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  1. That Luigi purple coin challenge was a little rough, but that one purple coin challenge when you're on moving platforms that move every which direction as you're getting bombarded by cannonballs was a huge pain in the ass.
  2. I actually would have liked this. In nearly all Zelda games the relationship between Link and Zelda has fallen flat, and frankly it's about damn time Link got some action for all his (bloodline's) hard work (a kiss? a long gaze? little fun in hyrule castle?). Although maybe it's because they have some other relationship...quoting the line from the beginning of LTTP: "Zelda is your..." sister? mother? aunt? dog? Who knows.
  3. As has been said before, but just to reiterate, once games start looking photorealistic, it's going to come down to graphic design and art, not just the raw polygons. One can argue that games like Okami have great graphics for any generation.
  4. Ok game. If I have 99 rupees left to fill my bag, and I find a 100 rupee, then ASK ME if I want to take it or not rather than just leaving it!!! Got me grumbling a couple times
  5. Now we need a contest - whoever can finish rollgoal 8-8 first Also, has anyone caught the The Hylian Loach?
  6. Hmm..I'm going to have to disagree (and this likely will be debated to no end). It is the best Zelda ever, but I feel Zelda 64 to still be the best game ever made. Twilight Princess is evolutionary, wheras OOT was revolutionary. This is evident by TPs use of the locations, music, and gameplay from OOT. Another example is Tetris vs Tetris Attack: Tetris Attack is simply a much better Tetris game, yet few will argue Tetris is one of the best games ever made. If one gives large weight (which I do) to the impact and mainstay of a game in the gaming industry, then I believe Zelda 64 slightly pulls ahead in the "best game ever" department.
  7. You know what would be even better? Just finished the game. Definately great. The dungeon design was top notch and enemies well crafted. Lots of stuff to do and the fishing game alone makes the game buyable However beating it gives you the right to give your piece on the game's problems: Anyway I think our high expectations for this game caused us to be more critical than we should be. I, however, know when a game is a masterpiece and this one is no exception.
  8. 8600 3097 7014 9879 (wii) Now all we need is a multiplayer game!
  9. Forgive me if this has been said before, but if you hit chickens enough times something neat happens
  10. Also, is it me or did like, the 3rd temple boss never actually attack you.
  11. To pump up the fanboys, just letting you know this game is incredible Monkey ball is nice, but I need to get used to the controls. As of right now I think the gamecube way to control is better...
  12. I love what they did with the character designs and animation, i.e. how the characters interact and their facial expressions. I can't think of many games that go through the trouble of doing that.
  13. People at Nintendo really dropped the ball on the whole fishing thing.
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