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  1. Ive had my wii since launch and now have 9 games. Just finished Zelda and enjoyed it very much, I think its on par with ocarina of time! I have also been playing red steel and I think its a good game but could of been better in two ways a) if they had not put such an amount of having to move the aiming dot to the right or left to actualy turn the camera (if it was more like call of duty 3 on the wii) and sometimes it seems the cursor looses its way and judders, I havnt realy seen the likes of that on other games so much so to me this is lazy coding and not fault of the controller design. on to call of duty 3 I think it wasnt a great port, yeah the graphics were a little dumbed down but thats not the issue for me, what was is the fact that when you reload the gun sometimes there seems to be a cut out of audio? whats up with that!? and when there is loads of people on the screen it gets quite laggy which interfires with aiming grrr other than that though have been enjoying the game and the controller apart from those 2 games though every other game I have like monkey ball and wii play seem fine. I think this system has loads of potential for first person shooters, if the control similar in the way of call of duty (as long as theres no lag and curser judder it should be near on par with keyboard and mouse) come on developers out there pull your finger out! I cant wait for metroid though... should be good!
  2. well until I got my first testing job at eidos I used to work in shops like game and computer exchange, and didnt realy buy alot of music stuff until Eidos. Then I bought a fair amount sacrifising buying games and going out on the town, made a descent demo and finaly achieved what I wanted outa life to work on game audio. Now my pays alot better but in theory I dont need for music stuff as I can use the studio when ever I want, but theres something about working in the comfort of your own home, so have started buying stuff again but mainly on software.
  3. Well I work as an audio engineer/musician/composer, and if you want it bad enough you have to put in the work. when I was on my production course I saw all too often students not turning up to lessons, but the main one was not doing or practicing/courswork in between. The other thing with this is that if you want to make it you really do have to pretty much eat sleep and live music production/engineering. The thing is competition is extreemly high and your gonna have to get your demo show reel within the top 5 demos if your gonna get any intereset in getting work I hope I havnt put you off, but decide weather you want this as a hobbie or a career and stick to it
  4. Love it, as others have said it has gone into my folder! The only thing that I wasnt so keen on was the lead synth sound but thats the only thing that stuck out the rest superb. I think I'll have another listen now! It really takes me back I think I'll crack out my copie of starwing (fortuna was on the hard rout wasnt it? with those funky water dino things, as well as large plant flower things??)
  5. I think you really need to concider getting better sounds. Its like someone said a few threads up, it sounds like a midi file. I never heard the original song but it seems ok, a little slow (was the original that slow?) on the whole not bad playing though.
  6. I thought the mix was ok! But I think you should have renamed it quantize central!
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