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  1. I enjoyed this a few nights ago and I went to get this on my laptop and all of the links are gone. "SEGA have contacted regarding the download hosted on this site. While this issue is being resolved, please do not upload the game for others to download. Any links posted on this site will be removed. Thank you." QQ
  2. Depends on the game/reward/content/ownership I tend to full clear Donkey Kong Country, Metroids, Marios, Smash, Zeldas. I'm a fan of sequence breaking, too. Speed runs are more enjoyable to watch than do imo. For games like Starcraft or Diablo I typically play them to death until I feel like I've "beaten it" ...which may explain my competitiveness in fighter & rts games. I'm not interested in full comboing/clearing/perfecting Ikaruga/I Wanna be the Guy/DDR tho. Edit: How could I forget Dragon Warrior 3? I played that on my GBA sooooo much.
  3. It's been a while. Sounds good Does this mark the end of The Drop? PS: Revolution + Beat Hazard is sick.
  4. Good to hear another one. Speaking of Felguk... you did say "side by side" early on in the cast. Instant message at 8:40?
  5. Despite it seeming to be something you wouldn't like, I kept expecting Andy Moor - Halcyon (Alex M.o.r.p.h Remix) to pop up in the string of Halcyons. It was in one of Global-Trance's sessions.
  6. I was searching for Sonic music on Napster back when it was new. Feels like forever ago... back when cd burners were like 8x and 56k internet/modems were still big.
  7. I would like to hear kazoo rendition of flight of the bumblebee (or real bees). Brief chats with other ocr/etc producers could be fun.
  8. I like the (long) show. I expected to hear another original at the end, tho If anyone's interested, I thought this mix was worthwhile:
  9. First time I knowingly heard Celldweller was back in the day when I played FFR. http://www.last.fm/music/Celldweller/+similar ...dunno about the first few, but some seem out of place
  10. USA/New York ~500 Between 500 and 1000. Files are too small XD. My max is ~1100 total.
  11. Sweet! The music you make is always interesting, Beatdrop. I'll give this a listen and edit this post later. edit: This album is overflowing with awesomeness. Some parts completely consume the atmosphere (a good thing). I love how gritty and it can get! My favorite track right now is "Revolution." Not to speak for anyone, but If you're interested in spreading this around, I'd recommend talking to Global-Trance. I recall him getting bLiNd/Leifo's song on Corsten's radio show. It's not the same genre but GT seems to have connections.
  12. Sweet! I'm glad bLiNd is better. Thanks for all the effort everyone.
  13. Great stuff as always. I really liked the picture on your site, too. More Wippenburg? Hell yeah!
  14. I'll be having a Crystal Pepsi drinking competition (I can't believe they brought it back!) and I'll be blasting this album.
  15. Hi, all. Please give this a listen and let me know your first impression and your impression after reading all this jargon. MonoChromatic Drawing Board - Propulsion 5:39 & 320 kbps. Enjoy! I'd like to leave this as free form as possible, but feel free to use the WIP checklist or whatever you like to critique this. Some notes: I realize it is relatively loud. Oops. I guess that shows how much I like it. I am also considering EQing this more. The beginning and very end is subject to change. I plan on making it fit in with the tracks around it once I get more songs or an album together. I wanted the lead synths to sound very full so I let them run rampant for the most part (to get that brick wall feeling). I capped the volume at the everything to -2dB. I've been reading around and figured it was better than 0dB. This is my first full length song. It was made in FL8 using no presets and only one or two samples. Other than that, I used Sytrus and the granulizer. Questions (please don't limit yourself to these): Is it too muddy/cluttered? Any input on how I might EQ the lead synth? Was the sidechaining/ducking noticeable? Did I do that right? If you have to pigeonhole this in a genre or two, what would it be? Did the song evoke any feelings of propulsion? Any red flags come up? I feel like I could be missing something obvious. Thanks in advance! PS: Bonus art! I only spent like, 15 minutes on it in CS2 and I'm no art major. I figured I'd include it.
  16. "Good" music definitely helps a game. I sometimes go back to play Sonic simply to hear it again. Within my somewhat limited experience, "Good" music is hard to find in current games. There is a lot of orchestration (if that's a word) lately, and I'm not too fond of it. The whole epic/whatnot feel to it is a bit cliché/worn out. If the music isn't interesting I generally mute it and turn on Winamp or something.
  17. Interesting to hear some OCR-related stuff in the mixes. Keep up the good work, GT! Not to steal G-T's thunder or anything, but if anyone's interested, Sly One has some mixes available. link
  18. Sweet stuff as usual. I might not listen to this one as much as the others, but this definitely can't be ignored.
  19. Most of the Production/Performance/Structure sections could be completed by the remixer. People shouldn't have to be told if their remix is too quiet or loud and those kind of things. I think it's expected to compare simple things like that to other tracks, but this is the place to work out mistakes for the remixer to improve their work. I would like more things on the checklist, but generalized. Maybe simple keywords like "volume" that are relative and/or exist on a spectrum (ex: bass drum stood out from the rest of the percussion because it was too loud). I like the checklist because there could definitely be things the commenter didn't think of. Even if someone doesn't use it, they are still aware of some things they might not normally be aware of.
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