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  1. Thanks! I make music kind of "top down" way, starting with the structure and bigger picture and then filling in the details with big element of jamming and improvisation. Typical process is that I start with a simple synth track that plays the whole song through (usually discarded from the final mix). Then throw in drums, bass and the most important tracks. The rest is just jamming to fill the gaps and add some intresting textures to the sound. I wouldn't want to turn music into work but I would be fun maybe to write a score into some amateur game project.
  2. (watch in HD please )Hi! This is a simple music video that I made for my multimedia portfolio as I apply for a some kind of job at the game industry soon (programmer most likely). I thought I might as well share it here as the song is very much like my VG remixes in style and sounds. It's originally a piano piece that I composed a long time ago but this is a kind of remix of it. Guitars, chiptune stuff, the usual... It's called "Harju", that is a district of Helsinki. Video is made of some of my photographs from Helsinki (heavily edited though). -ilp0 / Ilari Nieminen
  3. ilp0

    ilp0's pop quiz

    Test your pop music knowledge by recognizing as many songs as you can from the medley: then post your result. There are couple of tough ones there too so I'd think that over 25/30 points is a great score. Give it a shot
  4. Omega

    Hey dude, you speak of my language? Korvani ovat täynnä hummerien paskaa!

  5. True. I looked at your profile just after I sent that XD

    I don't speak, but I'd love to learn!

  6. For sure. That's where I'm from

  7. Haha, no problem, I was just a little confused XD

    You speak Finnish?

  8. Ah didn't mean to confuse you, just a cool ocr name you have chosen. No offense

  9. I apologize for delaying the project and making some people angry. The thing is that I love OCR and have high respect for all the people that make this musical community happen: fellow remixers and especially the site maintenance crew and project managers. BUT: for me (and many other remixers) this is still just a hobby, something fun to do when I have inspiration and spare time. I don't stress about it and I miss ocr project deadlines all the time because I lack either time or inspiration to finish my work. That's just the way it is. Sorry folks Anyway, this project is about to be finished and published and that's great let's be glad about that. I feel like each completed and released ocr album is a small miracle given that no one gets profit for doing it. Thumbs up!
  10. ilp0

    Seiken Densetsu 3 - 2020 here we come!

    ilari piste nieminen ät helsinki piste fi
  11. Sorry folks! and thanks for noticing me. I'll try to get the site and links working properly
  12. Well, I've recorded one round of guitars but it's mostly rhythm stuff and not recognizeable as dkc music... so there is a work in progress but it's still in my 4-track recorder and "unpostable" at the moment, I'll try to make an mp3 soonish, it's coming anyway...

  13. Hey bud, the Donkey Kong Country 3 deadline is today! Do you have anything for me yet?