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  1. Yeah, that looks awesome. Steel blue makes anything infinitely cooler.
  2. Actually, I think the kid in the backpack and sneaks works pretty well. I recall the end of Chrono Cross, when Kid was standing in traffic or whatever. Wasn't that live action with some cosplay chick or something? And in one of the endings of Chrono Trigger, the ship was cruising above all the different time periods. I was instantly reminded of that when I saw this cover - this kid is likely sitting there minding his own business when the fucking Epoch blows by overhead. The only thing I didn't like is that you can't really see it too well. I didn't even realize it was there until Claado pointed it out - until then, I was wondering what the kid was all about too. And yeah, the steel blue works way better. Maybe even colorize it a little more towards gray.
  3. I agree, lens flares are pretty crappy. That was supposed to simulate the sun rising over the edge of the planet or whatever. I guess I could just blur the hell out of it so you can't really see the definition like that. Actually, some of the larger stars are mini lens flares. I also had to make sure that it didn't look like earth. I was tempted to use an actual satellite texture from earth while in photoshop with the planet. I ended up settling on venus, I think it was, then throwing a layer of cloud over it. I didn't get the serious definition between land and sea I was hoping for, but I also didn't want to get any closer to the planet. *Edit* I blurred the lens flare a little bit, added the frame, sharpened the planet surface a little... Right now, half the image is done in Photoshop, the other half in Paint Shop Pro. If there's anything really major to be done (positioning of the planet, for example) I'll be firing up photoshop for that. Minor things like the text, etc, is handled in Paint Shop Pro.
  4. Hah! Good point. It's clearly been a while since I've played - well, Zeal would have caught me for that anyway. So the wip is updated with the red color. I'm thinking maybe a frame would work well for it... some sort out outline design or something. I hate it when they just bleed off the edge like that.
  5. Still a wip, though. That's Lavos, by the way.
  6. This might be a silly question - is there a project website for this? I briefly skimmed the posts here, and haven't found anything. I recently checked my private messages on OCRemix, and I've got a PM from a user named Claado Shou... dated Oct 28, 2004... Needless to say, I never really come here. He asked if I was interested in doing the site for the project. But, if there isn't a site already done, I could probably give it a go. I can normally be found in #ocremix, if anyone's interested. Or hell, send me a pm, and I'll get back to you in three months...
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