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  1. Yeah, I'm just a bit worried about this now. Assuming all the hidden characters don't get revealed on the site, does anyone know where one would be able to locate information stating methods to unlock things, but not what GETS unlocked? To me, a large part of the value of such a game lies in the surprise of findinging new things. Admittedly, I'm going to try to stay away from certain websites when these things start leaking, but like I asked, does anyone know of a "safe" site or something? Or if there is someone, somewhere, who would compile such information and post it, without revealing what gets unlocked?
  2. It's like a larger-scale version of his B forward They're doing this too often. First Samus and Diddy, now Dedede... sigh
  3. Oh please by K. Rool... did anyone recognize the music by any chance? Edit: "hand"? darn, nevermind I guess
  4. So is this supposed to be the new Pokefloats or what? I wonder how many "items" will be drawn, and whether some of them might be unlockable somehow. Great idea to make each drawing do something unique, though.
  5. Oh nice, thanks for posting it! This has been a really good week for updates, I hope things continue next week, as they are going now.
  6. From the perspective of someone who didn't care much for using Snake, I have completely changed my mind. Looks like a very original and fun way to play the game. Guess I should play MGS before Brawl comes out to understand the references...
  7. I wonder if he reacts differently to different "food." I want to see him take on a couple plates of superspicy curry. I'm also happy to see them using some of the Pokemon from the newer generations...
  8. I think Ship hold or Boss Bossanova (I think that's what it's called) would probably be the most fitting, in addition to that one. I'm so tired of hearing the same song on DK stages over and over (similarly true for Pokemon). Also, it didn't say that the song choices won't overlap between stages, yet it seems like people are thinking the lists will be exclusive for each individual arena? I don't mean to go against what people want, but I think letting people use their own music would ruin the game. The whole point of SSB (as a series) is franchise interaction, yet having them bound by common factors. By putting in your own music, it's like withdrawing from the atmosphere and environment the game intends to create, not to mention discrediting the work of all those composers...
  9. After comparing the songs put up today, I really really doubt that such a disparity in quality would exist; it would be really confusing and awkward. Considering all the effort being put in the game, it's probably a safe bet these songs aren't final, and will be recorded later. I don't know why, but I became very happy when I saw that there was an option for "Castle Music/Fortress Boss." Maybe a mix of SMW and Yoshi's Island? I just don't have a clue as to what he meant by saying the main theme is the "core" of the game. Does anyone know if there is more to it than just being the main theme? He always messes with you right at the end...
  10. Sorry Diddy, I think you've just been replaced for best update ever. This game will be worth it just for the music alone. Collecting CDs is a genius move. And if the evolution theme is for when the Pokemon Stadium stage alters (which it surely is), then I will be very impressed, since this kind of trend might be carried onto other levels. So can we finally, legitimately say that Brawl will probably have the best game soundtrack ever (at least in terms of scope and source material; quality is still up in the air it seems)?
  11. Oh good, I actually was starting to dislike the idea of including Pokemon Stadium again (instead of something better), but this doesn't seem bad. I wonder what role the Pokemon will play on this level, as I don't recall there being a precedent for their appearance in the prior games in this stage... Hopefully it will be interactive like in Saffron City, despite the fact that it doesn't look like they're doing anything in these pictures (well, I guess Skarmory is flying around... but I never really liked him/her/it). The ground transformation is by far the most interesting; Dugtrio and Cubone cameos And, it would kind of be cool if something happened with that (Helix?) fossil... Also, why do I get the feeling that people will claim to see faces in the ice block (lol). Additionally, I can't wait to shoot people into things with Mario's new special. I like the implications this may have on team battles, and the creation and implementation of semi-elaborate traps. The possibilities for two people working together (especially with items) keeps getting more and more interesting and multi-faceted.
  12. Oh... I'm really liking how you can only choose one to save. Really nice idea, wonder how it will figure into the strategy of unlocking characters. And I'll take non-playable appearances by bosses anyday Better than them not being there at all. But seriously, who would save Peach over Zelda
  13. I always considered him an almost guaranteed AT, along with chain chomp and Pikmin... for some reason I thought if they made a playable AC character they might use Blanca or Kapp'n. Meh I'm not as big a fan of the series as most people seem to be though (and as was evident in a previous post, I never cared to wait for KK Slider in the game either).
  14. Nah, an AC final smash would be the Stringfish slam. They already did the bee swarm thing in SSB with Beedrill...
  15. What the hell, they have the characters singing at the end? :S How am I supposed to not laugh while playing this level now? I knew this update would pale in comparison to yesterday's, although I find the music rather fitting. Hopefully Yoshi will be able to spit out more than just fire though.
  16. Hobocop

    Nintendo Wii

    I'm surprised it happened (not to mention so fast), but VG chartz has a tendency to pull their numbers down from time to time, so let's hope this isn't one of those times. I remember them having Xbox 360 sales at 9.x for an awkwardly long period of time as well, fueling speculation there was a bias (the members on the site are predominently Nintendo fans). Seeing as how so many companies said they exclusively made games for PS2 because it was the market leader by such a significant factor, I wonder what kind of franchise shifts could possbily result from this (as you suggested).
  17. I think that's more likely... Forward B might be the orange bombs or something. Also, the DK rap doesn't seem so bad anymore, unless you take it seriously. I hope his "awkward movement" won't mean he runs like Wario or something, that would ruin it. There's a definite precedent I hope they look at when doing this (and also do some motion capture of Cyril Raffaelli ) Diddy's left hand in that first pic creeps me out though
  18. So that's what now, three (six?) new characters in the last three weeks. I hope he's not giving away too much information, there's still a good three months left until this game comes out. Maybe this is an indication of them getting overzealous with the roster. Either way, who could have expected that picture in the upper left two weeks ago? Diddy vs Squirtle... what a great image. Speaking of which, I'll probably find it hard to beat up on Squirtle this time around. That was definitely a nice move on their part; too bad it looked like Kirby would get subsequently flattened.
  19. Soooooooo worth it. Wonder if he will be the fastest character... And the hat did say Nintendo on some old artwork, maybe too hard to see it on SNES, unlike those giant bananas. But it's in newer games like Diddy Kong racing...
  20. The first thing I thought of when I read that was Gunpei Yokoi. Err I was going to go to sleep early tonight too, but if the update doesn't happen within an hour that won't happen. Edit: it's also nice to be on the West Coast
  21. Has he ever had anything to do with cannon balls? I can't remember that being the case... If it is somehow K. Rool though, I will be completely appeased. I'd probably prefer him over Diddy or Dixie anyway. Cannon balls ARE his trademark after all. And the sound it made definitely made it seem like it was being fired, as opposed to spat out or thrown. But without even a hint of evidence it's just wishful thinking. For now. I don't know why, but this part interested me the most out of the non-speculative aspects of the whole update.
  22. They should have made it so you can grab characters in mid-air with the clawshot (just for a second) to kill their recoveries. If I'm going down I want to physically take someone with me... It would have worked so well with the Devil AT... Edit: Also, it says It was difficult to aim in the previous game, but this time it automatically flies to the closest ledge, so it should be pretty simple to use. Automatically flies to the closest ledge = no skill required whatsoever. Too bad.
  23. As do I. It was when the e3 trailer was first revealed. Hopefully these updates are just so that we know what the arrangements will sound like if they do get orchestrated, then recorded. Also, when I heard the Kid Icarus theme, I didn't think it would fit the level at all, but when I listened to the song and looked at the images on the previous update, it matched really nice.
  24. Well, it also seems that some colours of smoke are more conductive to hiding things. In the images it seems that the white smoke would work better than the red, even though it also seems that the red smoke is more concentrated (I guess this might depend on the level). But from the images shown, it seems that the smoke in general is too diffuse to do much, especially if the ball is being moved around a lot...
  25. I wonder if the smoke balls will emit smoke at a constant rate, or if there is some way to crack them open and release all the smoke at once. Should be a fun way to lure people into traps in any case... wonder why there's two colours
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