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  1. the drums and distortion are insane my man. Being a avid sound of industrial, grime, and of course ff7, this is a must listen!
  2. Loving it! I love how it starts of transquil and gets more upbeat....and u added feis voice...bonus points!
  3. wow, the production on this is indeed insane! The high end sparkes and the disco drums really hit it off well with the synths! Love the vocals and the likes!!! Great job! The part where the male vocal comes in it is a little off tune, but thats ok, I can live with this!
  4. I almost cried with the subtle nuances in the playing. Bonus points to you, my friend!
  5. I enjoyed it thouroughly Love the vocals..what did you use to make them, VOTA perhaps!?!
  6. Love the electric piano and funky bass! I was bobbing my head at school through the whole track, it was very chill and the likes! Nice work indeed.
  7. Wow, never though i was see a jazz remix of this. I'm mightily impressed. I would like to see more of this kind of work on here, this is just too cool!
  8. The bass guitar strum was very smoothing with this piano. I was a huge fan of the original so i was very excited to hear this remix, and it did not dissapoint. The song is completely re-arranged! Very good work, you continue to surprise me, chef! )
  9. Woooo, tablas sound FRESH man! The sitar drone is and strums are extremely sick! I didn't think accoustic drums would come in but they did, with success. Some nice fills there and the likes. The drums are mixed in extremely well, sounds good on the overall! Nice job!
  10. Great job! Your inspiring me to do a lot more ethnic work! You've nailed the middle eastern sound with outstanding success!
  11. Big fan! When the orchestral bit runs in then the loungey sounds its incredible. Haven't heard this song in years! Very nostalgic moments! Nice job man!
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