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  1. The best on the project, bar none. And it's a good project. Love it.
  2. Now this is what I like! A great, lengthy remix filled with an unrelenting guitar and fantastic source material! Great work!
  3. This is my favorite Adventure of Link remix on the site. It's fantastic. I don't know what else to say.
  4. The fact that most of this was thrown together in one night blows my mind. You guys outdid yourselves. It's just a blast to listen to. Fantastic work, and get together again sometime. For us.
  5. I love the "singing" (chanting? humming?). Another song that would fit perfectly in a Zelda movie.
  6. This would be incredible as the opening theme of a Zelda movie. I can see it in my mind... lots of sweeping shots of Hyrule are involved, I'll tell you that.
  7. Not bad. Yes, slightly too close to, say, emo, for my tastes, and the vocals need work, but catchy and it's got a good beat.
  8. Very nice. I'm not a huge jazz fan, but I still love how this remix feels.
  9. Like something straight out of a movie soundtrack. Although the idea of a Zelda movie scares me, if this was an example of the music, it'd at least have one thing right. Bravo.
  10. Much like the Lightning Star remix for Sonic the Hedgehog, I love the first part, and feel like the second part is good, but not quite to my tastes. Despite this, the overall package is great, especially considering I wasn't crazy about the Guardian Theme in the first place.
  11. I love this. Since I didn't feel like reading pretzal's comments, I just jumped right to the song, expecting trippy, Yoshi-singing madness. This is almost as good- kidding, kidding! *dodges brick* Absolutely beautiful. Nice work.
  12. This may be my favorite Sonic remix on the site. It's definitely in the top 3 at least. When the theme finally kicks in at 1:28, I get shivers. This has variety, stays close enough to the original without being a carbon copy, and it just sounds incredible. Absolutely amazing.
  13. What he said. Wow, that's good stuff. And is it just me, or does Flik sound just a bit like Weird Al?
  14. I'm playing through Mega Man X for the first time right now (late to the party, I know), and this is the first remix I've checked out for it. Protricity is in fantastic shape, as always. Excellent work.
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