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  1. Duuuude! I don't know if you remember me at all or not but we used to chat a fair bit a long time ago.

    I just discovered that your mini-project is now huge and finished. "Essence of Lime" is pretty freaking fantastic. Congrats on getting your work out there and great job to you and everyone else that was a part of this project.

    Big props to ya.

  2. I've been following this since it was on the WIP boards and it is still as addictive as it was then, if not more so. It's absolutely awesome. Even more kudos that you made it so well since by now people get pretty weary of Ice Cap mixes.
  3. Funky Bass + 5. The bass line starts off the song really nicely and becomes the meaty backbone of the rest of it. Everything just builds off of it. It's really nice. Nice n' funky stuff here. It has a really nice beat and really gets in your head and makes you want to dance. The guitar bit is really nice. You've struck again Willrock. Make that 2 songs of yours I'm hooked to. Again, wish I could give some constructive criticism here... but I can't really think of much to say right now.
  4. (I really should post more...) Anyways. I'm really loving this remix. A lot. Admittedly, when I see Ice Cap Zone mixes I tend to think "Oh no, not another Ice Cap Mix. I bet it's a trance mix too..." And I thought that when I saw this too, but I decided to give it a listen just because Ice Cap is still an amazing piece of music. I'm glad I did. This remix is just great. I've been hooked on it ever since I listened the first time. Sure, it is a bit of a trance mix, but it's something different. I can't exactly explain it but it brings something different to the table. I'm not too much of a technical music person, so I don't know how much helpful criticism I can give for you... The original sections add a nice touch of flair and gives the remix it's own style and life. The classic underlying bass of the Ice Cap theme is nice here too, funky and cool. If I could say anything on what you might change up is the drums, but to me it's not too major of a deal. They do get a little repetitive, but you really have to be paying a great deal of attention to it to notice. I would love to see this posted, it's top notch stuff.
  5. Oh man, this song is gorgeous. You can just hear the emotion and feeling in the music, it's a very moving piece. I'm sorry to hear that you lost another grandfather Random Hero, my sympathies out to you and your family.
  6. Ooo, I very much love this. It captures the ambience of the temple, but manages to make it more holy sounding than creepy. Very good work. It would be cool to see what you could do with the Fire Temple theme.
  7. I absolutely love this remix. It really catches the theme really well, and in a GOOD trance mix as well! After I read about the Russian influence I always imagine an FF-ish RPG with russian soldiers in a turn based battle. o.O
  8. I'd like a sig for my user name. Obviously, I want a Yellow colored Yoshi in it, I guess a yellow color scheme for the whole thing. With text "YellowYoshi" on it, without the quotes. Here's an image: http://yoshi.2yr.net/pics/yellow-yoshi-plush.jpg If that's too big I can look for another one if you want. You don't have to include the whole thing, maybe just the top half of Yoshi if you prefer. Whatever you think woudl work. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hey, another remix that gets stuck on repeat for hours on end. Great job with this. It definately has a Gerudo Valely/western feel, and I like it. Nice work.
  10. I dont remember who said it but when they said it gives you that noobie 'omg wtf is that' feeling they were right. Reminds me of when i first saw Jenova.....god was that funny =) I love it. 97%
  11. The original track is the only music in a game combined with the events happening at the same time that actually summoned tears to my face. That part is just so sad =( This remix gives it a bit of an uplift and it isnt as depressing because it has more loudness to it. I just love it. =) 99%
  12. Ah this is a great 'before bed' midi because its calming relaxing and just mellow. I also use it as an anger-b-gone or something like it cause theres no way you can stay mad listening to this. Great job. 97%
  13. Ah i love it! Makes me want to put on grass skirt and do the hula! Well maybe not that good but i love it. You can tell all the diffrent themes apart and they have a perfect tropical feel to them. Very good. 95%
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