  17. Hype is PRE-product release generated excitement. Oooh, trying to be a smart-ass here with your shitmouth. But I shan't derail the thread anymore.
  18. lol yep. people sure are making a huge deal over this track. i find it to be a good track, not a great track. i understand what harmony is going for here but some of the elements aren't executed well enough for this track to live up to the hype everyone's been giving it. No one is giving it "hype". It's PRAISE. I hope you get your english right the next time round, or do you just love being one of those off-beat cynic judges? But I can appreciate some of your opinion -- when turned up loud the singing becomes pretty bad; the balance gets thrown off and my ears hurt (from the singing in the earphone).
  19. Amazing song, the intensity and energy just doesn't let up. Thumbs up for the vocals -- not a particularly great or unique voice but brilliantly executed and contextually complete. The 5 minute trip you've composed starts off entrancing, pulling you in, and then when the energy explodes.. it just goes and goes and goes. Not harder and harder, but more intense, with more participation of the instruments and it just "fills up" incredibly. Execution of the guitar is incredible. It's just silky smooth. You know, I self-taught myself guitar for a year or two, and because I just moved I sold my old guit and I was thinking of giving up playing the guitar.. But listening to this just reminded me of the joys. So, damn you! Now I have to look for a second hand acoustic.. Brilliant editing. Definitely one of my top favorites of OCremix. Have manbabies? Keep it going. Please.
  20. I love this song! It seems to have been ignored judging by the little number of reviews.. When I first listened to it, I didn't think much of it except that it was quite enjoyable. But I found that after several listens, I just wanted to listen more and more of it. Whenever I boot up the comp, it's the first on my playlist. Gives me a drive. I think it's really well constructed, multiple layers with rhythms juxtaposed against each other perfectly. And there's always something to listen to; every moment. It's beautiful. Keep it going.
  21. I liked the instrumentation, and the entrance of the vocals were very good (ala Small Two of Pieces with all that.. how do I describe it, moaning? ). I would have liked it more if there was a phrase down in the middle where there was a lead non-vocal melody -- I find the moments without the vocals a little bland. I mean, these non-vocal phrases are moving (as in, they have a flow) but they just lack some sort of direction and distinctiveness. It's like I'm just waiting for the vocals to come back up. Pixietricks impressed overall -- I was a doubter of her skill from her previous remix but this was a good performance. Despite the singing-in-an-echoey-toilet effect, you can still hear the quality of her voice. Very nice, except I feel that her voice becomes quite exposed at times when.. well, I suck at technical terms because I've never worked with remix programs.. but there are some times (like, at 1:50) when the voice just starts to sound like something coming out of a bad radio or a bad phone call. The lyrics are nothing worth mentioning, I've played through FFX and I can see how it somewhat inspired it. But it's more like an exercise in rhyming the end word than anything truly poetic. Overall, I like it.. wish it could've been longer because the production values are awesome. Could've used some strong non-vocal melody.. but, anyways, great work.
  22. Can't believe I just found this remix only. It's really good, particularly the first half of it. The second half is marred by the awful brass samples, which is hard for me to look over since I'm a brass player. >_> Still, everything worked until the brass.. after that, it's abit more messy. But VERY good work overall. I'm certainly impressed -- and disappointed to find that the remixer has no other remix other than this.
  23. I like almost everything about the song, except the last bit with the acoustic guitars. They simply play too "flatly" and the notes are separated with a certain choppiness. I mean, they're just not played with flair and... ease. They sound very amateurish. And I think there's a little tuning problem when one of them goes to the high note? Mm. Regardless, good work overall, I enjoyed it.
  24. The percussion is really cool. I love it. Apart from that, it was executed pretty well -- the melody didn't really blend in with the style much, but it was a great attempt. The percussion, like I said before, is outstanding. The sound as a whole comes through nicely. I enjoyed listening to it. Good work, hope to see more creative attempts from you.
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