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  1. I was a few steps into making the site - I lost focus for a while there (on a lot of things, actually), and if StarZander's up to it, I don't mind handing things off to him. If things don't work out, I could probably pick up where I left off. I'll be the backup website guy. For now, I can stick to the front cover... Any word on image size/dpi? I understand we want this sucker to look as good as possible, but is 300 dpi entirely necessary? Right now I think I've got it at 700 x 700 - a little small. I've started doing covers at 1000 x 1000 with 72 dpi for wips. I don't have a functioning printer at the moment - can anyone give feedback on how the cover looks printed out?
  2. I think we established that this one was a little better. I prefer the text in the middle - I just need to clean up the stars in the background (so hemo doesn't have a fucking aneurysm), and maybe fix up the comet a little bit. I've still got the source files, so editing isn't a problem. Haven't looked at this thread in a while actually, hope it starts building steam again - some (most) of the wips are GREAT.
  3. If beatdrop's intentions are to simply be an elitist prick, then I say the album is better off without him. It's already been established that if you want on the album, you have to earn it. It's a shame because beatdrop's track really rocked.
  4. Shit, beatdrop was worried about not making it? I was gonna take that track at the start...
  5. At least mars isn't pink anymore. I've got this thing with borders - I hate images that bleed over the edge. Don't let hemo see this, he'll just complain about the starfield. Myth - I'll test out some of the suggestions you made.
  6. There will be. 'There will be', as in someone's doing it? Or, 'there will be' as in GOD DAMN WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE GONNA DO FOR A SITE??!~~ I refuse to sift through 30 odd pages to find out. Someone bring that information right to ME.
  7. I'd like to try my hand at a track or two. Who knows, maybe it won't suck. Stranger things have happened. Also, I do CD art. Just ask Binnie. Wait, no, don't ask him.
  8. I fail to see where you could know anything about 'leading' a project. Well it IS 60+ pages in, and everybody has gotten started, and there are multiple people on each track, and some pretty frequent remixers are showing lots of interest. That's not good leadership? 80% of the posts are entirely irrelevant to the album, this one included. People have started because of their own interest - sithlord had nothing to do with that. Essentially, the only right thing Sithlord HAS done is gather attention to the project. It's the wrong kind of attention. His reactions to anyone who doubts the success of this project are laughable. Fortunately for him, much of his comments - including the ones made directly to me - have been erased. Yeah, he apologized, said he was out of line, etc, then tried to make things right (I ended up sigging it, it was too much comedy gold to let go), but I had decided then that should this project end up finished, it'll be an absolute stroke of luck (or not, we'll have to hear the remixes to determine that) that it did. That's enough bashing him for me though, I'll just let this all go, and we can see where it ends up. Good luck, all.
  9. I fail to see where you could know anything about 'leading' a project.
  10. I can't believe you used that example as SUPPORT for this project - that bit of information is MUCH more relevant than you think. Not once have I shown concern with the quality of the mixers. I've heard a few wips, but that's only somewhat indicitave of what the final product. I can't pass judgement on something I don't know enough about. Sithlord's crappy attitude (which I've seen plenty of), however, does nothing but hinder this project.
  11. This is hardly judging a book by it's cover. Your attitude blows, and it's absolutely essential to the success of this project.
  12. Agreed. And the person supposed to motivate these people and ensure things get done is the project coordinator - who's done pretty much nothing but spew childish retorts at anyone who doesn't think this project is the greatest thing since indoor plumbing. I've already seen examples of his incompetence first hand, which were conveniently erased - I'm sure several people would have a similar opinion of this project had they read the conversations between sithlord and I. I have absolutely no faith in this project, and should it fail, I certainly hope someone grabs the reins and steers this thing in the right direction. It's much too good a soundtrack to be bastardized by a half assed remix project. But I digress. This post will likely be erased anyway. I've got a nasty habit of speaking truths no one wants to hear.
  13. Really? Well...oops. I'll correct that once I get back from school. Sorry. Well, it's just that it's not done yet anyway. Give me a chance to finish it, and I'd be glad to make it into a sig banner.
  14. Is there a possibility of this getting into the site projects forum? Let's ignore Protty's half assed attempt at what I'm certain he considers humor, and clarify: Over 50% of the music is finished. All the tracks are accounted for. There are clear, established goals for the project, and the pace is moderate. I'm sure there isn't some Gantt chart somewhere outlining the project, but having half of the music portion done in 5 months is something of an achievement. It's pretty clear that this isn't one of those 'me too' projects that dies within the first week - like that stupid DKC project - where the hell is that crap now, huh? So basically, the pace has to be maintained. Has anyone tried submitting this to Prot or Digital_Crapa? At the very least, it'd keep it in an easily accessible area, and possibly in view of a more target audience.
  15. Try centering the text within the clock - pretty much everything else draws your eye to the center (the circle, the white space), but then the text is off to the side. Worked wonders on mine. I'm no art guru, but just give it a shot.
  16. I'm pretty useless when it comes to cartoony stuff though - notice my cover art dodging skills when KiC was nearly finished. Thanks Hemo! But seriously, if you're looking for something a little more serious in theme, I might be able to help.
  17. Awesome. I'd like to fix up the starfield a little bit - I'm pleased with the way it turned out, but it looks to be the least realistic. That, and the shading of the planet. Fortunately, I've still got the source images for it, I can pretty much mess around with it all I want. Hell, or even start from scratch again. I'm still kicking myself in the ass for not jumping on this boat much sooner. I've been busy as hell with work - I likely could have had something done before now, had I gotten into it earlier. Obviously. Still, anyone have any suggestions for it?
  18. Updated the logo. I like this one better than that scribble writing one. And I prefer having it in the middle of the scene.
  19. Whoa, hang on a sec - I'm not looking to step on anyone's toes. I'd be glad to help out, but if everyone's already assigned to various tasks, I'm not going to jump in and take that away from anyone. I didn't realize pixietricks was already working on something for the site - it's the first I've seen of it, aside from that temporary thing that was on the first page of this thread. That said, haven't really gone through the entire thread reading everyone's posts, so if I'm jumping in where I shouldn't be, I can back off. I just never really did get back to Claado regarding a site design before he left, and when I finally did realize I had a PM, Zeality said I could go ahead with something. I hadn't done a whole lot until I read Claado's post when he came back, and I started to really take interest in the project.
  20. I hope to have something that loosely resembles a website before Monday of next week. Work's been busy as hell lately, and I end up staying a few hours after quitting time to finish up a few things. To be honest, I was blown away when I heard some of the tracks on this album - let's keep the ball rolling on this. I'll be hosting a wip of the site at therighteous, and posting the link here when I've got something interesting. The cover thing was a kind of unexpected - I wasn't even asked to do one. So if it's not up to par or whatever, maybe I can incorporate some elements of it into the website - or maybe some of those sig banners or something. Ideas? Anything that you'd like to see available on the site? There's pretty much nothing we can offer that Zeality's condompenisum can't, but if it relates to the project, at least we can make it readily available. I thought the idea of the wallpapers for the project were pretty good - maybe some others could come up with some stuff?
  21. Yeah, I didn't think that far ahead. I never intended it to be a wallpaper, just the album cover. What would be cool is to actually make a decent frame for it, maybe make some other scenes, and arrange them as a wallpaper for Chrono Trigger. Maybe after getting this cover sorted out...
  22. http://www.therighteous.net/eon/csw1024.jpg Made a wallpaper.
  23. Sharpened up the planet a little bit, fixed the sun in behind the planet - now it actually looks more like a glow, rather than an actual lens flare... Suggestions?
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