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  1. The first time I meet zircon, he was a simple member with a FL Studio and then he became a judge. What is about to come? As far as I remember, the post count isn't determine whether good or bad your judgment will be, but the quality of your work say for what you are here. You are here to be one of ours best. You are suffering a fast metamorphosis. The bests talk in doubles, speak in diferent languages and they are seldom understandable. But never, and I am saying never singing in diferent pitches, this is a gay metamorphosis. You are walking in large footsteps zircon, so large that is almost stranger, anyway I am not here to judge nothing. For the last I wander about a happy mix zircon. No more calamitous, hope fading, nightmares. The teenagers save your soul. And keep in mind, the eletronica lovers can't go down for a second, the stage always claim for them to start jumping again.
  2. DJP is like the whysky, gettin' btar 3ach year. Good for those bitches who like to get drunk. This year OCR will go to kindergarten. Congrats.
  3. So I guess that's a good thing. It's the "only" hours of my week that I can sit and watch things carrefully, tasting every moment and trying to see things that passed by my lightspeed week. It's 9am here and I'm listen you right now. By the way, the flute is saying something important. It is saying that it wants to go to a new place, a place that it never was before. I can't figure out where it want to go, but since you have better ears than mine, you problably already listen. My kudos Gray.
  4. Gray, you always have a place in my Sunday morning playlist. Life is very special because just a few moments. By now, the flute screaming open my eyes to a new future. I was wandering about a team up with Zircon, it will be cool, huh? How much cost the choral that sings the melodies for you? Me too. This is why I want to borrow your ears, just for a couple days, you know.
  5. Seriously, if I listen this remix and bet the guy who made it, I didn't lose. We can smell Tefnek miles away. I can turn on my mental mp3 player and listen Airborne anywhere, anytime. And when both of you will team up again? We are waiting. Ok, about the music: After the remix process, yet seems a TMNT track, very, very, very improved, of course. The nostalgia break 2:40 could last a little longer with some others things happening.
  6. It's an amazing work when so many sounds follow in harmonic ways, I know how it is difficult, so I really appreciate these things. My kudos to the drumline too, sometimes it seems faster than the rest, like it is running away and the synths and the bass are left behind, but they doesn't. Maybe because we can picture a very slow drumline onto it, however it's already good enough. It's a great unorthodox work, I love this kind of track.
  7. I was thinking about how I gonna to give prestige to this remix, but I didn't know quite well what I must say, until I read this: Now I have "two" smiles on my face, because so simply and accuratedly I feel the same. It's one of the most happy tracks I've ever heard in my life.
  8. Computer? I don't believe it. Unless you talking about engineering. Hear a remix of one of the best orchestral tracks for SNES getting better will always be a pleasure. The square staff certanly will producer a track close to this if they had 1.5 of RAM. Latin Grammy, yeah, this guy deserve it. But I believe that he is far beyond this point.
  9. What a atmosphere! The piano, guitar pitches and vocal seems so creepy. The track is above all amazingly well panned. Most of its feelings is lost in a poor panned environment. My headphones are very pleased with this composition. Last add: I was waiting a long time to say this: I heard "Oh La, Oh Lae, Hip-hop Mix" and others capoeira mixes in your site. If want a brazilian opinion, all mixes rocks. I feel like I'm at a Quilombo.
  10. I were sad if this was a trance VS orchestral. I wish to see orchestral in the background, and not the trance. Anyway, this is a collab, so the best of both worlds playing together is always tasty to be enjoyed. Trance should be born early. The chimes break could last a little longer. Orchestral part had to be less superb. These resolve everything.
  11. Creative use of original vocal samples. This is something I ask before, but often we see here. Gives a nice touch to the track. The tribute of first country is something that I really enjoy, thanks. Blanka would be proud too. Rhythm is our name. OMG, the bass is something that really works here. It can't be improved in any aspect, anything beyond this point is personal taste. This guy has a style, classic outro. Turn the lights out and let the music flow. F-f-f-fight. 11/10
  12. Instruments and synths flying everywhere. Drums intro is pretty awesome and never fall troghout the track. That percussion stand for a nice time, and its last break is other nice surprise. Very careful production in a trimix is something we must pay attention. Great work.
  13. I really enjoy this one. Since I'm at my job, I can wait to go home and put it bumpin on the ultimate volume. F*ck the neighbourhood. Highly recommended for DnB lovers.
  14. Always be a pleasure see a project with such quality. After the hard efforts, recognition is the minimal thing you all deserve. The community should be here to thanks. My part is below: Great work. This is funny. I really want to know if someone pays 29.99 bucks for a remix game compilation? Considering OCRemix is online. Don't forget your pre-order!!!
  15. What a wonderful surprise see a SoR remix. Best genesis soundtrack ever. Good breaks in drumline. A powerful set of instruments in a super rearrangement. Good job
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