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  1. http://hosting.thasauce.net/eon/art/lacover.jpg So yeah...
  2. .... DarkeSword (1 track) DJBren (1 track) Eon_Blue (1 track) Fusion2004 (1 track) Holy Warrior Azar (1 track) .... Hells yeah.
  3. I was pretty proud of my drum sequencing on this one. The rest...... not so much. Tiger Heli wip http://hosting.thasauce.net/eon/music/Eon_Blue_Tiger_Heli_wip.mp3 I recorded this a while back, when I had first hooked my guitar up to the PC - the guitar tone is pretty bad, but I thought I did an okay job on the drums - I tried to mix it up as much as possible, keeping every verse fresh.
  4. Yeah, that's what I was thinking - if you set yourself a structure to the song before even STARTING, you can end up limiting what can be done in the track. I guess it just depends on how much you specify for the default track. I figure every track I make is going to use EQ, reverb, probably a phaser or something... There's always a 'top end' of the rack that looks pretty similar on every song I make... Anyone else? Or anyone got any recommendations as to what should be chained at the top end of the rack, just before the main output?
  5. I just realized you can specify the default song to load when reason pops up - it got me thinking about making a template for all songs - no actual samples loaded, but all the effects (reverb, phaser, etc) there and ready to go. And then even have the main EQ at the top, etc... This would just mean that each time reason pops up, you'd be ready to roll right away. Of course, this assumes that each time you fire up reason, you're making something new... but still, it'd be nice to have a main preset template to start from. Anyone else do this? I was just thinking about what I would set up as the default. I understand not all songs can be made from the same starting point (and in all honesty, it's probably a bad habit to get into), but it'd save some time having to route all the same shit over and over for each song... And I'm also still a reason noob - so I'm not sure if the way I'm chaining all my basic items is really the best (or most efficient) way to go about doing it. Uploading and sharing the default songs would be pretty cool too.
  6. I can't last the whole show. I stayed up to hear compy's accent, and I'm heading off now. I gotta be up for work in four hours. Nice work, Larry.
  7. Hey, Larry played Terra's Bad News. VGF could've ended after episode #69. Keep on fightin' the Man. Haha, check out the white dude, he's not sure if he should be raising his fist too...
  8. Yeah, I'm still part of this, I've just had a minimal amount of time for anything as of late, and when I do get a chance to fire up the PC, I end up working on my own stuff. But I'm still on board - I'll get something together soon, I promise.
  9. What trick? It's already out - not a whole lot they can do about containing it now.
  10. Hah, someone found it. I didn't expect too many people to examine it that closely. Just a little bit of trivia for the project. You can't see it at all on a printed copy - or at least I couldn't... You put that there? That's awesome! See, in the "speedy" ending, you get to meet all the developers. When you talk to Yasunori Mitsuda, who looks like Toma, that's what he says. Then he walks out the door and disappears. Yeah, more of a tribute to Mitsuda than anything else. Not like the album already isn't... Looking at it now, it's pretty easy to spot... should have made it dimmer.
  11. Hah, someone found it. I didn't expect too many people to examine it that closely. Just a little bit of trivia for the project. You can't see it at all on a printed copy - or at least I couldn't...
  12. K. You're better at this than I am though, so be gentle.
  13. Aw no <3 Eon? After all, *I* was finished my part on time. OH SHI- I guess I should fix those wallpapers with the dates on them too. Versions with no date on them will be out with the torrent anyway, I believe. Is anyone actually using them? I've gotten a few people mentioning they'd like versions with no logo or quote on them whatsoever. It's still related to the project, but it's not as much of an advertisment as the original. Anyone want unblemished versions? I'm up for it if people are after it.
  14. Chrono Symphonic Wallpapers - show your support for the project to your mom, boss, significant other, pet, etc: http://www.therighteous.net/eon/wall1.jpg http://www.therighteous.net/eon/wall2.jpg They're basically larger versions of my sig - two versions of the planet - one before Lavos, and one after; with corresponding in game quotes to match. They're both 1024 x 768. Extra points for using one on each monitor in a dual screen setup.
  15. Speaking of which, I need some details on that, get on irc, man.
  16. chrono.ocremix.org Is that the final address for the site? It's clearly down right now, but will it be linked to through that redirect? It'd be great if that was the official address - nice and short.
  17. lol. Seriously, too much effort has been poured into this project to simply call it quits now and release it. I'd be more than happy to wait. <3 Compy
  18. Naw, that just means I can put off finishing the cover for a while longer. Take your time compy, as long as it takes. <3 Compy
  19. Hey, there should be a listening party on IRC or something. Give everyone some time to download, then play through all the tracks together while chatting. That'd be pretty cool, but we'd need to coordinate.
  20. Eh? Ok, I'll PM my responses. The questions didn't come through my email properly (I had to view source to read them - I think I'm getting rid of that email altogether). There was also a PM I sent to Claado regarding the album art that I needed an answer to before I moved forward. Edit: I've forwarded what I feel to be the final versions of the album art. I don't currently have a printer to test them on though.
  21. Yeah, I'm on it, I just moved into the new house. I'll try and wrap things up pretty soon.
  22. http://www.therighteous.net/eon/lacover.jpg Some ideas I'm messing around with right now.
  23. because you don't listen to me when I talk to you, asswad. Also: Eon, give me something to hear, and I'll tell you if you can remix for us. If you have time, it'd be cool if you could throw a little art or something our way... edit: oops, double post. The joker is on as well... Just a reminder here: Make sure that you can work within the genre/mood restrictions I've set out. I'm not looking for upbeat stuff, hard-rocking stuff, or hip-hop. Also, I'm not looking for STRAIGHT orchestral, soft-rock, and ambient/electronic. I'd prefer a mixture of (at least two of) the three. However, don't be discouraged. Start a short wip, and if it doesn't fit the mood, I'll see if I can point you in a direction that fits more with my vision for the project. I cannot remix for you. Art, yes; remix, no. Unless I get really good all of a sudden, and can pick up a track that no one else wanted, I don't think I'll be able to offer anything interesting. I'll mess around with some artwork when I get the chance. I guess that's quite a ways off anyway.
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