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  1. Nice. I like how they have the actors move like the characters do in game.
  2. Awesome I was just talking to a friend about how cool that was. The stage was so serene and it started snowing while you were playing. Very cool.
  3. lol And yes, obviously he would share the same ethnicity being a clone and all. I'm not retarded. I was just relating what I read somewhere.
  4. I expect it to be over the top; full of cheesy one-liners, outlandish costumes, overplayed melodrama, and plot holes big enough to drive a semi through, and can't wait to see it.
  5. I think Shinkawa said that was Snake's ethnic heritage in some interview...probably EGM.
  6. That's what I want to know. I like Hugh Jackman just as much as the next gal/guy, but as I've asked last time this came up, does he have to play EVERY macho main character? Besides, isn't Snake supposed to be half British half Japanese? Why don't they find some unknown actor who fits the physical/vocal aspects to a T?
  7. Sarcasm? How about Elijah Wood for Raiden.
  8. I really wanted to enter in this one, too. D: Anyways, your work looks great guys.
  9. I have artist's block. ... I also have Resident Evil 4, so....yeah.... My entry is on the way, I just don't know where to begin. Charcoal? Watercolor?
  10. So am I, thanks for the heads-up! Edit: ahhh xl out of stock ;_;
  11. Sickening. Either XL or XXL for me. Probably XXL. Nice and comfortable. I might get a hoodie and a t-shirt, but definitely a hoodie. Different strokes for different folks. Besides, some of us are GIRLs!!! ...though we do not exist on the internet
  12. I like this idea because an adult small would probably be somewhat too big; it'd be a bit long and loose. But if not, then I'd just go with the small and alter it myself. I like the idea of babydolls too, but they're usually too short in the torso for me. Any chance of a men's XS?
  13. So, I quickly threw together an acutal sig for myself. How does it look?
  14. don't know if i'm still considered too new or not to say this, but welcome new(er) people. take the time to read the first couple of pages of this thread, the regulars have left some really good advice there.
  15. testing... yes! padman sig, away! any comments, recommendations? what's with the thin line to the right of the image? edit: also, it's showing up in this thread, but not in any of my previous posts. edit the second: nevermind, i hadn't selected the sig option in the post menu.
  16. ...okay, i think i'll avoid unmod. stupid newbie question: what is the current 'running gag' (um..and what is unmod?)
  17. hey! long time downloader, new member. just want to say thanks to you guys for creating such a cool site and props for keeping it up. and now,a little about me: i'm a female gamer from texas. well, i say gamer, i don't know about the whole "hard-core gamer vs. casual" label and i actually don't really care. i like a lot of video games, end of story. my first console was the NES, but my parents sold it (funny sidenote: they also sold all of the NES and super NES games along with it, but not the super NES) so i bought another on ebay (overpriced). i have a dreamcast and a ps2 also, and a broken playstation. the dreamcast i got only to play soul calibur. my sister and i played soulblade daily and waited for the sequel. and waited...and waited...and then i had to get a dreamcast to play it! but it was worth it (i want a sword like ivy's!). i'm just about finished with my associate's degree in art, and am looking to get a bachelor's degree in video game art and design (no programming for me!) what else...um.. some favorite games include: soulblade ico ace combat four rez the metal gear series this last one is a bit of a double-edged sword. on the one hand, it's a funny series, but on the other there are many things about metal gear which really bother me. why do all the female characters die/leave/go bad? (p.s. anyone else feel rose is a bad egg?) also, does snake believe in god? why make a male character who looks kind of girly? (i read somewhere that raiden was designed to be a character both male and female gamers could related to. why not just make a female playable character?) sorry to rant, but it's stuff like that. i guess what i'm trying to say is i'm interested in this series because i'd love to change a few things about it. my codename's always 'pigeon' or 'mammoth' if anyone was wondering. so in short, i'm another gamer looking to get into the industry. i hope to take part in creating storylines and game characters in games which are good clean fun (no half-dressed floozies. i know guys get sick of hearing it, but why do female game characters have to be naked to kick any butt?) and which people can really enjoy and relate to. making a game out of c.s. lewis' "til we have faces: a myth retold" is an idea i'm toying with, if my career plans work out. so that's me. to quote the recent nintendo ads, who are you?
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