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  1. Yo, dude, I just saw the Apex video...SOOOO GOOOOD lol. You're awesome.

  2. This...what kind of question is this? It's Sonic R, man. SONIC R. YOU'VE GOT TO SURVIVE! YOU'VE GOT TO KEEP THAT DREAM ALIVE!

  3. I can't tell you how happy you just made me by taking on Sonic R in the Saturn project XD XD XD

    That is, if you're really going to do it (don't see it in the track list...) But you totally should.

  4. Much appreciated, my friend!

  5. @Meteo Xavier

    Couldn't PM you...I used a vst called SampleTank that has a preset called Wah Clean LP. Specifically on that preset, is a Wah effect generator, so aside from that there might be some standalone Wah effect plugins that you could apply it to your own instruments.

  6. I actually did resub it (and I think I updated the link in the thread so it should be the resubbed version, have to double check). I thought about reposting it in the workshop, but I'm happy enough with it and have so much other stuff to move on to. Hopefully they're happy with the resub. Thanks for the support :)

  7. Yo man, awesome to meet you at Nerdapalooza ;)

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