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  1. ... well, the only thing better than laughing at someone else's pain is laughing at your own pain. Hopefully Esca is amused. :s
  2. Fine, here's some useful advice: The original question has no valid answer in the scope given.
  3. ... it will return some day in the future. Hopefully before I move. Why I couldn't exchange it at Gamestop I'll never know, Activision is dumb. In the mean time, I guess I'll play songs from Guitar Hero 3 on my guitar, and drool over GH Aerothingy and GH4 coming out this year. Is anyone getting just the GH Aerosmith disc? I want the guitar too so I'll probably get the whole pack....
  4. blahblahblah Today's games suck. They push graphics above all else. Someone said their kid wanted guitar hero and wanted it on xbox because xbox has better graphics than Wii; I told him Wii has more fun games than Xbox, since even the shitty games are fun and they're not all Call of Duty or Halo (FPSBox 360). Today's music sucks too. All these kids have iPods full of classic rock. Anyone who has good music from today is listening to either a cover band (like video game bands) or some band you've never heard of. If they're listening to Brittney or Spice Girls (okay that's yesterday, but still in my life time) they're NOT listening to anything good. I remember growing up the major topic in music was always some band sucks... Movies suck today but I love Marvell Studios. Thank God for someone not releasing constant crackhead garbage.
  5. At 50% volume I can massively overdrive my amp on 10 on my Les Paul with one pickup active. Hell, at 30% I have some sweet overdrive. At 100% volume, my amp is deep into some soft overdrive in any configuration on my S. The output from those Infinity 1/2 humbuckers is nothing. The DiMarzio pickups Ibanez ships on some models are freaking awesome, but the Infinity pickups are trash. Also I am learning to play... I started following along with the first minute or so of TTFAF and Black Magic Woman recently :3 I still need improvement but this stuff isn't really that hard to play.
  6. These are all four conductor, I can short the bottom coil out if I want. I plan on replacing the pots with push-pulls (500k) for that reason; I'm even considering having single by default and pull to humbuck for the reasons you stated ... it focuses it in a smaller area, but okay, same end result.
  7. I'm having hella trouble with this. Someone said they put a DiMarzio Chopper in the single coil slot for an Ibanez S470 and needed to do some wood work to fit it; I can't figure out why. The Infinity INFS1 single coil looks like a Strat-style single coil, and so does the Chopper but it's a bit thicker. I'm looking at an Area 58 stacked humbucker instead, wondering if it'll have the same problem; massive googling doesn't bring up anything and I've called a few guitar stores and techs and nobody knows! Does anyone know much about the form factor of stacked humbuckers versus single coils like the INFS1? Should I go with an ISCV2 instead (used in Steve Vai's signature Ibanez model, so it'll probably fit my Ibanez fine)? This complements two Evolutions (was going to be Evo in the bridge and Steve's Special in the neck, if I change my mind I have two Steve's Specials on hand), I'd rather mix the Area 58 or Chopper into it than go Evo-Evo-Evo.
  8. Honestly, I can understand being social for a couple hours, but two days is a little taxing on me. I don't think I can swing that in one go; Satan has already sent me a C&D for the last ice storm they had down there. Seriously? If there's enough people there I'll go. I'm no good with small crowds; I'd rather a bigger group.
  9. I've only got 1 passenger capacity. You can either talk to me or listen to loud heavy metal.
  10. Hearos are extremely good. I use them for testing the higher gain settings on my amps, and in general for playing freaking loud on anything with a crunchy overdrive. They sound great, and they work really well, enough that you can blast whatever without much trouble. Edit: I've tested these with ~5W on max output (5.7W), they do fine; every doubling of power adds 3dB, so 80 watts amps should give 12dB louder, 160W 15dB, and 320W 18dB. Since they have about 18dB attenuation, you can expect a 300W amp to sound akin to my bedroom amp without earplugs.
  11. You laugh, but I actually hear their food is really good. I've never been there. Every time I go out with people it seems to fall to Japanese, Mongolian, or Chinese. Unless I'm hanging at Denny's (my social life consists of Denny's, it's complicated). Let's get a Rick Astley CD and a portable boom box and spend 3 minutes at the Inner Harbor, then act like absolutely nothing happened and disperse.
  12. There's a minimal view but I don't like it. Besides, you don't really get to see the playlist. ... can be made narrower (as wide as the menu), but it's that tall. Useless. Edit: Oh yeah, I can add a toy that docks a play/pause button to my panel and that's it, but bleh. It's got a remote control icon up there anyway. Oh yeah, let's see you shop/download/listen to new music through stores in XMMS huh >
  13. Yep. I can change the thing at the top to be Genre/Artist/Album or Aritst/Album or not there, but besides that pretty much. The difference is I can play any song in here fully, it's like it's already here. If I buy something it's buying from another store; from Jamendo I don't have to pass any money but I can pass on a dollar or $5 or $100 to whoever whenever. Not sure how it gets split up. In Magnatune it's mandatory $5-$18, and I can get a physical CD for a few bucks more; I know half the base cost in Magnatune goes straight to the artist. Rather buy some schwag. So is iTunes. About as much as changing which filter boxes exist at the top, or changing the playlist to an active visualization. Yeah see it's got 60k songs in that list... it searches just fine. Takes me less than a second to find a 3-character search term (longer search terms are faster to look up because of how string search algorithms work). My main library is similar, instant look-ups.
  14. ...is freaking sweet. Other View got 5 bux from me, and I have some nice stuff on my drive now. I'll probably drop Skitzo some money for Heavy Shit. I think I like this. Edit: oh yeah.
  15. Yeah you can order tickets from their Web site. They have a tour schedule.
  16. I'm planning to see Avenue Q one of these days. It's going to cost me probably $200 in gas to get to new york, and $70 for a ticket ($120 for the first 5 rows!), and parents will bitch like hell because they think a large group is safer (dad specifically says they have gangs with guns up there... how is a large group safer? I can't protect everyone!) Once in a while you need to just get up and do it. I think we call that MAGFest and Otakon.
  17. I was being facetious. Well, no, the girl did come visit me but I know, it's a long drive even if you haul twenty asses.
  18. Baltimore is not so far away. I used to know a girl who moved to TN, she came back to visit me once.
  19. Meet us at MAGFest. I second the concert idea. I liked the concerts at MAGFest. That's pretty much 90% of why I'm going back next year. But if nobody else wants to go I'd rather try to have a social life.....
  20. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/stupid I don't know who actually checks these every day. Not my style, I'd probably aim for a Fender Modified SSS but a $300 PRS strat SSS copy has my attention anyways, for if I ever get a craving for a strat. But, you know. If anyone wants it, that's what's up there today.
  21. I can't believe I was too dumb to figure out pudding is thick because it has flour in it on my own. That should be obvious.
  22. Working on both. And I <3 blues, the sound of a smooth overdriving 6V6 is awesome. (I'll take a $6 tube over a $1000 pedal any day)
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