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  1. Love it original, dominant piano-riff throughout. Overall? An OCR with purpose.
  2. The Brawl community here is huge. 700+ thread lol. Im looking forward to Brawl i think its going to be awesome In melee i Masterd the tech's of donky kong, and basically bullied all of my friends. we'd have big smash sesions, one character i cant stand is jiglypuff sooooooooooo annoying!!!!! that spin roll attack was like a cheap shot wen im busy claping everyone with DK lol Mario was also one of my best characters!!! he can do anything!! jump, survive, quick, dodge, attack!!!... hopefully they announce some kind of online ranking system, teams, clans would also be good
  3. Online is Great news............. although it does seem kinda basic. On the site it does say that more online announcements will be made so hopefully a leaderboard or something simular is included.
  4. This MiX is CrAzY. Me and my friend Klyle even made words to it loooool (put your hands up!! in the sky)
  5. Hey. jus wanna say. this is one of my fav remixes on ocr. im not gonna go technical but jus say, this for me is an example of 100% perfection.
  6. hey jus wanna say gr8 work. sounds simple but effective. 1 of my fav sonic remixes.
  7. Hi I must Be honnest, ive heard a lot or remixes on this site and i think this is in my top 5. The dynamics and adventure this remix offers are unique. The drums and the base are "Solid", I love the pan effects and the melody is enhanced from the original but still obvious where the song was originated from. Not Bad for 6 hours work. 10/ 10
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