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  1. While I have nothing but respect for the individuals who undertake remixing songs, especially from the X series, I just wasn't feeling this one. Some of the very basic elements of the song have been augmented, making it very frusterating, to say the least, for me to try to get that "nosalgia" from the original. To put it simpler, the song turns one way, where it's actually supposed to travel a different direction in terms of music.
  2. This remix is absolutely amazing. While a TON of people just can't seem to stop talking about the main "theme" of the Zelda series, I instantly fell in love with this main-theme variant the first time I played "Links Awakening" the first time on my Game Boy Pocket as I was climbing the steps of Mt. Tamaranch. This song not only does justice to its blows it away.
  3. In my opinion, this is the best MMX remix. Ever. Not only did he use four of my absolute favorite themes in the game, but he also kept them relitively the same, while molding them into one, complete song that sounds utterly incredible. I sincerely hope we'll see an oncore from him sometime in the future: I would wet myself if I ever heard a remix of the MMX2 opening stage by him ;p
  4. I downloaded it about a week ago, and while I don't agree with the praises of it's "uberness," I will say that I enjoyed the music arrangement of the MMX1 ending theme. I just guess the vocal's added unnecessarily to the song bring it down in my mind...No offense to the singer or concept. I just don't grove vocals in remixes