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  1. I'm almost sure that you're a secondary. Just remember correct punctuation and grammar. That's it.
  2. GenDisc When posting remember correct punctuation and grammar. No one is going to chastize you for incorrect spelling or be a grammar Nazi, but you should always make your posts readable.
  3. PROTIP: I suggest you lurk around and read the topics first. If you need an help feel free to ask me. I suggest you stay in GenDisc for a while. To answer your question, no I do not own a gamecube.
  4. Hi link192! That's a clever name by the way. Unmod is the bar. Gendisc is the cafe.
  5. Hey Shadow Rider! I hope you meet the rest of the Shadow family soon.
  6. I'm not sure if I should be the welcoming committee, but I'll give it a try. Hiya Iron Nipple. Welcome to the ocremix forums. Enjoy your stay! I hope you have a fun stay.
  7. Hi, good luck finding that person you're looking for.
  8. There's a friggin' thread for this already. Yeah, but this is for n00bs who are too afraid to wade into unmod.
  9. MSPaint can fix that for you. Just convert it and it should be fine.
  10. Dear CapnHulk, I'd like to request that my sig be shorter. Regards, reminderGTO
  11. My regards CapnHulk to a very fantastic and functional sig. Should I upload that pic to my own site, or should I just link from your album?
  12. Hi, I'm not new but I'd like a sig with: Tsukasa from .hack//SIGN and my name and a background simple should do it, I'll be happy with anything. Thanks.
  13. Foreign perhaps? It's like playing "sentence anagrams".
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