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  1. I just got half of the tunderfury bindings on my rogue in a PuG MC the other day. It made me laugh a lot. It was a hell of a fight with Geddon though. The first guy who became the bomb was a dipshit and killed about nine people. By the end of the fight it was down to a warrior tanking, a shaman and a priest healing, and me doing whatever DPS I could. The final 3% health took forever to get down. It was really funny cause the tank screamed on vent "Fuck this!" and instantly switched to his 2-hander. Woooo, I'm half-way to a gigantic bill.
  2. I'm thinking it might be a sweet idea for rogues to do a seal-fate/steup/hemo build. Possibility of generating combo points faster than you can use them!
  3. Last I heard, it was announced that the new EA still won't stack.
  4. Not when they can kite you around the map forever. Unless you're lucky enough to have your 5 minute cooldowns up...
  5. Oh hell yeah. I always loved the jungle theme music!! I always end up playing that short melody snippet when practicing or goofing around on piano/keyboard.
  6. Not hard to find one. But very hard to find a good one. Competition breeds higher standards.
  7. GAH! Saying that to a thread full of guitarists is like saying "yeah, she kicked me right in the nuts and I think something burst" to any random male. I know. I literally cringed in pain when I read that. FOR SHAME!
  8. I wake up at the crack of noon [okay, 10:45] excited about getting some doomage. But there is none. Then I see this: Maybe I should pay more attention. But I blame you guys anyways, if you wouldn't have made me pee my pants, I wouldn't have had to leave and wash them, thereby missing such important information. Guess I'll DL the podcast for now, then come back and make fun of Mythril.
  9. pics plz. Ask and ye shall recieve.
  10. I'm so excited I just might pee my pants. Edit: oh yeah, there we go. Totally pee'd my pants.
  11. Wish I could help you out but I still suck quite a bit. But know this, I'm lurking in the shadows plotting the demise of all the other projects. Except the doom project, I'm anticipating that one.
  12. Hey, I haven't been keeping up on this as much as I wanted to. I had a question, E1M8 was the boss music in the first episode correct [cause I believe M9 was the secret level]? If so what happened to the remix of it? I love that music, so I was just wondering.
  13. Yes it is called Notso Fatso... It reads all Nes music files.. Comment on my WIP Dammit !! Ok, I'll comment on it later today, but only because you yelled at me. First I'm obligated to spend some time with family, then with friends. If you don't get it before you go to sleep tonight, yell at me again.
  14. Best way is to download a plugin for winamp. I think the one I'm using is called Notso Fatso or something like that.
  15. Ah, that's a cool idea. I doubt I'd be able to pull off the Russian theme as I'm struggling just making styles of music that I am familiar with. Good luck with the project though, SDB really deserves some remixes.
  16. This man speaks the truth. If I find the time I can attempt [poorly] to guitar up the USSR track. [i'm in the midst of learning how to mix and shit]
  17. I still rock out to Silverhawk Legacy.... Hurry up and pick a song, old man! Thanks, but... sorry Myth. After listening to the whole soundtrack, there's one song that struck an idea in my head. However, that song's been taken. Add to that, the fact that I apparently didn't pay enough attention to all of Shael's text (the idea was orchestral, and from what he wrote, that's not an appropriate genre... especially considering the idea I got), and it looks like I'll be staying out of this one. I'll submit the idea to VGmix when (if?) it gets done. Good luck guys. Is this my Cammy track? Cause at this point, it's the only one taken... You want it? No. I wouldn't feel right causing someone to start over, regardless of how they felt about it. As I said, it's orchestral... slow orchestral, and certainly not high energy. That's not in line with what Shael described. I didn't read everything as thoroughly as I should have, and that was mistake on my part. If I had, I wouldn't have posted in here in the first place. Anyway, don't worry about it, Myth. You've got a good start going with your mix so far, and I'm not about to fuck with that You could always try to submit it as a bonus track. And if you were really worried about cohesion, I'm sure one of the many guitarists here would love to try and help you out. Mmmmmmm prog metal.
  18. puddy != putty. So what's the outlook on the laptop?
  19. perhaps your guitar sample wasn't recorded or exported the same way as the others. if i'm not mistaken fl/fls only support 44mhz/16 bit wavs. you should check that out. how are you telling it to play? if you have a thing in the piano roll, put it at C5, else it will slow it down and beat it into the lower pitch. that could cause it. Thanks for the help, both of you. It seems I had it sampled too high. I was trying to use 32-bit depth and FL really didn't like it. I took it down to 24-bit and it's working fine now.
  20. I'm having a very strange problem, hopefully someone here knows what to do about it. I'm trying to load in a .wav sample of my guitar into a project, but whenever I try to play it inside fruity loops, all I get are these weird farting-type sounds. I tried messing around with a ton of different settings but nothing really changed anything. It's really weird cause I already have two samples of guitar in this mix and I pretty sure I didn't have this problem with those. The wav file sounds fine when played through any normal player, it's just inside fruity loops that it gets all messed up. Any help is appreciated.
  21. Give this thread a little time to be recognized. If I see people asking for live instrumentation in WIP's I point them here. I can offer Electric guitar with a lot of available effects [got an effects board]. I suppose you can hit me on aim or MSN sometime, and I'd be able to whip up a quick sample. [Don't have hosting for files yet]
  22. haha, you came here to pimp your case after me [pre name-change] and hulk got bored one night and sorta accidentally sank your thread. I still think your case is awesome, though.
  23. I love your new sig CapnH, but I think you need a big lens flare behind the shield, or maybe a swirl distortion [i forget what it's really called].
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