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  1. Hmm, no offense to anyone, as this is certainly a well made remix, but it seems a little too random for my tastes. Maybe people more familiar with the movie/with more eclectic music preferences would enjoy it, but I must say I find it a little odd myself, with the quotes and non-melodic structure.
  2. Wow, pretzel wasn't exagerating. This is truly cinema/oscar quality music. Astounding, amazing, etc... knocks all the 'legitimate' soundtracks I own flat on their butts. Can we get hudson working on the next star wars movie? Please?
  3. One of my favorite ff mixes, energetic without being annoying, it just pulls you along. This is how the original should have sounded.
  4. Excellent, smooth melding of recognizable themes is sets a mood perfectly and stays interesting through the whole thing. Perfect. I'm eating it up.
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