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  1. You would be wise to head those words, for he is the Nazgul, neither living nor dead. At all time he feels the presence of your remix; drawn to its power. He will never stop hunting you.
  2. Wow Mythril, I love this so far. Sounds more like Ghost in the Shell or some other anime then Doom, but its cool noetheless. The little vocal bits seemed a bit wierd at first, but they worked better than I initialy thought they would. Ending seems somewhat abrupt though.
  3. This is one evil sounding mix. I love how it starts off with a deceptivly innocent opening before kicking into the twisted, moaning guitar. It manages to take a whole bunch of rather odd sounds and combine them to create a genuinely wierd, disturbing atmosphere. Jeez, I wish I had something more to say, other than gushing like a schoolgirl about Maze's talent. This is a perfect Halloween surprise to find on OCR in lonely hours of the night, and its almost as good as Bloodbath. Almost. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to kidnap Mazedude, so I can lock him in my basement and put him to wor
  4. heh, For the life of me I cant put my finger on where in Sonic 3 this song is originaly from. And I just got done playing through it a week or so ago... Anyways, I'm not really a big fan of techno, but i do like this piece. It makes me want to run fast and jump on stuff! I am definatly impressed by the attention payed to the percussion. One of my biggest qualms about techno is the often lazyly arranged beats, but thats not a problem her eat all. A very solid interesting piece. Even the goofy "Whooo!" soundbytes brought a smile to my face.
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