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  1. I don't think it was even possible to grow up with a Super Nintendo and not be a fan of Nobuo Uematsu. Stupendous music.
  2. For shame, djpretzel: You completely missed the fact that this was remix #2,000 in the "All Remixes" list.
  3. Saw this earlier and thought it was cool enough to mention: Musicians unlock mystery melody in chapel
  4. It would appear that I owe all of you a resounding "Thank you!" -- you've been extremely helpful. A few more follow-up questions, if you don't mind, though: 6) This is directed mostly at Kanthos -- does the Benward book discuss percussion as well? I'm having the most trouble with good rhythm lines and drum loops. 7) SnappleMan, I'm curious about your "daily plan" suggestion. I've sorta spent the last few days focusing on individual parts of the process -- e.g. yesterday was spent one some mixing and effects tutorials and playing with some of the production details (panning, volume, clipping, e
  5. Wow. Kanthos, Avaris -- that was both very quick and very helpful. Many thanks. I'm working my way through the TweakHeadz guide now; since I'm 100% software right now (excepting my PC, of course) I hadn't thought Tweak's focus on hardware would be too terribly helpful, but not only has this helped address my recording question, but I think I understand the flow of the software I'm using a bit better. So thanks again for that link, Avaris -- yeah, it's a long read, but that's no bad thing when you need something to read at work. Kanthos: The book recommendations look especially useful. I admit
  6. I've discovered -- much too late in life, really -- that the idea of making new music is far too entrancing to leave alone. Having had no real musical training aside from a couple years of middle school band classes and some very musical friends, however, I'm having trouble making the transition from "humming tunes and tracking them as best I can for my own amusement" to "writing out all the parts of a song and making a finished production." I've taught myself some music theory from online sources, which has helped a little bit, but I've hit a bit of a wall. The hardest part for me right now i
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