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  1. Just took a quick peek at this topic. So sad, so so sad. Just like competitive Pokemon players, competitive Smash Bros players take all the fun out of a game thats SUPPOSED to be random when it comes to the stages. Seriously, your banning stages because of random things that happens within stages like cars being able to hit and whatnot? Or a stage not being STRIGHT enough? Same thing for characters (though it seems the first page doesn't say if characters are banned or not, but some places I've seen have banned nearly all the characters. Why? What next after you've banned everything that goes
  2. Really have to congratulate you on finally breaking the curse and the Judge's (imo) anti-bias on the Pokemon soundtrack, theres some great stuff in the series, dudes. Team Rocket theme is as good as any to start the Pokemon wuv, and how wonderfully it is mixed. Now...whens that Pokemon Project due?
  3. Pokemon Diamond:4897 2419 2578 Tetris DS:8317 2890 7984 Clubhouse Games/42 All-Time Classics:0215 6204 6306 Animal Crossing-Wild World:1761 7721 5117 Now to figure out how IRC works....
  4. You do get EV's from EXP Share. What you don't get them from is Rare Candy.
  5. 20 here, from the UK. Been playing since the beginning, always importing them from the US. Always with 300-500 hour save files. My original Red cart (along with my GBC) was stolen back then JUST a few days after I finished the dex fully 151. Had Mew from a Nintendo Event. I don't usually post much, but do add me to any tournys and whatnot. I'll be adding everyones codes. Trainer:NEG Pokemon Diamond Friend Code:4897 2419 2578
  6. My top 5 from the teaser site: 1)Azure Lake[wip] 2)Credits(demo) 3)New beginnings(demo) 4)Lava Passion(Final) 5)unseen beta(demo) Good luck on the release guys, I've been following it all the way.
  7. A shame. Really liked this Death Egg mix. EDIT:Perhaps working on this one a little more for a ocremix release? Only problem I can see is the length.
  8. Quick question-me-doo, will the tunes be interwined into eachother? Erm..as in a continuous track? Or each seperate?
  9. Truely captured the feelings of the original for me. The lyrics worked well. Fantastic job.
  10. Relics of the Chozo had better transfers between songs, since you can listen to it on a media player and it sounds like on whole song. If that could be pulled of on this project, it'd be awesome. Ah. Didn't download those since I never played Super. Guess I should grab the rom sometime..
  11. Good luck on the project people. If I may suggest 2 things: 1)If you're going to mix Sonic3&k. You might as well do it properly. By that I mean all the tunes that are possible as a mix. 2)One thing I quite liked from the DKC project is each song fading out and into the next one. If you lot could manage this I think it'll be even better. Roll on 2008!
  12. I LOVE YOU GUYS! Well done on a great great project. It was worth the wait.
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