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  1. Johnson is on my list (I <3 Cliffs of Dover, been meaning to get the whole Ah Via Musicom album but haven't gotten around to it... I have the tab book). Satriani has been mentioned to me... and someone made a comment about Van Halen last time I tried to play part of the solo from Through the Fire and Flames (I can't, so I just threw the pick and started tapping it). Gilbert and Yngwie(?!) are new to me... gotta make note on that.
  2. Look, I need a little more than masturbation to fix that.
  3. Okay, but when in the FUCK can I get stereo >_< seriously ugh how hard is it to fix this shit? I guess they have to make sure they've pressed a disc for every shipped GH3 already (for replacement AND restocking current broken shit ones).
  4. Am I only what? ?_? Your grammar gets stupider and stupider. Dude I didn't listen to anything outside Weird Al and OCReMix until I started playing Guitar Hero 3 and guitar. I never even turned on FM radio in my life, and had a PDA or SOMETHING with my own music since it was possible (and don't remember much before that, but dad's usually got the same CD in the car for months and the volume's low so...) Actually folks on the Ibanez forum pointed me towards Vai a while ago. It's been a couple weeks before I actually looked ;p
  5. Yeah. His songs are all titled things like "Air Guitar Hell" and "Erotic Nightmares" and "Fuck Yourself" (actually damn graphic for something that came out of what seems to be an instrumental band). ... but they all rock pretty hard, in a dark and brooding sort of way.
  6. Whoa, apparently this is actually on topic. ?_?
  7. http://www.vai.com/SightsSounds/aural_fixation/index.html ... and I think I like it...
  8. Yeah, same here, any excuse to play with other people right? Last time I did that a girl spontaneously wrote a bassline on the fly to follow me. I thought I'd get laughed at Oh well, maybe next time!
  9. Nods. Well, that leaves you then, since you can sing Hmm that leaves me with not as much to contribute. :s Oh well I'll just follow people around for a while. There's cool shit to do anyway I'm sure.
  10. I don't have a great camera and I suck at taking pictures. Are we gonna wind up somewhere messing with instruments? If not I won't bring any gear. I've got a fucking awesome blues amp I wouldn't mind bringing along; but bring this up soon because I need to order a JJ power tube if you want to play any sort of rock.
  11. When you have a "salable image" that the record companies can "make money off of" all you need is something that doesn't sound like ass... nobody said it had to be any good. Just tolerable enough for your fans to ignore it while they drool over you. Maybe we're both right. This will just make mainstream more shit, make the shitty indie stuff more shit, and give the good indie musicians more options to make more good stuff. Maybe.
  12. Are you saying consumers are dumbass sheep? I think we have a position for you in our marketing position. You sound like you have just the insight we need to continue to deliver our most advanced product to the drooling retarded public.
  13. Hey I did originally learn to play piano by reading sheet music. I'm just a little rusty. :/ But points taken.
  14. I can't really glance at the guitar to get the notes, but I can do sheet music. If you care, the treble cleft (G cleft, the curly & shaped thing) the LINES are EGBDF and when you see a note below with a line through the head and no lines between it's a C (C, blank space is D, then E on the bottom line, then F, then G on the next line... etc) The bass cleft (a C cleft, a really stupid looking swizzle thing with 2 dots) has FACE for the spaces between the lines, from bottom to top. You can figure it out from there; it's work even when you know it though. It's great for piano but I prefer tabs for guitar. SERIOUSLY. Not only do they carry stuff like BEND and VIBRATO; but the basic staff is for one instrument (or hand, in the case of piano) per staff, and it's barely over an octave wide; you play WAY wider than that when you play guitar. Can't speak for any other instrument.
  15. The hell is double posting? I just replied to your post. You know what? No, I'm not having this conversation with you. This is a stupid conversation to even have. Plus I have to dig through the thread structure for like 10 pages to even reach your posts.
  16. Is it just me, or did her guitar look similar to an Ibanez before, where now it hints at an SG? The headstock has even become non-lethal! Yes, and they're doing a great job of it with what even a cursory glance shows as possibly BONE-BREAKING PRESSURE BETWEEN THE THIGHS. Their skirts are CAVING IN around their fists; ME is in the air but XP has no excuse for the crater. Is she in post-perverted-assgrab-shock??
  17. DS linked: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Os-tan First thing there: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Ostans.jpg Observe XP and ME. What the hell ass balls?!
  18. LOVE the finish! Marblization is not so hard (I've done it) but that's got a beautiful outcome.
  19. I understand the cute innocent "fold hands in lap" thing but why do they always bury their fist in their crotch?? Like I'M DOING THIS AS HARD AS I POSSIBLY CAN!!! Can we keep the PS3 concept "banana" (or boomerang or whatever) away from OCR-tan please?
  20. Good point. On BOTH counts. MF just doesn't listen to me when I say "Pack with string tension loosened in no less than 5 winds of large-cell bubble wrap" ... do they not understand both UPS *and* FedEx intentionally drop all packages from 8 feet up TWICE during shipping? (It's one of the loading stages, the stuff is stacked and the way you unstack trucks is you tip over the junk on the pallet...) There we go...
  21. I could never do the 2 hand thing on the piano, else if I want to play a single melody line of something I basically just have to touch the instrument, fumble around the first 2-3 bars a little, and then it starts rolling. Guitar is starting to get the same way. There's phrases of things I just can't get at all; there's phrases I fool around with; and then there's shit I just sit down and roll off like I've known the instrument my whole life. The first thing I recall actually straight-up firing off with no tab was the intro to Welcome to the Jungle, right after playing it on Guitar Hero 3; I was like, "Hell I can do that" and just picked the thing up and played it (with horrible timing). It's weird with guitar because I've actually studied scales some, so when I start playing by ear I'm like, "Wait this wouldn't make sense in scale, it has to be wrong, this is close enough" and turns out my first guess was actually right... I must not know enough scales. Or I'm doing something wrong. More practice would help.
  22. I'll be there, got nothing else planned. Getting out of the house and having some freaking real life contact would probably be good for me. Should I bring anything? No I won't bring liquor. Xerol, love the peeps, especially the two retarded blue ones in the middle.
  23. Yeah I started getting into mainstream music only recently, and it's between Dragonforce, Scorpions, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Poison, Muse, etc... mostly bands from 10 years ago, or bands from 30-40 years ago. Your parents probably remember when their parents hated all the cool new music they were listening to. I'm pretty sure they DON'T remember how their parents' music was infinitely better than the crap being fed to them at the time
  24. Yeah but if you're gonna buy one anyway how much a difference is $1000 gonna make to your purchasing decision (aside from to buy it today from one store instead of next week from Guitar Center or something), was my point. To me it looks like the same basic price range. Maybe I'm just poor.
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