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  1. Site's not dead. As a matter of fact, once you mentioned the site, I immediately dug it out. I'm waiting for the WIP feature to come back to that website. Oh, now I remember! Sorry about that.
  2. I did indeed collaborate with captainhydao on getting a SPC rip of this soundtrack. My recollection on getting contacted about this particular remix is practically nonexistent (and as a matter of fact, there's a good chance I was never properly reached.). However, I did discover this by looking myself up on Google after it was posted. To be specific on ripping roles, I did dumping and final tagging, and captainhydao did track identification. Definitely an enjoyable remix. Plus, I actually recognize segments where the actual song was used.
  3. I posted my VGMix songs on http://olremix.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9711 ... well, with one known exception. I have absolutely no idea what happened to Top Gear 2 Nitro Thunder, which showed up just before the site went down (I did find out via screenshot after six years of completely forgetting about it). I actually don't recall the final track names for some of these because I sometimes came up with them right on the spot. Except for Top Gear 2 Nitro Thunder (which has me perplexed at the moment), I still have my source .mus files on the condition that they were made past September 2005. Otherwise, it was made using a trial version of Harmony Assistant, and thus were made in a single day (which can explain the terrible quality on some of these). I have eight source .mus files made in Harmony Assistant, the majority of them having been worked on past the day VGMix went down. Not a single one of my VGMix songs were made using Schism Tracker, because it pre-dates when I actually abandoned Harmony Assistant, although I did create a few Schism Tracker songs. It also contains a good chunk of my Versus Compo remixes (I have lost the source .it files to a good majority of them due to a hard drive crash in mid-August 2008. Plus, I don't even have some of my own released material anymore due to the same reason. However, I do have both of my Sawtooth the Radical Beaver material, which were the ones that would have been the rarest across the board, as hackers took down the website before voting could begin.), as well as a couple of misc. remix material which I don't recall were for any of these compos in particular. That list that you have only includes what looks like the good material. My material, with the exception of the very last one (which I have no idea what happened to it), isn't that good and didn't make the top tiers, yet I still consider it VGMix material, as it was the very first place where I could remember posting my music with a couple of exceptions.
  4. I just jumped right in to this project and put in my two cents, and in the seven years of me appearing and disappearing around these forums, I finally was successful in not only developing a game, but contributing music! Believe it or not, I've actually composed for games created using Stencyl, and I actually am composing music for an RPG by Kingjing (it is a partial co-composition with Aponda: Aponda, who did MIDI files, has since vanished before doing all of his tracks.). Most of the games that I've done music for (one of them has about 80 tracks, and I did almost all of the music... it's a little more than two thirds done) are either not finished by the developer or they vanished. So I have some game music creation experience on my side. If you're looking for even more JRPG soundtracks, SNESMusic.org has plenty of them. I myself am the second-to-largest contributor to that site, with around 400 SPC sets that I've contributed to!
  5. I'm still around... as a matter of fact, I discovered the ending to Mega Man's Soccer!

  6. If there's a reason why there's a picture instead of the website when I type www.vgmix.com, then I think I know why. Before Schism Tracker, I had Harmony Assistant, and that was one of the only places that I did my music in Harmony Assistant and released them. Personally, I'm way out of my league to get anything to here...
  7. Now that wasn't expected! I'm still here after all these years, but it's been a while since I've found a sfpack file that I've been intrested in. Sorry. However, still, that's nice that you're intrested in extracting sfpack files.
  8. Yeah, Alfred Chicken wasn't exactaly a good pick with me either. Oh well, there are some good ones and there are some bad ones. I myself am not so sure with some of my sets as for how good the music are. One example is Mystery Circle. I dumped the set, but the samples and notation are doubtful. See for yourself if you want to check...
  9. Super Tennis has been uploaded on request from Yoshinkeru at Halley's Comet Software Forums. The SPC set can be downloaded here. It is not tagged, but it does have a text file containing the Tagging Information.
  10. The first SPC set alphabetically, 3 Ninjas Kick Back, is my first set that I ever completed. Nickalodeon GUTS was the first one that I really got into. 4 Nin Shogi has been busted for "incompletness", and I have two additional SPCs at the moment if you want 'em. I haven't made much progress, though. I also did for the letter A: Accelebrid (Redumped from Mark Smith's SPC set) Action Pachio (Using Lord K Lustar's dumps) Air Calvary (Using Death Adder's dumps) Archer MacLean's Dropzone (One piece of music was in the entire game! Just one!) Games under the letter A that I have finished but SNESMusic.org has not yet released: Al Unser Jr's Road To The Top American Battle Dome Those two are the only ones that I have done. There are some that are close to completion that I have yet to consider as complete because I have either yet to beat the game, time/grab additional SPCs that are easy to get like Battle Mode SPCs, or I have delayed it to investigate the game more, like Pagemaster. Appleseed (Haven't gotten through Stage 5 yet, but I have all Sound Test pieces of music. Thanks to GameFAQs for telling me how to access them.) Bomberman B-Daman (Have yet to beat the game: Have all Sound Test pieces of music.) Cosmo Gang - The Puzzle (Still checking the puzzle modes.) Gan Gan Ganchan (Trying to beat Hard Mode.) No Escape (Still haven't gotten through all levels, but I have beaten the game using a Level Modifier code.) Nontan to Issyo Kuru Kuru Puzzle (Still checking the puzzle modes.) Pagemaster (Trying to access Special Stages. I know this because I have found proof by using HexEdit.) Power Drive (Working on going beyond the first course in "Competition" after becoming the World Champion.) Spark World (Working on Battle Mode SPCs/Timing) Supapoon (Trying to beat the Bonus Round.) Super Copa (Still investigating one of the other versions.) Super High Impact (Curious on how to access the credits... they exist.) VS. Collection (Curious on how to access the credits... I have a possible composer, but I have no idea if any of the four games are finite. So far, they're infinite as far as this goes.) Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel (Still haven't gotten through all levels. Have all Sound Test pieces of music.) I am requesting credits for the following games, because I didn't catch them the first time around, and they either require a code or the the manual of the SNES version: Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball (US, Hudson) Elite Soccer AKA World Cup Striker (US/Europe/Japan, Rage/Elite/Coconuts Japan/GameTek) Hashire Hebereke (Japan, Sunsoft) Jaleco Rally Big Run: The Supreme 4WD Challenge (Japan, Jaleco) Oscar (US/Europe, Titus/Flair) (Don't try looking in-game: They only indicate the developer and the publisher. This went for Realm as well. Whizz hasn't been verified yet.) The Shinri Game 3 (Japan, Visit) Tarot Mystery (Japan, Visit/Ukiyotei) Zenkoku Juudan Ultra Shinri Game (Japan, Visit/Ukiyotei) The other games missing composers are either not my original set, or I have identified them via my Missing Composers List. They're not on GMCL or MobyGames. The following games have composers identified in my Missing Composers List (only the ones that are currently missing are identified): Beethoven's 2nd Bobby's World Brawl Brothers Congo the Movie: The Secret of Zinj (Beta) Dirt Trax FX (I assumed three composers, but the credits were not organized enough to confirm them. I have to beat the game to confirm the three composers.) F1 Grand Prix Part II and III Final Fight (Not in database so far.) Full Throttle Racing Hanafuda Ou Harapeko Bakka Hayazashi Nidan - Morita Shogi (Maybe: One composer is in the first track, but the other three are not identified yet.) Hit the Ice Humans Keeper (Not in database so far.) Last Action Hero Lord Monarch Magical Taruruto Kun ~ Magic Adventure Mega Man Soccer Mighty Max Modular Escape (PD) (One person is indicated, but there are a lot more authors. That's because the music files themselves have the original authors.) Ms. Pac-Man Pac-Attack Pac-In-Time Power Instinct Ren and Stimpy Show - Buckeroo$! Rocko's Modern Life - Spunky's Dangerous Day Rocky Rodent Space Invaders - The Original Game Speedy Gonzales in Los Gatos Bandidos Star Trek Deep Space Nine - Crossroads of Time Street Racer Sugoi Hebereke Super Buster Bros. Super Conflict - The Mideast Tadaima Yuusha Boshuuchuu Okawari (Not in database so far.) Throughbred Breeder 2 Total Carnage Virtual Bart WWF Raw X-Men - Mutant Apocalyse (Thank GMCL for this one. I played the US version and saw no credits.) X-Zone That's about 40 games that I have composers for, plus corrections and the news I have for the games that I failed to find composers for so far. I also have games not verified because I didn't beat the game. I also have composers for problematic and undumpable ones as well if you want 'em.
  11. I thought that for a Genesis it was OK, but the SNES version should be attempted. If anyone can get the tunes or make a patch to get the SPCs for that game, I'm good. I feel all music good and bad should be attempted for any game. As for the music, nice to see someone identified the tunes. Yeah, this isn't one of the better games I've seen for the SNES music-wise. However, I don't mind doing any game, whether it be atrocious or not. Hey, I did the SPC set for one of the most repeative music ever, Revolution X! I played that game, inventing cheat codes on the way as well as using GSCentral, and beat it. I'm sastified with my results. I also redump and add SPCs to existing sets. I also add composers to games. I have a Missing Composer List, a Problematic Composer List, and an Undumpable Composer List. If you want a list of missing composers, including games I didn't find composers for after beating them/verifying the credits, I'd be glad to show them. Another game that in my opinion had better music with the Genesis version was the Great Waldo Search. The VGM version had a sampled drum beat that, when converted over to the SNES version, did poorly with preserving the beat sample. That game is also first-note sticking. Pit Fighter is a third game with the same problem, only that it doesn't appear so bad and that it's an Arcade to SNES conversion, until you realize it's the only track in the entire game. In this case, the composer is missing because the credits are missing. In order to grab more composers, I am requesting that if there are credits in some sort of manual or in the game that they be revealed somewhat... I will release the list of composers I have that are not on the SPC sets for SNESMusic.org if you want, in addition to the problematic and undumpable ones.
  12. The composers for the SNES version of Universal Solider are Dave Rogers and Paul Kenny, not Chris Hülsbeck. They did the Genesis version as well, I believe. Try comparing Turrican 2 and the Genesis version of Universal Solider, unless someone wants to try a SPC rip for Universal Solider. I can also do an MP3 rip if you like.
  13. I'm not that much of a SPC hacker myself (I lack assembly knowledge myself, which isn't a good thing for hacking), but I can use patches utilizing an IPS Patcher application. The only bad news for Mac users is that I'm using a Classic Mac one, because the OS X one does terrible with SPCs. If anyone wants to try to make a patch, I can use that and do the job. Besides, I have completed one first-note sticking set so far: Jungle no Ojya Tachan. I have a tendacy to take advantage of first-note sticking problems to grab vocal samples uninterrupted. Beware of the Dark Law SPC set: The wrong patch was used for that game. I have the correct patch, and it comes from the Script700 website if anyone wants to use that. Kat's Run patch does NOT work on this set... it doesn't work on Audio Overload or Game Music Box, both SPC players that I use on the Mac. I can upload a file with the Title Screen patched correctly. Also: What is GH? I'm assuming Galbadia Hotel. A SNSF format is availble, but I reccomend that be converted to MP3. I can do Super Noah's Ark 3D thanks to the fact that I know the game pretty well now. The death SFX can be dumped in SPC form without problems, but that's probably because it's a sample. This also applies to Wolfenstien 3D, only that it's definite.
  14. I am one of the SPC dumpers on SNESMusic.org, and since the last new set update on Feburary 2nd, 2008, I have submitted over 20 sets. 23 to be exact. The latest one is actually one of those Japanese games: Logos Panic. If you've played the game, I found out a simple solution to the language problem. Simple: Match the Japanese symbols that appear with the paper that pops up! I recently beat the game with no cheat codes whatsoever. Believe me, I can get this stuff quickly dealt with in most cases. In some cases, like Pagemaster, I delay the release to allow for investigation of extra areas for new pieces of music. To find composers for some of these games, I use a simple solution: Use either MobyGames, Answers.com, or HexEdit, my Mac Hex Editor/Viewer application. In some cases, I have to use actual gameplay to do the job. Anyways, I actually don't mind some of the Japanese games myself. I do both languages, although sometimes I submit Japanese screenshots of level names requesting translations. I had to do that with Action Pachio. If you're going to listen to every SNES soundtrack on there, I have MP3 rips of the undumpable/problematic ones if you want to listen to them. They include: Paperboy 2 (Two tracks in the entire game.) Pit Fighter (One track! Just one track!) Ren and Stimpy - Veediots (10 tracks in all.) Steel Talons (17 tracks - most are very short, execpt for the Title Screen, which is about a minute.) My MP3s are timed to two loops plus a fade, execpt where there's a silent part in between the loops, or it's a non-looping tune. Two of those are confirmed as undumpable by SNESMusic.org: Steel Talons and Ren and Stimpy - Veediots!. The other two don't look too promising: If someone wants to try to get that stuff on a SPC file, then either those two will be a no-go or they'll need a patch. I busted several other tracks for first-note sticking problems, and these games, not on the undumpable list, are confirmed that Script700 can't be used to fix this stuff (by a Japanese page): NHL '94 NBA Showdown The tracks that are still unconfirmed are: Arcade's Greatest Hits: The Atari Collection 1 (Only a simple piece of music from Asteroids convinced me to put that on the problematic list, because everything else was SFX, no music!) Great Waldo Search James Bond Jr. (The bad news is that the composers for this game are Peter Stone and Nick Eastridge. If Peter Stone is involved, this means trouble already. Why? Peter Stone was a composer for Ren and Stimpy - Veediots! and Wayne's World, both undumpable games.) Mario's Early Years - Fun With Letters Mario's Early Years - Fun With Numbers Mario's Early Years - Preschool Fun (All three have the same composers.) Marko's Magic Football (I couldn't get far: The emulator, SNES9X, that I was using froze after the Acclaim logo.) Paperboy 2 Pit Fighter (Because these two are Tengen games, these don't sound too good as for whether or not they can go on a SPC file.) Relief Pitcher (Yes, this is by Left Field Entertainment, which means the news here is not good. Steel Talons, another Left Field Entertainment game, was already declared undumpable.) Universal Soldier (This game is by Ballistics, which isn't good news. WarpSpeed is also a Ballistics game, but that game's dumpable, thanks to my verification. It wasn't even first-note sticking!) The grand total here is 10. If anyone wants to check those games out to see if they can put that stuff on a SPC, go ahead! I also have a list of games with no music at all on SNESMusic.org if they want to see them.
  15. Here's one that I've been using: Schism Tracker. It's an Impulse Tracker clone for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. For more info, go here or to the home page for Schism Tracker. Downloads for all three versions are here.
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