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  1. This remix...it really makes me think of Lando, and that really weird looking co-pilot guy from RoTJ flying around space, and "party planets" with half-naked women. They drop out of hyperspace as the mix begins, and warp back into it as it ends. Oh, yeah. I've listened to it maybe 15 times since this morning. It rocks. : ]
  2. Usually I can guess a remix's original track within the first few seconds of the stream, but I got confused with this one. I was thinking that this was the First dungeon of Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. Strange. : ] I liked this mix, though. : D *downloads it*
  3. This is aweful nice. Amazing how all the remixes for the starship shoot em ups grab my attention, and take me for an awesome ride. This one is just so nice. So serene, and calming for me...I love it.
  4. Man, this is so nice. : DDD It doesn't sound too different from the original, yet it's very party like. : D It's one of the first songs that I've heard here, and it's always been one of my favorites. With the Smw2 like music...This has always made me want to dance. : ]
  5. : DDD This is one sick song. Everytime it comes on my playlist, I wonder Wth kind of song is this?! The intro is so nice. The rest of the song backs it up. I've always felt like this song it pretty short, even though it's just a bit over 2 minutes. I guess that this ride is so damn fun it seems to fly by...^.^
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