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  1. If i had to choose.....This song has an amazing groove to it throughout. I can let go and not worry about songwriting or the process of it, and just groove to this track in my head. Amazing section, especially the first one. -Sideshow
  2. WOW...this song actually IS amazing...THANKS...thank you for showing me the way. -Llama aka, "Sideshow" Respect/love/innocence/the whole schpeel....too all of my darling and caring friends. I love you all so much.
  3. Aside from the repetitiveness this falls into in the second half, I'd say this piece is pretty jazzy in comparison to the rest of the stuff on OCR. I wouldn't go so far as to show this to some jazz heads and try to pass it off as true jazz, but whatever. Besides the point this piece is awesome. I loved the piano and flute, and what i heard of the bass was great too (Subwoofer broke, cant hear lows that well). I honestly dont know why some of the judges jumped on the quality of the recording, because it worked well with the style of the piece. I'd personally like to hear more "unorthodoxed" (well to OCR) songs like this. Great stuff.
  4. ACK! Man this piece rocks. Like it was stated, the transitions are wonderful, and this piece is just great to listen to. Very nice mood about it too. I LOVE this remix. (kudos to the little bits of NES goodness that pop up once in a while).
  5. Very nice. Very jazzy. The overall tone and intentional hiss djp was talking about adds a good analog tape feel to it. Not incredibly so but its enought to add some meat to it. I really enjoyed this. All the instruments sounded great too. Good stuff man.
  6. I agree...despite the overall mix bitrate, the actual work put in the arrangement and sound of each instrument is just fine. Brings back memories of kickin' Guile's ass over and over in front of that damned F-16 or whatever it was. Loved the guitars man, keep it up.
  7. Damn! This piece is amazing. I agree with DJP in that it sounds very fitting for a film soundtrack. I've never played or even heard of this game, but you did it justice for sure. I especially loved when the drums came in, that actually caught me by surprise since i just woke up and got on the site. Excellent work...Badass stuff from all 3 of you remixers.
  8. Clav....Clav goodness is what got me on this one. That synth was pretty cool too. This was pretty good at being funky, enjoyed it quite a bit. Heh, would like to see how shinobi would fight a battle with this playing in the background...
  9. Very very nice. I liked everything about this mix. The drums were great in the middle of the song. Yeah im not doing too good right now for words, too tired, but this was awesome. Great work man.
  10. hot fucking damn. damn....and again....damn. That's what i call beauty. No sarcasm here. I LOVE the tone of this piece, it fits the soul of the metroid games a lot better than most remixes i've heard do. Not to say every single theme from metroid should be dark and creepy, but this piece works soooo well with that kind of tone that its impossible for you to not like it. I dont know if they intended to have so many notes be off, but if they did, I applaud. It works. Damn well too. Kudos to you Select Start. Stay funky.
  11. Why can I not recognize this theme from SD 3? ARG. This a great little number though, and shit yeah it does remind me of the movie Titanic. I'm going to run off right now to play SD 3 and see where this theme is. The resmeblances to Titanic are painfully obvious to just about anyone im sure, but once you get the horrid images of Leo DeCrapio buttering up that "chick who's name i forgot," then you can really appreciate this piece. Its VERY well done in my opinion. Might be too happy sounding for me but still a great number. Good stuff.
  12. Sad to say i never played this game, but now i'd like to. This little piece was really well done, and pretty catchy. I like the flow of this song, and especially the drums. Syncopation rules all. Great stuff man.
  13. I really enjoyed this piece. Its nice to hear some actual acoustic instruments being used on this site instead of beat machines. no offense meant to the great mixers out there, just stating my love for the piano and this well composed piece. Bravo mr. guy. Keep playin. Stay funky.
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