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  1. I liked everything except for those claps. They were really distracting, especially with the contant changing from on the beat to off the beat to short and logn claps and then random break beat claps. It might have soudned better with a different sample maybe :-/
  2. Thank you guys a million for this masterfully constructed track. This is by far one of my favorite FF song's and I've been waiting for a mix for so long. So chill
  3. I can't say I know goat personally, but I can say I disagree with the last post. I'm sure goat knows exactly what he was doing and wasn't just playing notes to fill up space. I'm also sure he's a compitent enough guitar player to know about dynamics, but just ops not to use them in a piece such as this because it is not needed for the solo. I'd also like to point out when soloing as a lead over an accompniament (sp?) its important for the osloing instrument to actually be heard. Anywho, to goat: I really enjoyed this and as always I think your variences in ryhthm really enhance your overall productions. I'd love to see more cross-style productions from you in the future.
  4. Actually, listenign through the mix a second time the 3:15-3:40 section does make some bit of sence. you can tell she was tryign to do something because the same off-key progression is repeated. Maybe there was a goal of disanance but it didn't play out too well because of the mastering volumes.
  5. I do love what was done with this. I completly forgot what this track sounded like until I started listening. I agree though that the "Oh-eh" vocalized part in the middle before 3:45 was a bit off. The disenance didn't seem too fit and the vocals seemed a bit too overpowering at that point. The rest was wonderful and deffinatly chill
  6. The only problem I had with this was that in the middle section the trance synth was exposed enough for the wobble effect to make a noticable pitch fluxation that was kind of hard to listen too. Other than that great work.
  7. Absolutly loved it. I'm a big fan of all that is goat. The only gripe I have is that the repetition at the end seemed to drag out too long. Nice save though with a masterfully executed crossfade to the stream effects. Gotta go to the bathroom.
  8. I agree with Jared that there seems to be no overall dynamic contrast throughout the piece. I did notice though that within the trumpet/horn section there were minor swells throughout. Chord structure and overall orchestration was top notch. Towards the end the low end sax (I'm hoping it was sax and not a brass instrument) didn't seem to fit and simply came off as an annoying buz. There are several points, the beginning in particular where there were solitary note hits in the background which had no impact to the song and became distracting from the splendor of the high ended instruments. Violin samples were supurb, I believe i heard piano underlying at some points but there was not much distiction. Without being nit-picky I actually did enjoy this piece, I appreciate when remixers attempt to enhance sometimes already briliant scores with their own orchestral flare. Hope to see more work from you on OCR in the future (Possibly parts 2, 3, and 4 of the suite.)
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