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  1. Nice to see that mix (i'm a FFVII adept , and Wutai theme is one of my favourite songs), performed in a very brilliant strange way, this piece is particular, original, harmonius. A rare pearl for ones who likes ambiental/orchestral music, great work mv! Hope to see more of your works soon!
  2. Oh I love orchestral stuff man. And I really like this remix, simply perfect to me, I've listened this piece for half a day ; . The quality is superb, all arranged by a very experienced musician, it seems an orchestra performed piece, more Russel more please! ^^
  3. This is really a nice tune!!!! It gives me the feel of being in a dungeon, ready for battle anytime, but is also a funny theme. A strange mix of moods but very nice. GAUNTLET GAUNTLET!!!!
  4. A really nice remix, soft and quiet, it caress ears like a breeze, i like this type of stuff.
  5. This mix is fantastic, The orchestral remixes are my favourite, and this is one of the most beautiful i ever listened! p.s. coff coff ah-ehm sorry for my english
  6. Splendid tune! I like the soft atmosphere that pervade the composition, i like a lot the piano and the far howling wolves.
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