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  1. Can't find the Tech 21. I see a Tech 30 for a lot more, which has good reviews; I also noticed this one but GC has a 5 star review for the Roland Cube you listed and this only got 4: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Marshall-MG15CD-15-Watt-Combo-482799-i1145903.gc Mm. Musing. I'll hit Guitar Center tomorrow and see if they have any of the Rolands and Marshalls on the floor for comparison probably, after I finish getting fingerprinted. (Edit: Yes, I did just change the constraints and flirt with a $120 amp)
  2. If you're looking for a good live concert performance amp you can find some that don't even come close to what you need for around $1600, and then you can find some that just blow you away for around $1600. I guess saying "good $100 amp" is pretty bad for context. I should have probably said "good beginner/practice amp" or something instead. Which might turn into "They're all going to sound crackly and staticky and have all this background hiss like your dad's $80 fender" anyway.
  3. I'm learning guitar and my current $30 pocket amplifier sucks! I'm looking at a Line 6 amp for $100 re: http://www.amazon.com/Line-Spider-Guitar-Combo-Amplifier/dp/B000JKVLE0/ http://www.guitarcenter.com/Line-6-Spider-III-15-Modeling-Combo-103944831-i1168996.gc Trying to find something around the $100 range, though I might hold off for something else (just got a job!). Tube is looking attractive; but tubes degrade and after about 4 years hit maintenance cycle (replace the tubes). I will probably just go with something solid state; but if I go tubes I'm going to pretty much learn where to get replacement tubes and how to open the damn thing and fix it within a week. The Line 6 has nice features though... it's the kind of thing I'd keep in the hotel room during MAGFest to practice with (I'll probably leave the room for concerts and to try to abduct the jam space). Might be worth getting even if I'm going to pick up a bigger amp in the future.
  4. Stalking users what the hell? People come into the channels, they say things, I remember the things they say (well, no, I remember details like how old they are or what games they play or what music they listen to or places they went... things they talk about). It's not like I have the police record database and the tracking satellite and I'm driving out and following people home and I'm calling their neighbors on the phone etc etc etc. I suppose you're going to call me a stalker since I know you're Canadian. Sorry I don't know much more, all you do is make rude comments and kickban me. Maybe you'd understand how people remember details about others if you had any friends.
  5. And of course this one's from a different channel but just to point out, yes, he's really targeting me, F4T4L has a script that randomly responds to anything I say with abusive comments. ----- Dec 24 22:05:37 <bluefox> ... and I am still really fucking insecure about girls Dec 24 22:05:38 <@F4T4L> NO ONE CARES BLUEFOX Dec 24 22:05:43 <@Nienna> O.o Dec 24 22:05:48 <@F4T4L> scriptpwnt Dec 26 15:07:59 <bluefox> (compound interest: after year 1 I nearly double; after year 2 I've nearly 3x principle; after year 3 I've got like 5x, etc; I make interest on the whole thing all the way) Dec 26 15:08:18 <@F4T4L> i'm not gonna wait for the script to kick in... "no one cares" Dec 26 21:27:16 <bluefox> should I bring a 1up? Dec 26 21:27:17 <@F4T4L> do you ever go away bluefox? Dec 26 21:27:54 <@MiamiGuy> F4T4L is that you doing that or a script? Dec 26 21:28:25 <bluefox> my sensei says that she thinks parents should respect their children Dec 26 21:28:36 <@F4T4L> script of course Dec 23 18:08:41 <@F4T4L> ban bluefox plz Dec 23 19:37:27 <@F4T4L> ban bluefox plz Dec 23 20:24:35 <@F4T4L> ban bluefox plz Dec 23 20:24:56 <@F4T4L> ban bluefox plz Dec 23 23:01:16 <@F4T4L> NO ONE CARES BLUEFOX Dec 24 15:25:47 <@F4T4L> NO ONE CARES BLUEFOX Dec 24 21:23:35 <@F4T4L> NO ONE CARES BLUEFOX Dec 24 22:05:38 <@F4T4L> NO ONE CARES BLUEFOX Dec 24 22:21:34 <@F4T4L> ban bluefox plz Dec 24 23:04:15 <@F4T4L> ban bluefox plz Dec 26 20:50:01 <@F4T4L> NO ONE CARES BLUEFOX Dec 26 21:28:56 <@F4T4L> ban bluefox plz Dec 26 22:31:54 <@F4T4L> NO ONE CARES BLUEFOX Dec 26 22:54:28 <@F4T4L> NO ONE CARES BLUEFOX Dec 27 22:02:55 <@F4T4L> NO ONE CARES BLUEFOX -----
  6. He also has a script designed to kick me if anyone uses !list (because newbies join looking for DCC XSERVERS), though this isn't always on. ------- 25 --> PositronBolt (~PosiBolt@ has joined #ocremix 26 <Mewtation> !list Dec 01 22:58:26 --- You have been kicked from #ocremix by F4T4L (U CAN THANK MEWTATION!!) -- 26 <Sapphire> haha 33 <Mewtation> !list Dec 01 23:02:33 --- You have been kicked from #ocremix by F4T4L (U CAN THANK MEWTATION!!) -- 44 <Nienna> !;ost 44 <+tyberius> !list Dec 01 23:02:45 --- You have been kicked from #ocremix by F4T4L (U CAN THANK TYBERIUS!!) -- 45 --- Topic for #ocremix set by Larry at Sun Nov 25 01:38:24 2007 47 <Arek> !list Dec 01 23:02:47 --- You have been kicked from #ocremix by F4T4L (U CAN THANK AREK!!) -- 49 <Sapphire> !list 49 <Nienna> !list Dec 01 23:02:49 --- You have been kicked from #ocremix by F4T4L (U CAN THANK SAPPHIRE!!) -- 50 --- ChanServ sets ban on *!*@c-68-55-25-184.hsd1.md.comcast.net 51 <+tyberius> !list Dec 01 23:02:51 --- You have been kicked from #ocremix by F4T4L (U CAN THANK TYBERIUS!!) -- 17 --- Shlock is now known as Shlock|Coding 19 <Nienna> !list Dec 02 15:58:20 --- You have been kicked from #ocremix by F4T4L (U CAN THANK NIENNA!!) -- 25 <Sapphire> !list 26 * garian slaps rhodry around a bit with native blood Dec 02 15:58:28 --- You have been kicked from #ocremix by F4T4L (U CAN THANK SAPPHIRE!!) -- 34 <Shlock|Coding> !list 36 <bluefox> Rhodry: where ARE you anyway Dec 02 15:58:37 --- You have been kicked from #ocremix by F4T4L (U CAN THANK SHLOCK|CODING!!) -- 44 <garian> HAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 44 <Sapphire> Everyone gets ONE Dec 02 15:58:47 <-- F4T4L has kicked fivre from #ocremix (fivre YOU CAN THANK YOUR OWN STUPID SELF!! (and bad luck)) -- 13 <garian> fivre isn't xerol 14 <fivre> !list Dec 02 15:59:16 --- You have been kicked from #ocremix by F4T4L (U CAN THANK FIVRE!!) -- 21 <Changer|Gaming> hey 58 <+Skrypnyk> !list Dec 06 18:18:59 <-- F4T4L has kicked Skrypnyk from #ocremix (Skrypnyk YOU CAN THANK YOUR OWN STUPID SELF!! (and bad luck)) -- 50 <Epo> 59 <fivre> !list Dec 07 00:05:00 --- You have been kicked from #ocremix by F4T4L (U CAN THANK FIVRE!!) -- 23 <Epo> i'm feeling lucky 24 <Epo> !list Dec 07 00:05:25 --- You have been kicked from #ocremix by F4T4L (U CAN THANK EPO!!) -- 47 <Arek> list eh? 48 <Arek> !list Dec 07 00:09:49 --- You have been kicked from #ocremix by F4T4L (U CAN THANK AREK!!) -- 54 <_mack_n_jack> I hate looking forward to tomorrow man 55 <Dyne> !list Dec 07 23:04:57 --- You have been kicked from #ocremix by F4T4L (U CAN THANK DYNE!!) -- 37 <Emura> Bad time to start reading #ocremix... 16 <+Skrypnyk> !list Dec 07 23:07:17 --- You have been kicked from #ocremix by F4T4L (U CAN THANK SKRYPNYK!!) -- 07 <@F4T4L> lolol 10 <fivre> !list Dec 08 17:30:11 --- You have been kicked from #ocremix by F4T4L (U CAN THANK FIVRE!!) -- 40 <bluefox> either A) by overworking something (the joint at the top of the foot, front part this time) 04 <fivre> !list Dec 13 00:18:05 --- You have been kicked from #ocremix by F4T4L (U CAN THANK FIVRE!!) -- 12 <garian> |-< 19 <fivre> !list Dec 13 03:34:21 --- You have been kicked from #ocremix by F4T4L (U CAN THANK FIVRE!!) -- 22 --- TO_Work is now known as The_Orichalcon 31 <+DarkCecil13> !list Dec 13 03:34:34 --- You have been kicked from #ocremix by F4T4L (U CAN THANK DARKCECIL13!!) -- 37 --> JJT (~jtitteri@ip72-207-68-216.sd.sd.cox.net) has joined #ocremix 44 <garian> !list Dec 13 03:34:45 --- You have been kicked from #ocremix by F4T4L (U CAN THANK GARIAN!!) -- 09 <garian> (raimz) 12 <@The_Orichalcon> Dec 13 03:35:13 --- You have been kicked from #ocremix by F4T4L (U CAN THANK THE_ORICHALCON!!) -- 40 --- You are now known as bluefox|aikido|silat 53 <garian> !list Dec 13 18:41:55 --- You have been kicked from #ocremix by F4T4L (U CAN THANK GARIAN!!) -- 55 --- Topic for #ocremix set by Larry at Sun Nov 25 01:38:24 2007 34 <+Skrypnyk> !list Dec 13 18:43:35 --- You have been kicked from #ocremix by F4T4L (U CAN THANK SKRYPNYK!!) -- 36 <@F4T4L> !gigo !list 36 <IggyBot> !list Dec 13 18:44:38 --- You have been kicked from #ocremix by F4T4L (U CAN THANK IGGYBOT!!) ------- zircon's response? ------- <@zircon> dude i'm on vacation go talk to djp ------- Fair enough. It's a pain to deal with annoying children; and this whole thing is childish, just F4T4L has ops and I don't so I get a beating from it.
  7. I'm getting tired of continuous abuse in the IRC channel, and nobody seems to care. So here's a post on the forums. First of course, would be F4T4L banning me for no reason. ---- <bluefox> what the crap? in paper mario I didn't do anything CHAPTER 6 *jingle plays* and i just left the screen up IT STARTS PLAYING THE ORIGINAL SMB THEME IS THE GAME BORED? <-- Rehevkor has quit (Quit: If you can read this, I am already eating your kidneys.) <DjSammyG> MAYBE or did you find that thing that makes you make the original NES sounds <bluefox> no, it's in the chapter screen the white screen with the shadow image of the boss --- ChanServ sets channel limit to 92 <DjSammyG> NO U <+Bahamut> I'm convinced sammy is drunk your new name is DrunkSammyG <DjSammyG> dude I'm not drunk And I'm pretty much usually like this :3 <+Bahamut> I don't recall you being like this a half an year back <Eiyoko> Hey <+Bahamut> <Eiyoko> That's my emote Give it back <+bustatunez> >) is mine <DjSammyG> Well whatevvaaa is mine forever <+bustatunez> >) is a very very useful emote <Eiyoko> You meanie! /pout <DjSammyG> also :3 <+starla> haha --> MiamiGuy|Away (~Ant@adsl-156-178-46.mia.bellsouth.net) has joined #OCRemix <+bustatunez> for example: >) * Eiyoko cries. <+Bahamut> what is :3 anyway? <+bustatunez> >:(all of bahamut's hopes and dreams) >) <+Bahamut> asshole <+bustatunez> hooh haah haaa <+Bahamut> PANDA <MiamiGuy|Away> :3 is the nyoro~n face <+bustatunez> (that's also my trademarked laugh) <+Bahamut> I just stole your trademark randomness <DjSammyG> what --- ChanServ sets channel limit to 93 <+bustatunez> yeah, well, whatever. I'm sniffing an empty pack of juicyfruit, so there. <+Bahamut> you would toucan sam <+bustatunez> haha I just never understood... why that was so funny or why it has lasted this long <+starla> bustatunez you have been eating juicyfruit all day <+Bahamut> I have no clue either <+bustatunez> I'm watching my figure :\ <+starla> hahah <+Bahamut> lol you're a skinny fuck <Atma> baha thanks for the ref <DjSammyG> ahahahaha <MiamiGuy|Away> juicy fruit has 1000000000000000000000000000000000 calories in each stick <+Bahamut> no prob, although I can't install the stamps software atma <+starla> watching it grow, amirite <+Bahamut> fucking exe doesn't work on a mac <Atma> why not oh mac <+bustatunez> y'know it's weird, I actually gained 15lb the last few months somehow <Atma> lulz <+bustatunez> I don't know where it is, I'm no taller and have less fat than before <+Bahamut> I'll install it when I get home in a little less than a week <+bustatunez> I really must recommend this whole gum-pack-sniffing thing by the way like, I have the pack just kinda clipped onto my nose it's quite intoxicating <+Bahamut> k where's the weed wil <+bustatunez> I mean yeah would you believe I've never smoked or done any drugs ever, including weed? you shouldn't <+Bahamut> not sure <+bustatunez> but it is, in fact, true <MiamiGuy|Away> mom must be so proud <+bustatunez> she thought I was on drugs for a very long time :/ <MiamiGuy|Away> <+Bahamut> lol well, you do live around Philly <+bustatunez> I don't blame her, I talk to myself as well as stuffed pandas <+Bahamut> I like how jill gave you a panda as a facebook present <+bustatunez> and have, like, 14 imaginary friends yaya! y'know I really don't like pandas that much anymore they're too scheisty <MiamiGuy|Away> scheisty? <@zircon> lol <+bustatunez> conniving little gits it's just, I got really lonely and isolated after middle school so the last thing my parents really knew about me was my 7th grade panda obsession so each year for my birthday they'd just get me more pandas I have like 10 pandas <+Bahamut> haha I used to have a panda obsession too and my parents have got me like 5 or something like that <+bustatunez> wtf am I gonna do with all this shit, and who the hell buys a stuffed panda for a 4th year college student that's what I'd like to know whatev <MiamiGuy|Away> i never was into stuffed animals though my parents bought me a tigger at disney world when i was little and i still have it to this day it's pretty cool lookin <+bustatunez> well tigger's the man though <MiamiGuy|Away> luls. you live in a dorm? roommate walks in and sees all your stuffed pandas? <+bustatunez> well I didn't just have pandas though, I had three tigers and a paddington bear too --> schlort (~schlort@cpe-70-115-160-90.rgv.res.rr.com) has joined #ocremix <+bustatunez> no one ever really thought anything weird of it --- ChanServ sets channel limit to 94 <MiamiGuy|Away> that's even weirder <+bustatunez> meh <MiamiGuy|Away> ehehehe <+bustatunez> we were yalies, everyone had their bizarre little tick <MiamiGuy|Away> well as long as you don't have pink walls it's all good <+Bahamut> I'm sure you could find that somewhere around in a guy's room there <+bustatunez> we had blue walls and glow-in-the-dark fish drawn on so when you turned off the lights, it looked like you were underwater <+CHz> Hot. <+Bahamut> sure you didn't do some acid? <+bustatunez> well we didn't paint/draw it, it was the guys the year before us <+Bahamut> oh <+bustatunez> I might bring my bear to magfest (the cute one) ((not the obnoxious pandas)) <@zircon> anyone know the jamiroquai song Love Foolosophy <+bustatunez> i've only heard time won't wait <@DarkeSword> THIS IS OUT OF CONTROL! http://www.squishable.com/pc/squish_sheep_15/Big_Animals/Big+Squishable+Sheep <+Bahamut> obnoxious pandas haha <+bustatunez> I think andy's seen the pandas.mov Im afraid to post it in the channel though <+Bahamut> looks like a jigglypuff reject <+bustatunez> rest assured, they are in fact quite obnoxious "15 squishy inches of baaah" sounds like a spam email I might've gotten <+Bahamut> haha <@zircon> rofl did you guys hear about that dog blowup doll thing sex toy for dogs :/ <+Bahamut> ? <Monobrow> lol <+Bahamut> wtf? <+bustatunez> oh wow <+Bahamut> Real Dog Doll? (.com) <@zircon> http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/gadgets/hotdoll-the-sex-doll-for-dogs-253334.php looks like modern art <+bustatunez> I'm so mad that exists <+Bahamut> lol wow <@zircon> rofl <+Skrypnyk> sex doll for dogs for dogs just let that sink in a bit more <allen> ohok <+bustatunez> i feel like you don't really need to buy anything for that purpose just get like, a tree stump <allen> !vme --- F4T4L gives voice to allen <+bustatunez> no use trying to class it up <Eiyoko> Why does this apple smell like paint... <Upth> also that dog sexdoll story is, like, old. I know someone linked me at least 6 months ago <+bustatunez> simpsons did it --> Larry (~liontamer@c-69-143-1-50.hsd1.va.comcast.net) has joined #ocremix --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Larry ChanServ sets channel limit to 95 <-- skwirl has quit (Quit: I use 640x480) Liontamer has quit (Ping timeout) <Eiyoko> In the state of Washington it is a legal requirement for a driver with criminal intentions to stop his car outside the city and phone the police before proceeding... What's he going to tell them? "Hi, I'm about to rob the bank, mmkay?" <+bustatunez> hehe <+Bahamut> lol <Eiyoko> So then he'd be arrested not just for robbing the bank but also for not phoning the police before he did. <+Bahamut> probably to give an extra excuse to lay a heavier sentence or punishment <Eiyoko> Yeah <+Bahamut> like extra money for the government <+bustatunez> I'd totally be like "Hello officer, I'm about to rob a bank.... mmmbut wheeeeeere?!?! ;);)" --- ChanServ sets channel limit to 93 <+Bahamut> then they'd trace where you called them from <+bustatunez> no, then they'd ask "...why are you talking in a panda voice?" <+Bahamut> lol * Larry is listening to Quinn Fox - Deimos [Music From Mars] (04:41) <Eiyoko> http://snopes.com/photos/odd/beercans.asp I doubt anyone can get more drunk than this. <+bustatunez> actually that reminds me a lot of Se7en <+Bahamut> lol <+bustatunez> you know what I'm talking about? <+Bahamut> that sounds disgusting <+bustatunez> the sloth guy <+Bahamut> ugh that just reminds me of last friday <Arrowned> Ugh <+Bahamut> when I drank 2 40 ozs in an hour <Arrowned> Se7en freaked me the hell out <+Bahamut> after going to sleep, I woke up 3 times in the night and threw up 3 times <+bustatunez> I would've been freaked out but I had to watch it for music research so it didn't really have the same impact I thought it was pretty good though <-- Zarggg has quit (Quit: Zarggg) <+bustatunez> despite brad pitt whom I dislike <@F4T4L> whom your Oblivion character completely resembles <garian> hi <+bustatunez> are you crazy? ryan looks nothing like him <@F4T4L> LIES! <garian> brad pitt is a delicious peice of meat <+bustatunez> brad pitt's head looks like he got punched in the face from all sides <+Bahamut> your mom is a delicious piece of meat <+bustatunez> ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh snippe --- ChanServ sets channel limit to 92 <@F4T4L> not too delicous though or garian would have more brothers/sisters <+Bahamut> haha <garian> haha --> schlort_ (~schlort@cpe-70-115-160-90.rgv.res.rr.com) has joined #ocremix --- ChanServ sets channel limit to 93 <-- schlort has quit (Ping timeout) --- schlort_ is now known as schlort <-- DarkeSword has quit (Quit: ) --- F4T4L sets ban on *!*@c-68-55-25-184.hsd1.md.comcast.net You have been kicked from #ocremix by F4T4L (whoops) ---- And his reasoning? ---- <@F4T4L> you seriously believe you were banned for no reason? you truly are retarded <@F4T4L> a culmination of you being a constant dumbass, with no light at the end of the tunnel to be seen. the channel needed a break from your faggotry so I cut you loose. ---- A break from ... wait I wasn't even talking since like 200 lines prior, and nobody was bugged. What the hell is he babbling about?
  8. Do what Sosus says, yeah. It's safer and less threatening for your game; although if you can get a fresh Pokémon Silver for less than the cost of repairs, just take a shot at resoldering and buy a new game if you break it. If you're going for repairing your cart, just get a 3.8mm bit (I got one for a penny on eBay plus $4 shipping) and replace the battery yourself. It's fairly simple, pry the old one off very gently with a screwdriver (i.e. crack the solder off) and solder the new one back in. I'm sure you can see why I want to hack an actual slot into my SNES carts.... The biggest problem with replacing the batteries is that you have to be very careful. You're using brute force to rip off something that's soldered in in such a way that it's not to be removed; generally you only do this in two cases: You're sure you know exactly what you're doing. In this case, you probably already have decided not to even find out the price of repairs, because you know you won't break the damn thing. Having it repaired is going to cost as much/more than buying a new one. In this case, you're better off buying a new one anyway; breaking the old one won't set you back, so you might as well try to just slip in a $3 battery on your own first. This is pretty much why I want to augment my carts with a proper battery slot and cap; I can just swap the battery out when it gets near EOL, and the cap will give me a minute to make the change without losing my game. No need to crack solder and weld a new battery down; the entire set of tools needed is reduced to a toothpick.
  9. Didn't you bring that thing up last time I had a philosophical question?
  10. Yeah.. I guess if you're after collector value, a cart with a dead battery might be better than a cart with a replaced battery. Then there's the "Unholy Hands" dilema, where if NOA did the battery replacement (and soldered in a slot for some reason), would it be considered still "pure"? But eh. The actual "damage" to the cart could be limited to two blobs of solder on the leads for the original battery, easily reversed; but that still would probably bounce people who would much rather play CT on their PSX, and just want the cart for bragging rights.
  11. I've got Zelda 3 now, and it's... not saving. At all. The battery has probably crystalized; the low voltage across the terminals isn't trickle charging it at all, so I need to replace it. The replacement procedure will be pretty simple, but annoying. The battery's soldered on, so I need to crack it off with a screwdriver and solder a new one. I could tape it, but the glue will weaken over time and the connection may sometimes be weak enough to lose contents of SRAM. Further, in the future if I need to replace the battery I'll lose all saved games again! So now I'm thinking about it, and I'm considering a way around this issue. My current thinking is to modify the game very slightly, pretty much making battery replacement easier and simpler. This involves adding a real CR2032 slot (like on your computer's motherboard) and a small capacitor so the battery can be out for a few minutes without losing static RAM contents. This should make future replacement and battery testing safe and easy. So here's a question: Would you buy a cart with a replaced battery? If the battery's dead you can't save games; but the procedure involves soldering and desoldering around inside the game. How about a more specific question. Let's say on eBay you spotted two copies of... say.. Chrono Trigger, each with about the same current bid, no box, and no book. One copy is vanilla, but the other boasts a battery replacement: Would you be more or less likely to bid on the cleaned up/restored game than on the vanilla copy?
  12. OK so my current list includes: Breath of Fire Breath of Fire 2 Chrono Trigger Donkey Kong Country Donkey Kong Country 2 Donkey Kong Country 3 Earthbound Final Fantasy 2 (4) Final Fantasy 3 (6) F-Zero {Obtained} Illusion of Gaia {Obtained} Kirby Super Star Lufia {E-bay} Lufia 2 Megaman X Megaman X2 Megaman X3 Secret of Mana {E-bay} StarFox {Obtained} Super Mario All-Stars & Super Mario World {Loaned out} Super Mario RPG {Loaned out} Super Mariokart Super Metroid {Obtained} Yoshi's Island Zelda 3: A Link to the Past My secondaries include: Castlevania IV Castlevania: Dracula X Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Plok Super Punch-Out Tetris and Dr. Mario Zombies Ate My Neighbors I'll buy the secondaries as convenient; the primaries I really want. Space shooters and such aren't really my type of game.. and Terranigma I'm not sure I can get in English. SO is japanese only The other stuff... I'll slowly amass as time goes on, with trickle-in funds. At $20/game, my primary list is $500 alone! I'll obtain 1 per week or so for now; this week is Lufia and SoM. Of course I'll be raiding Good Will and the flea markets for $1-$5 games too.
  13. I HAVE killer instinct, some black cart I got raiding SNES games from someone's trash can ("oops, Playstation 2 is out, time to trash all these old crapheaps"). IIRC that's how I got StarFox too. I haven't actually PLAYED KI, but I have it. EDIT: On the same note, it doesn't actually work.
  14. I should amend Godwin's Law to say something about porn.
  15. If it's region locked, but SNES pin-out, I can play it I'm sure; but I'd rather only play games in English, unless text isn't a real part of the game (RPGs in German/Japanese? No). Star Ocean I think was EU released, but I can't find it on e-bay; ToP was super famicom form and that won't work. As for Super Scope, I'd love to obtain a working one (you know how those worked? The Nintendo official SNES developer's documentation describes them in the last chapters of Book 2, it's awesomeness; they decoded the image on the screen to find codes hidden in the graphics). They eat 6 D batteries though; I'd have to find rechargables in that size. No way am I modding a SS6 for internal Li+ or wall power. I know Lufia 2 comes first. I'll play Lufia first since I'll get it first. From a storyline perspective, playing Lufia first is better because of the way the story is designed; they trickle in information post media res, so you're not intended to know the past before you know the future. The heck is Gradius 3? Another RPG?
  16. I can't get ToP or Star Ocean, they're not going to work with a US-type FC Twin o_O ToP never even got an english translation well, GBA...)
  17. I just got myself an FC Twin and now want to build up my SNES collection. My target is: Breath of Fire Breath of Fire 2 Chrono Trigger Donkey Kong Country Donkey Kong Country 2 Donkey Kong Country 3 Earthbound Final Fantasy 2 (4) Final Fantasy 3 (6) Illusion of Gaia Kirby Super Star Lufia Lufia 2 Secret of Mana StarFox Super Mario All-Stars & Super Mario World Super Mario RPG Super Mariokart Super Metroid Yoshi's Island Zelda 3: A Link to the Past Are there any essentials I've missed? Super Punch-Out doesn't look that great.. might be a secondary for me.
  18. Why has nobody done the theme for Big Bowser from Yoshi's Island? The one that's all like... freaking heavy metal. Rock out man.
  19. It's really great, but a little distressing... Those lyrics are just for musical purposes, right? I mean, even though I can't hear it too well (I can listen to NORMAL songs and hear chinese), the lyrics sound like you think your bf is cheating on you o.o;;; I'm kind of big on life-long, trusting relationships... really o.o it disturbs me a bit. I've not been allowed to talk to my bf for 317 days today (...isn't that a prime number?), and I still won't give up on him. I believe he's waiting.. i'm waiting... erm enough about me o.o;; Anyhow, I had to force my way through to listen to the song, but it's really great. Depressing, but nicely done; and no matter what anyone tells you, you can sing. If anyone wants to dispute that, they're obviously putting the headphones in their ASS instead of their ears. This has always been a great song to do a "soft mix" on, and ... it's definately soft! Perfect arrangement overall. At any rate, good song, good lyrics, bad effect on the mind (unless you happen to be one of those assholes who's like "haha you fucked those four girls and your wife never found out" and needs to be shot in the balls )
  20. This is an awesome mix. If you've heard the original and played the game, you know this is an awe-commanding movement by Ryan8bit. If not, though, or if you're a little short in the imagination and philosophy side, I'll explain. (Note: these are my views and do not necessarilyreflect the mind of the remixer) In the game Crystalis, the Angry Sea is a sea with an alter in the center of the western half. There is a HUGE waterfall, and ther are monsters and whirlpools everywhere. The Gold Statue was taken from the alter, and so of course "the gods are angry," as the saying goes. When you place the gold statue on the alter (you gotta find and fix it first), the whirlpool blocking any travelers' way is removed. Thus the sea is calmed. The original music ( http://www.zophar.net/nsf Track 4 of the NSF unfortunately it cuts at the end of the loop) was intense (as much as it gets on the NES) and sounded angry. This remix compliments that mood, replacing it with total and complete serenity. Indeed, one may well expect "the gods" to go out of their way to ensure safe passage to all travelers. The instruments are great, and the extramusical idea of calming is excellently portrayed. That, and it reminds me that the original Crytstalis had GREAT MUSIC (a true masterpiece), and the Gameboy version should be burned!
  21. ...a little? Maybe, maybe moderately dissappointing, somewhere inbetween. I would have expected better for a dance mix, since this is one of my favorite genres. Actually, I expected something similar to the Final Fantasy Crystal Rave mix or Saria2.mid (that's somewhere on vgmusic.com), in that they both sound full and uppity or something. I don't really know what it is, but this mix sounds a little empty. What was good: 1. The drums ruled. Perfect timbre for a dance mix. 2. The backup was great, nice slap bass (?) and what sounded like some form of (possibly corrupted) impulse wave. 3. Great vocal interventions, with the twisted manner. Nice effects and interjections, with the bike bell and all. What could have been better: 1. The main melody was kind of weak. It had a ton of backup harmonies, and it sounded like it was afraid of them and was really tiny. 2. That instrument by itself kinda bugs me, sounds like it's a little gloomy, and the rest of the music is all party-style. Couldn't you have pepped it up a bit? 3. The bass was reallyREALLYreally overpowered. I can barely hear it even if I strain. Care to take another shot at it? That was done once with the Bubble Bobble NotATrueEnding mix, and I really hate to see a good mix have one tiny tiny aspect of it create abrasion. Rating: [--------------O-----] 7.5: Room for improvement, but good enough that it hurts not to request another take at it.
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