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  1. Thanks for the replies. I actually wasn't thinking about the mid-range, but I'll test it now. I'll try things like a more visual equalizer and experiment with parts dropped out to identify tracks or combinations of tracks to narrow it down. I've got some 15$ cheap sony headponhes (which I think are actually better than some 30 or 40 dollar ones I've had) and some mid-range bose desktop speakers. The speakers might be a little bass heavy, but it's not as bad with commercial music, so I never really thought about that. Upon thinking about it more I also worry that I might have a habit of riding the stereo separation a little too hard in my effort to make things more organic. As usual, I'll just have to keep trying different things. Cotton candy.
  2. G'day, 1st off. Do you ever have problems with too much pressure in your songs? Sometimes the backing oscillators or orchestral sections I have start to feel like they're "pushing" in on my ears if they play for too long. It sounds great, but it literally feels heavy, if that makes sense. I've been trying various things like cutting the end frequencies, but that of course makes it sound different, and lowering gain or volume levels of course makes it too quiet (They're pretty quiet already, which is the weird thing). Any ideas on what functions or options I can use/pull back on while causing the least damage? The 2nd thing I wanted to ask has probably been discussed, but terms like 44 and khz are too short for the search engine (I got some things for 44100, but not much.). Does anyone mix in higher hertz than 44,100? I ask because working mainly with vsti instruments I've been using a lot of fx, distortions and every other thing under the sun. It sounds okay but I inevitably get unwanted sounds when too many effects (sometimes one or two are enough) are stacked and after reading that higher sample rates may help alleviate that problem I wondered if it wouldn't be worth it to squeeze as much quality as I can out of a sound before the sound starts to tear in various ways. That makes sense but it seems to be under debate. Other people claim that the conversion from something like 88 or 96 to the final 44k release does more damage to the sound than just using 44k in the first place. And if any of you have changed that figure, did it cause trouble with existing projects? Any help appreciated.
  3. Huh is pretty good, kind of like a secret of mana underground forest, but I'd like to hear the whole thing to see if it changes much before really thinking about it. So any progress? Maybe one more stage of progression with a faster arragnement before coming back down? I like steady nature a lot, though the instrument for the main melody is a little hard edged. Surprised there weren't more posts here at the least.
  4. dosbox also works pretty well to get those classics going again. I'm thinking of trying to dig up a copy of magic carpet, though it's certainly not as good as I remember it. If you want to get really esoteric. Download an emulator and grab some "recently" translated snes games like bahamut's lagoon or wonder project j.
  5. That's kind of wierd, I could swear there were some on the sitre. A general search does show a lot of "no"s in the judgements though. But yeah, this would be good. A cursory look makes me think "bad ending" "harvest festival" and "star night festival" have enough parts and melodies to be something great.
  6. It would be something that simple, wouldn't it... Thanks both.
  7. ...and by that I mean that when you right click>insert>plug in into a channel all the active plug-ins are listed alphabetically, so how would I go about dividing them? There doesn't seem to be a way for FL to immediately tell what's an instrument and what's an effect, so I end up browsing a list of effects when I want an instrument and likewise for vsti. Right now the only thing I can think of is to add a prefix to the actual .dll files in the plug ins folder to put them in a different order, but I thought I'd better ask if I'm missing something before I do that (been testing out free vst's an awful lot). Any help appreciated.
  8. Holy crap, 60%? As they say, harsh. (I've got a few of your tracks, love the ultima one.) Like I said, mine's only a thin range, so I guess that's motivational in itself. I kind of figured comparisons to professional tracks would help, though it's kind of hard to make it constant since all the demo speakers at best buy sound different to some degree. My winamp equalizer always ends up looking like an "S" that's fallen to the right and been stepped on, and now I have to listen to it off to get a watermark, ew. Territorial hazard I guess. Thanks for the replies.
  9. Hello, hope this is the right place. I doubt there's a fix for this, but here's what happened... I started dabbling around in fruity loops and came up with a simple step melody and had on loop for a bit for adjusting. I was using a cheap string vst. Someone walked by and asked "is that a phone ringing?" Which confused me, but after listening closer I could hear the treble end did have a bit of a volume difference over the rest of the sound, which is exactly what I was afraid of. See, for whatever reason (read: too much NIN) I have trouble with higher ranges, its been that way for a while. Usually I only notice it when I don't hear the cell phones of characters on TV (real life phones are fine, but most people do use ringtones now) but as you can see it's quite a bit of a road block if I'm going to finally try to share any music with others that have better hearing than mine. Long post short, are there any techniques or plugins you can recommend that might help with this? I tried using the simple equalizer plug to weaken the higher end, but even when I couldn't notice it anymore other people said they could still "kind of" hear it. Right now to get the same impression I'm just increasing the volume until I get all the information in my ears, but that's certainly not ideal. Really kind of a bummer obviously. Any replies appreciated.
  10. Great piece. It'll be an incredible day when webspace and bandwidth gets cheap enough so that websites like ocr can't let on nearly any mix. Maybe then they could just label some "editor's choice" and install a user grading system or something... Again, good work.
  11. As a song it's simple, the vocals sound more like someone who may be a good rapper, but will first have to do 10-20 more of these. The lyrics are the high point, but I'm not sure how many people keep humorous songs on their playlists. I can think of only 2 on mine... Not a keeper, but a definite download.
  12. So I'm a little late to the party, but does anyone have a translation of the lyrics? edt: *scrolls down on the song page* ... ...heh.
  13. Thanks. I like to have that information in the actual song title (but I'm trying to not ask about every other file that's posted ).
  14. thanks man, any idea which one of those is the title I can put down for this remix?
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