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  1. Meh...this really isn't Trance too much...I'd say Trance-lite at best...but that's pushing it... Trance? How about some Armin van Buuren, DJ Dawn, TTF, Airbase, Daniel Soto, or Marco V? That's trance. This is not trance. The melody got pretty repetitive...and I don't really think it was that good of one to begin with... Average.
  2. Whee. It's great when the new layer comes on about 36 seconds in. I kind of wished there was a bit more variety in the sounds here, but it's still well done.
  3. Wow, this is awesome. One of my fav. songs from the DKC trilogy. The vocals are awesome, too. One of my favorite remixes from the site.
  4. Pretty good; it seems kind of simple in an awkward way, even when it picks up fully. I'm glad it was built up in the beginning and that the final beat wasn't slammed on us right away. Techno is always better when it's built up. I liked the original song's melody, and this is no different. For some reason, I also really like the way it kind of distorts itself around 2:45...Minor, minor thing, but very neat. All in all, tight remix.
  5. Yay....finally, a SoE remix. I was actually thinking about why OCR didn't have one, even though SoE has some of my fav game music ever. Though it's kind of a letdown for this to be in piano (I love piano, don't get me wrong), it's still interestingly played. Good job, I would say.
  6. This is really cool. I especially like the opening, from 0:07 to 0:21; it reminds me a lot of the music from the Hellsing anime. Good drums, too. Overall, very nice job; smooth.
  7. Really cool. I always liked the Pillared Corridor theme. Nice job melding it with the Caves theme. Man, it would be awesome if they released an orchestrated album for CV4 sometime for every song...
  8. It was pretty good, nothing incredible. Kind of minimalist; I was waiting for it to build up and pick up tempo or something, but it's still quite nicely done. The way it fades out is nice, too.
  9. This is probably my favorite re-mix here on the site...this is, really, the ultimate remix. So different, so unique... I love listening to this, it's like a story is being told. There are different scenarios for each switch of pace in the song... Masterfully done. A very good song to begin with, too.
  10. Interesting how I just bought this game a couple days ago, and then this remix just happened to pop-up. Incredibly good game, by the way. Very nice remix, too. It's really calming, and the piano is very nicely done, too.
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