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  1. And here I was thinking that SSBM had hit a peak in replay value... I'm going to have a hard time deciding what to do first in this game.
  2. This game is starting to remind me of Power Stone 2... but at least the updates are getting better. Edit: geez, DK is so much bigger than ZSS, yet the size difference seems more pronounced in some images than others... so maybe you can't fight each other while falling to the underground?
  3. Probably like exercising - seems like a good idea at first but gets tedius and unrewarding fast...
  4. Never thought I'd see the day a Pokemon mix was put up. It makes one feel as if they are walking through a 3D version of the Rocket building in Saffron City (and yet, I also somewhat feel as if I'm walking through Viridian forest). If they remake these games 10 years from now on a console (wouldn't surprise me), I'll be expecting to hear something like this You created a great atmosphere with this one.
  5. Does the banner saying "Warning! Challenger Approaching" suggest that he will be an unlockable character, or is it just an image for the site? I'd prefer the "secret" (ie not starter) characters to remain secret until I got to unlock them... Also, do all the characters from Fire Emblem look the same, save for the colour schemes, or is it just coincidental that the characters being put into the SSB series look rather similar? Spare me the hate, I haven't gotten a chance to play the games yet
  6. While I agree with being against the idea of making the effects of character's exclusive moves "available to all," I'm kind of hoping that this means they got rid of that move for DK. I just never really liked it much. Then again, I'm sure there's proof somewhere (that escapes me at the moment) where he is using this move in Brawl.
  7. Probably similar to DK's B forward in Melee or whatever Togepi does... which is ironic that he's depicted as the victim in the pictures.
  8. It seems that a good chunk of the items revealed so far have multiple strategic uses. Maybe more people will take item-centric matches more seriously. Either way, I'm increasingly looking forward to being able to set up complex traps in this game. Edit: too bad it doesn't say how long it will stay in play for...
  9. Why all this emphasis on the bongo games
  10. Joe must be holding Sakurai hostage
  11. I was hoping for more from the Donkey Kong universe in this game (I mean, quality not quantity)... I guess this means the stage music probably won't be some nice rearrangement from the DKC series either. Sigh... There better be a playable K. Rool "at the top." Edit: is that Funky's plane in the last picture?
  12. I was really hoping that it wasn't something like this: "WAGA, a FOX-owned and operated television station in Atlanta, reported that investigators believe Benoit killed his wife and 7-year-old son over the weekend, then himself on Monday." - from WWE.com Hopefully, if this is true, it was some kind of accident...
  13. I was all set to watch Raw but this came on... http://www.wwe.com/ I met him at an autograph signing a few months ago, and can't believe that something could happen to someone like him. His whole family was apparently found dead in their new home. I hope foul play wasn't involved, but if it was, it just goes to show that something can happen to anyone...
  14. This is among the best I could have hoped for in terms of these type of updates. And here I was thinking that the previous space-style level images were a godsend. As I have a huge interest in astronomy, I bet I'll just sit frozen in awe the first time I see this in-game. Reminds me of Star Wars though... but then again I haven't really played Starfox...
  15. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses; therefore I think that the advantages/disadvantages of using each control scheme will reflect the characters themselves. I wouldn't throw out the possibility of the Wii-mote being more effective with some characters than the GC controller. Funny you should mention these two things in the same post. With all their endorsements and publicity and media coveraged (especially the media part), U$F is helping parkour go the way of skating. If only you knew how poor (not literally) the Vancouver parkour community has gotten because of new focuses on aesthetics and impending sponsorships. Anyway that's a whole different topic.
  16. This method of releasing information is probably the best I've seen for a game so far. And even though people seem to be complaining about it being a poor tactic or whatever, you all probably check it everyday anyway. At least this way, players will have a framework on which to access the game when it comes out, regardless of how similar the gameplay is to past games. Think of it as somewhat of an instruction booklet, to familiarize yourself with some aspects of the game so you know what to expect, not as a daily epic insight. That being said, I'm surprised by the quality of information that is put up everyday. The Pokeball isn't anything new, but Groudon is. I guess then that it is also safe to assume that Kyogre will be in as well. I'm a bit disappointed that it seems that Groudon just stands there, but when factoring its size, I guess that's all he should be doing. I also hope there will be more variety in the moves the Pokemon do - they were recycled a lot in the last game. I'll agree with the poster that said there needs to be some fourth generation Pokemon in this game. Some of the new ones are designed quite well. And although I'm happy there's a Pokemon Stadium level, I hope that this time it will do something new. I wasn't really a fan of the last Pokemon Stadium because it could have essentially been interchangeable with any other "stadium," despite the elemental changes (which didn't really have much to do with Pokemon in my opinion - a burning house, a windmill?). There's so many possibilities with the franchise's levels, I hope they reflect the games better this time.
  17. Hmm, "several landing points." Wonder what the others are. Hopefully the rooftops and market are among them.
  18. That's what I thought too, but I guess we're not that lucky. Apparently the game might be getting outsourced (according to IGN, at least), which I find often robs a game of the atmosphere that the initial company creates. http://wii.ign.com/articles/777/777142p1.html http://www.1up.com/do/feature?cId=3156447
  19. Hmm, I have split reactions. More than simply seeing the two characters in one game, I'm more excited/interested in seeing the two universes come together. "Personalities including Mario, Sonic, Luigi , Knuckles , Yoshi®, Tails and more." I liked reading this bit, as the author(s) put characters from the respective series between each other, instead of being separated by franchise. That's when I realized the possibilities, and how (hopefully) each series will be represented equally. My favourite part of this whole thing, though is this: "Using a supporting cast of characters from the amazing worlds of both Mario and Sonic." I don't know whether these worlds and characters will be represented on-screen simultaneously, but I'm hoping for the revival of some of the older supporting characters from the Genesis Sonic games (especially the more commonplace bad guys). But the Olympics? I really don't get it. I, like many others it seems, would have preferred an actual game franchise be their meeting point. I got the feeling that this will be a quick job (release later this year) and not be directed at people who have been playing Nintendo and Sega since the earlier days. That being said, I'm also conflicted on its potential quality. If Miyamoto is involved, that gives it a huge benefit, as his games almost invariably turn out to be great. On the other hand, Sega is developing and has recently been running most of their franchises into the ground. I've long ago learnt not to doubt whatever Nintendo is up to - just look at initial reactions to the DS and Wii - so I'll wait for more information. To be honest, though, I wouldn't be surprised if this was just a strategy for gauging the interest of such a cross-over for different videogame demographics. I'm almost expecting this game to get cancelled and another idea (game) came up a few months later. The way this whole thing was revealed and presented makes me critical, as both Nintendo and Sega could have made a much bigger impact with it in any other way (even a simple non-gameplay video). So basically, like I've said, I'm more interested in seeing the two worlds come together than playing the actual game (now, if the Olympics were some kind of elaborate metaphor for target mode and an underwater stage for SSBB, I might be a little more interested).
  20. And Gamespot.com is worth $607,392,000? I didn't know it was so prestigious...
  21. I've been listening to this song quite a bit over the last couple months, and it still hasn't gotten boring. The new part at 3:47 is a welcome change up, not that this song lacks variety by any means. The beginning is very atmospheric - definitely well done, and does a good job of setting up the mood for the rest of the song. Very accomplished mix, even beats out Wood's Motel in my opinion (though they are close). Good luck in the future RTF, and thanks for ending my long wait for new high-energy Hyrdocity.
  22. As I've probably already said elsewhere (many times), I am already a big fan of this song, as well as DistantJ as an artist in particular. I guess this started a while back with the song's predecessor aka one of my favourite songs ever...but anyway, lucky for me this one is better in almost every respect, so good call on giving the mix a revival. I usually don't like it when the source material is too sparse, so fortunately I am happy to report that many parts of the song contain familiar segments. I can't really comment on any technical aspects so I'll stop there. BTW, you should spend this much time on all your mixes if the result is them sounding this good (production wise I mean...XTC Hill Zone didn't sound as polished but what an insane song nevertheless...) Final note: why does this beginning remind me of a hybrid level of marble zone and Aquatic Ruin (Sonic 2) maybe that's a good thing...
  23. I dont know what the explanation is for all the reviews ceasing after my bday (hope I'm not missing something), but Im kickin myself for not being able to listen to this sooner (blaming it on school mostly), but anyway... When I saw that Iced Out Nine Twenty Two didn't make it past the panel last year, I found it somewhere else cuz Sonic + rap style instrumental appealed to me. Since then, that song (along with Eres Des Points by dj crono) has been in the car every time I went some where. I consider(ed) those the best rap-style VG mixes, so I was always grateful for that one. Unfortunately, my pc internally blew up so visits here were infrequent, but thats beside the point: The speakers on this computer really suck, but I can tell that the quality is really high nonetheless. I used to listen to a lot of rap, mostly none of the mainstream radio stuff; however when I heard this, I too related it to Eminem. Personally, I prefer southern rap to his style, but one thing puts this over ALL of them - its Sonic "ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls, put your hands together. Just Us, let's go". That line, or something similar at the beginning: I dont see why everyone's harpin on it. I like it, feels like something big is on its way. Like the sort of muffled feeling there as well. I also feel obliged to bring up two other mixes that I feel vaguely resemble the style (at least in my mind). First, Ellywu2 with Global Warming (whose name I like considering one of my majors is gonna be Geography). The style is more fast paced and lacks the lyrics, but I feel these two are the start of more exposure for this type of music (even though GW only has rap-style influence in sparse sections). Second, I remember some guy called Nihon Tek making an Ice Cap mix called Frosted, with lyrics as well. The reason I bring this song up is because I have the same minor gripe with Memories as I do with Frosted; the lyrics don't relate to the game. With NT's version I felt that he only used Ice Cap to promote his own world views, but with DCT/Just Us' interpretation it feels much more "real" in terms of intention and message. One additional thing that I really like about this is that there is no pointless, idiotic swearing, which unfortunately laces this genre. Thanks for not going down that route, cuz it usually destroys the credibility of a song, joke mix or not. It's obvious that remixes with lyrics are fast establishing themselves as the future of OCR, so I hope you guys can be at the forefront of this new movement. Don't abandon us to be famous guys
  24. Ever since the early versions of this song and collecting numerous versions of it, it's finally on ocr. I really like the original, and agree with the style used in this song. Good to see new people makin DKC 2 remixes. and bonus points cuz my gf will like it
  25. heh I jus got bear maced 2 hours ago, and this song made me feel so much better. Thanks for making so many awesome Donkey Kong remixes, its my favourite game and thankfully you make mixes like this. Very Good song.
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