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  1. Simply amazing. The sound quality, the sheer professionalism of this track make it a must-have. I hope to hear more from Sixto Sounds very, very soon. Great work!
  2. I've been coming to this site since late 2000, and I'm simply amazed at the growth and longevity it has. You deserve all the success you have, DJP. Congrats And I second phBB's crappiness. I had to ditch it for my own forums recently, for many of the reasons DJP abandoned it here. I chose SMF myself...I can't comment on it in comparison to vBulletin, but I will say it's still a hell of a lot better than phBB.
  3. Nah, you get a whole different kind of dick working retail: the returns dick."I want to return this clothing that I wore and spilled coffee on" "no" "i have a receipt" "no" "i want to speak to a manager" *manager comes over* "i want to return this" "it has a stain, we can't take it back" *30 minutes of public screaming and yelling ensue* "fine we'll take it back" You can replace "clothing" and "stain" with any other kind of merchandise and ways that people ruin them, but the scenario is the same, and it gets old fast. Why even have return policies if you're just going to cave and let them return it? You'd save yourself 30 minutes of yelling and screaming. Friggin' stupid. Oh, and you don't get any tips working in retail like you do in a restaurant.
  4. Retail is okay I guess. They work you to death around Christmas time, though. I got tired of it after 4 years.
  5. Not exactly an accurate comparison, though. Nintendo's site is for the *entire* company, the other two are for products made by larger companies.
  6. LOL, according to that, my Ravenloft NWN site is worth $11,000. I was expecting like $200.
  7. Absolutely amazing. One of the best tunes from Chrono Cross, and sung in one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard. <3 Pixietricks! Keep up the great work!
  8. I know I've requested this before, but still to this day no one has done a remix of the music from this game. Gauntlet 4 had some of the best music for a Genesis game I've ever heard. I'd love to hear a remix of any of the following tracks (or even a medley!): Back of Beyond (story intro) Whisper of Phantom (earth tower) March in the Dark (water tower) Sortie (fire tower) Transparent Obstacle (air tower) Adventures of Iron (castle) Crux (treasure room)
  9. Nope, it's from level 5, the water level. This is definitely one of AmIEvil's best pieces (with the best being CastleMania), and also one of the original game's best tracks. Well done!
  10. More Final Fantasy 5 remixes! I love the music to FF5...my personal favorite out of all the games. This piece does a great tribute to the music of FF5. The pirate theme is great, and the transition to the bad weather theme (complete with stormy sound effects!) is done very well. More, please!
  11. Heh. I think the voice samples are what gives this piece its charm. "Hiyah!" "Uhngh!" The bassline kicks too. One of my favorites.
  12. This is, to my mind, the epitome of all video game remixes. 100% Kick-ass and guaranteed to satisfy. The lyrics/vocals add a LOT to the piece and are very well done, not to mention the spectacular guitar work. If you don't have this song, you're missing out. My only complaint would be the drum work. The rhythm of the drums is fine...but they lack the right amount of ... I dunno, "oomph" or "kick". In other words, the drums sound like they came from a machine, rather than from a person playing a set of drums. Still, this song rocks (literally) and is my favorite from this site! Take a bow, Game Over, you deserve it.
  13. I love, love, love, love, love, love, love, LOVE this track. Love it. Did I mention I love it? 'Cause it's fan-fucking-tastic. This was my favorite tune from Mega Man 2 and Steve's done a KICK-ASS rendition of it. He even threw in the title screen theme! How cool is that! If anybody out there likes Mega Man 2, and I think you do, download this track NOW!
  14. This is a damn fine mix. Not perfect, but pretty frickin' close. The synth/guitar mesh reminds me of Vince DiCola's work. Vince DiCola, for those of you who don't know (probably most of you), did the score for Rocky IV and The Transformers: The Movie. Anyway, stellar stuff, Midee. I would, however, have liked the guitars to had a little more "power" (sorry, I'm not well-versed in music terminology--if there's a better way to say that, I don't know ) here and there...but for most of the track they're exceptionally well done. Not Ailsean, but pretty damn good nonetheless. Kudos!
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