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  1. The Womb


    SPOILERZ Does the fact that Leonardo remembers where he came from (waking up in the airplane) not tell us that he's not in a dreamworld?
  2. The Womb

    District 9

    I thought the movie was very well done. Saying that though I had a really hard time connecting with the protagonist, He was just too much of a narcissistic jerk for me to really care about him. I really didn't feel apart of the action and wasn't really pulling for anyone. In a similar vein I thought the whole "The human race is just a gigantic pile of douche bags" thing was layered on a little thick, it was too obvious that they where trying to get you to side with the prawns over the human race. That and a review in the globe and mail totally gave away like 1/2 of the story line which was kinda gay. But like I said it wasn't a bad movie by any stretch, and I can see how most people would love this movie.
  3. The Womb

    Star Trek

    Mmm I spose there are some spoilers here I felt the complete opposite, I just about didn't go because Star Trek has never held my interest, and I really haven't liked anything prior to this movie that involved Star Trek. A Generic SciFi Action movie probably would have been better suited to a guy like me. Saying that I thought the movie was pretty descent. The massive plot holes/ stupid Deus Ex Machina ( Kirk not only lands on the same planet as old Spock but also near him runs into the same cave while being chased by a monster AND ends up finding scotty who is the only person in the world who would be able to beam him up to the Enterrprise was a little to much chance for me and was pretty much destined for the Meh pile but Simon Pegg single handedly upgraded the movie to a pretty good. I've got a question because I haven't watched alot of Star Trek. Was this the start of the Tv series,Comics,etc.? or was this a parralel dimension that got started from the time warp that actually doesn't have anything to do with the original stuff (quite simply I'm asking if Captain Kirk's dad was alive/ The Vulcan homeplanet destroyed in the original series?) because if this was set in a parallel dimension to the actual cannon, it was a brilliant way t have a Star Trek Brand label without having to stick too closely to cannon and not anger true fans. (Something that say the Wolverine movie could have benefitted from because of it's lack of any resemblance to any events that happened in the comics) Also did anyone else think that once Spock took the ship contained all the Red Matter the movie was pretty much over because Nero wouldn't have been able to blow up earth anyways even if the drill did get to the center of the earth.
  4. The Womb

    Xbox 360

    Hey I was wondering if anybody could do me a favour, a while ago I rented Tales of Vesperia and me and my friends got fairly addicted to it (thus resulting in a prompt re-rental so we could finish it off), can anyone think of any other local multiplayer rpgs for the xbox 360 that are acctually half decent?
  5. The Womb

    Xbox 360

    Has anybody heard anything about Left 4 Dead? it's being made by Valve 4 player co-op Zombie survival game... I don't really know how this escaped my radar because I love Zombies and Co-op Edit: On a side note Ninja Gaiden 2 is pretty fricken epic
  6. The Womb

    Xbox 360

    I rented it when it first came out near the launch of the 360 and I found it pretty fun. If you get it cheap enough why not (My friend took a chance on Project Slypheed simply because it was 10$ and because I told him I had read a lot of positive reviews from you guys and he loves it)
  7. The Womb

    Xbox 360

    Seeing how everyone Kinda covered the big guns If your looking for some cheaper games I'd recommened picking up Dead Rising, Condemned (Haven't played #2 but heard that was pretty sexy) and even Viva Pinata if you can find it cheap Edit: And if it's still free (I don't know if it is) download Aegis Wing it actually was pretty fun
  8. I hated the ending in the original story thought it ruined the entire book so I'd actually be happy with a change Speaking of change It looks like the only thing that hasn't changed is the fact that there was a virus and that it turned people into vampires
  9. I actually agree I love the SSB series but I don't really see how it could be a bigger entertainment hit then the 7th book of Harry Potter like Halo 3 was
  10. The Womb

    Xbox 360

    Yeah I only read the first page but It sounds just like an Xbox360 with a built in HDDVD Player, I know my friend wanted that quite badly so if it was that this wouldn't be a stupid move on a side note the First page made it sound like the PS3 was dominating the Gaming Console market
  11. The Womb

    Halo 3

    So I Found out about the cut scene after the credits I don't know Why I was so stupid not to watch that that makes the ending way cooler. I unno I Know it was short but I think I liked this campaign better then the other two it was perfect difficulty on legendary that it was challenging but definetly do able
  12. The Womb

    Halo 3

    Beat it yesterday Played the first level with 2 other friends on legendary and found it WAY to easy So I played from level 2 on by myself and it was a great experience I think I did it in like 9-10 hours Although everyone likes the ending I have to say I really wasn't a big fan of it And yeah the story was a little confusing but I think I basically got it all
  13. The Womb

    Halo 3

    What did everyone get with their preorder bundle? I got a hat, shirt and fantastic four the game
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