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  1. This is a great track. I really enjoy all of your creative sidestepping in the main melody. Im really looking forward many more remixes from you! That sax is especially great. very well done!!!
  2. Can you post a sample? Not really, thats copyrighted material and I dont even have a place to host it even if I didnt care that it was copyrighted. I also cant show you my mock-up of it because i dont know how to do it. I wish i could explain it better... Argitoth, why are you linking to a site that has nothing to do with reason? Id like to see the video, but it isnt on that page...
  3. As for Argitoth's question, I've been trying to find out how to do that for a while, but in the end, i think its just easier to go in and change the notes individually. Anyway, I have been trying to do this for so long and cant figure out how the hell i can do it. Does anyone know how to make the effect that BT, Hybrid and OS/2 use where it sounds like the whole song gets filtered and a Fwoosh sound engulfs the whole thing. I dont really know how to explain it, but its used in BTs Godspeed at 3:27. Hybrid does it a few times (I cant really remember in what songs). Any help is greatly appreciated.
  4. Reason is incredible, Im not sure how it sounds MIDI-ish (plinks and planks instead of a flowing sound, Human LS ), but I would recommend listening to Charlie Clouser's "Four Notes" song to cure what ails ya. If it still sounds Midi-ish, its either you or your soundcard.
  5. Thx a ton, man. Maybe now I can finish my first remix. you'll see...
  6. If anyone could help me with making a whooshing noise, thats kind of a background sound that doesn't use noise... everything I've made sounds like a plane flying over...
  7. Does anyone know where to get a sound from sonic the hedgehog? I wanna get a "bling" ring sound from it and can't seem to create it myself...
  8. Thx a ton SGX, I'm kinda tired tonight and don't want to have to install all the programs required right now, but I will soon.
  9. Yeah, so ok, I am trying to remix a song with vocals, and I want to extract them from the song, but have no real way to do it. I posted this in the remixing forum as a separate topic, but it got deleted. Anyway, does anyone have an idea of how to get just the vocals out. Right now Im ripping the song in a cheap-ass program and importing it in the NN-XT and trying to EQ the lyrics out... yeah, it sucks...
  10. I think what you mean is "grouping." this is pretty easy to do. you click the pencil icon and drag it over the notes in arrange mode. Or you can go into edit mode and select the notes you want to group individually and group them. This is easy for quick editing of portions of songs instead of indiviual notes. On a completely unrelated note: I have learned quite a bit about reason and all the different effects by just messing around with the program. You can make some pretty crazy sounds and basslines by just screwing around. Also, I would like to thank SGX with his example files and his tips and tricks page on his site; they have been invaluable!
  11. ... as soon as i thought about what i posted i started to cry. I wasn't even thinking about gating for some retarded unknown reason... ...for shame...
  12. Ok, I'm not quite sure how to explain this too well, but here goes: How do you make the effect where someone is singing or something and it cuts out and in, sort of like a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a. I've tried to dip the volume modulation down and up real quick, but it echoes a bit and doesn't give the desired effect. BT does this a ton with the vocals in his music and it sounds bad-ass. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Wow, this is amazing, and even more so that it only took a couple hours. I love the Wutai theme and I love the oriental flavour that this song has. Everything is so well done. mv is a bad-ass...
  14. I love this piece. Sure, the recording isn't perfect, but holy damn is that a good performance. That flute is amazing!
  15. Frickin' A. Anyone who doesn't like this song should be beaten to death with their own limp, pussy ears. bLiNd, you are the best trance DJ I know, man. I can't wait until your CD comes out- I'll be the first one to buy it.
  16. Can you save or export a song as an mp3???? It seems like you should, but... is aif an mp3 format or something?
  17. I'm really enjoying this song; ive had it on loop for the past 15 min. Hell, this song ROCKS! The amount of effort that went into this song is evident in just about every little thing. The drums kick ass and the rest of the song has that delectible, raunchy, dirty feel to it. The only problem that i have is that it gets a little to raunchy and kinda detracts from the song a bit (i.e. the part where it runs into some otherwise kick-ass filter effects). Don't let that get ya down Mr. Drop, this ranks up real high on my fave's. Keep it the hell up!
  18. I've been looking for how to do this for a long time and it doesn't seem to be anywhere that i look. How do you make that air hose sound, as in the end of the "Four Notes" song (Reason demo song) or in the middle of "Demonik Electronik" by Anoloq? Its such a cool sound.
  19. I may be some kind of retard or something, but how do u get the midi sounds into the different colored bars so i can rearrange them instead of being the stupid little note stupids... im really frustrated about this... also, how do you do a fade-out without manually using the master volume knob with the (green square thing around it).
  20. I really enjoyed this. It is a lot different than most songs. The filtering is very well handled and is something besides the Ice Cap song which everyone seems to love (including myself ) Anywho, The middle is a touch uninspired but the beginning and end and the filtered drum loops are great. Great Job Rellik.
  21. Holy Freakin' Crap!!!! so the hell what if this doesn't expand on the original too much. I absolutely love this song!!!!! No offense to anyone else that has posted their song recently but... this is the best song I've heard on this site in a long time. I can't wait for Tefnek's next mix!!!!
  22. I actually just started a forum on this... anyway, the best cure for clipping I've found is to change the clipping instrument's track so the computer has some time to switch sounds (causing clipping).
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