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  1. And there are windows shortcuts with the key. Like windows+d goes straight to desktop.
  2. After that, we can take a realistic approach to Smash Brothers. Make it a Battle Royale clone except that each participant can choose their own handheld weapon(s). Mr. Game and Watch would have to win.
  3. Actually...hand dominance has nothing to do with it. Eye dominance. The first thing we did before picking up a bow was to see what was our dominant eye. Turns out I'm left eye dominant, so shot in that style.
  4. There was a video posted a while back that had DETAILED insights into the timelines of the zelda story. It even went as far as having producers/designers quotes that support it. Basically...it starts with Minish cap and another one, then at OoT there's a dual timeline. In OoT, there are two endings...one in which you defeat Ganondorf in the dark/evil world and another one where you are transported back in time and are able to warn the King with the help of the Princess of Ganondorf's evil. From there, it goes into crazy details. As to the placement of the rest of them.
  5. I'm around half way bewteen the 'o' in Cowboy & the northern border of texas.
  6. Just beat it and I must say...totally amazing from start to finish.
  7. Me "whooping up" skating. Half off entrance fee and free skate rental at the local rink ifyou were in pajamas during finals week. Me and some friends went out when we were done. I can skate surprisingly well for growing up in Florida. A side note: I shaved my head that night. To the skin.
  8. Spolier THE CAVE Well...I just beat the Cave of Ordeals used 1 blue potion and 1 rare chu jelly potion. It wasn't as hard as I'd have hoped. Granted magic armor +1000 rupees makes it easy for the THREE difficult levels. 1. Triple iron knuckle 2. Iron Knuckle + 2 flying lizards warrior and then 3. Double Ice monster, +6X Ice spear guy was hard as hell...unless you had rupees to waste.
  9. Predmid

    Nintendo Wii

    I haven't had a chance to hook up the Wii to the internets yet, so could someone answer some questions: Are there any updates when it connects? How is the virtual console? What titles are available?
  10. The Sacred grove puzzle was easy. Took maybe 4 or 5 minutes.
  11. EDIT: Test failed So I spent an hour or so wandering around the water temple trying to figure out Where the hell I'm supposed to go. Then I found the random pillar I'm supposed to shoot and voila. Far easier than the OoT water temple.
  12. So I walked into Target yesterday and lo-and-behold, they're unpacking the new shipment of Wiis right then and there. I ask the guy "I'd like one...right now". He hands it to me which starts a rush of about 12 parents all going "OMG OM GOM GTHEY HAVE TEH WII!!!" and they stampede the guys and the Wiis are sold out before the guys even unpack all of the new shipment. Picked up TP & COD3. I just got into the Goron Mines. So far, fucking amazing. Especially the horseback chase. Quite possibly the most awesome moment/scene in video game history.
  13. I think its loads better then Half-Blood Prince. When I heard that one, I thought it was crap. Of course its grown on me now, and it just seems natural. I'm hoping the same happens with this one. On another note, any idea as to what the hell the title is referring to? I may be remembering wrong, but isn't like something Hallow the town where his parent's lived when they were killed by Voldemort? Harry's parents were killed at Godrics Hallow. So its fair to say that could be what its referencing to. Wow, good call. I apparently am not a big enough Harry Potter fan. Sorry, sir, but the place you're thinking of is Godric's Hollow. No dice. NERDS!
  14. http://www.jkrowling.com/ You just have to go through some mini-games on her site to find it. I'll give you the first step: click the eraser.
  16. i always play rpgs without strategy guides...and what the hell is KotR in ff7? Ive beaten ruby & emerald weapon, but they were my hardest fights.... just what the hell is it/how do i get it?
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